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Negima 352 (spoilers and raging beware)

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So after reading the whole chapter, I'm at an utter loss of words, other than being extremely saddened Akamatsu-san is ending this early when it clearly has so much more potential. Even if he wanted to wind it down, that's fine, but there are so many unanswered questions, three chapters to explain everything, let alone attempt to have Asuna go back in time and set things right if that's how Akamatsu-san wants to do it... or just give us a horrible, sad, bitter sweet ending that leaves Asuna missing out on her entire adult life with her best friends who have been through so much with her... SERIOUSLY AKAMATSU?!?

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, if he manages to wrap everything up and answer the important questions (Nagi being the mage of the beginning for starters!!!) and not make Asuna suffer the horrible life she currently is scheduled to... then maybe it might retain its spot near the top, right under Fullmetal Alchemist.

I can say, sadly, that I will lose sleep over this. Like I said, this is my second most enjoyed manga I have read, I mean all of Akamatsu-san's work has been great and his style has only improved over time. Love Hina will always be one of my favorites, for example, but Negima was like the fruits of labor from all his past experience as a manga-ka, the series thus far has been BRILLIANT in every way, his artistic talent by itself, the fight scenes, the comedy, the character developement, everything... AND NOW THIS... it just, makes me so very, very sad.

I can only hope the last three chapters will repair what has been done.

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