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Posting access/confirmation emails


Somehow or another I have posting access without ever getting a confirmation email, but my friend wasn't so lucky. She's tried various times to register for the boards but never gets an email and cannot be logged in. She wasn't sure who to ask about this, so she asked me to ask around for her. Any ideas on what she could do?

Thank you in advance!

And apologies if this is in the totally wrong place or something. xD

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Hi there!

I'm the admin who checks each new user - when you get posting access, it's because I approved you by hand.

Access has been a little slow over the last week or so because I was in Baltimore and away from the internet, but now that the con's over I've been going through the list at least once a day.

If a new user's email or username looks like something a bot would input (say, "Anime77777" or "" or whatever), or if the IP address seems suspicious, I'll usually put them in the 'delete' pile.

Your friend can feel free to email me with the name she's been trying to register (or you can PM me here on her behalf), and I'll keep an eye out for it when I go through the next batch.

Sorry for the hassle; we use the hand-approval system because we've had trouble in the past with bots slipping through the auto-checker, but I'm only human and sometimes goof. Thanks for asking! :wacko:

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