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Anyone heard of COMIKET?

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I am curious if anyone has some cool stories about Comiket (Comic Market). More importantly has anyone heard of COMIKET????

When I lived in Tokyo, I "survived" 5 of them (2 summer, 3 winter). I also volunteered at their International Office. If you thought Otakon or AX was big, Comiket is BIGGER. The con is held twice a year (winter, summer). Each con gets over 500K people. Though it might be smaller because of the economic situation.

I was talking with some fans about if comiket could be duplicated in the US. I would say.... NO. For one during the summer the Tokyo Convention has no AC. Plus in Tokyo, the safety safeguards are not as enforced as they are in the US. My criteria for a comiket to do well in the US has to have the following: large space, easy mass transit, and safe. I really can't think of any place in the US that can do that, maybe Canada.

I hope to make it to Otakon next year, but that will depend on my work situation.

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