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  1. How many anime conventions have YOU attended?

    Anime Boston - 2011, 2012 Anime Central - 2005, 2010 Anime Mid-Atlantic - 2004 Anime USA - 2010, 2011 Katsucon - 2002-2008, 2011, 2012 Nekocon - 2002-2004 Ohayocon - 2011 Otakon - 2000-2015 Tekkoshocon - 2010, 2011 Tigercon - 2011, 2014   40 total anime cons   New York Comic Con - 2012 Baltimore Comic Con - 2005, ?, 2012? MAGFest - 2011-2015   49 total fandom conventions
  2. Panel Feedback Thread 2015

      Sorry about, that had been my original plan, though I tried to cram too much in, and mismanaged time somewhat.  There was also some technical issues.  As I came to find out, the laptop that I was using would not recognize USB devices (mouse, thumb drives) unless it had an active internet connection, and I think we were somewhat distracted by that intermittent audio feedback from the sound board.  I heard it in other panels in that room, so I know it wasn't our equipment.  So a few topics didn't make it in, and Q&A didn't make it in.  One of the topics outlined was 1995's view of technology in 2015.  I also had a short retrospective video of the franchise that I was unfortunately not able to finish prior to the weekend.  I'm hoping I can finish and share it in the future.   Thanks for the feedback, I'm hoping to produce some more tightly refined panels in the future.