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Does someone mind telling me about "The Chair"?


Yes, I havent been to Otakon yet but "The Chair" keeps poping up eveywhere... does someone mind explaining what the Chair is?

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This seriously needs to get moved to the FAQ forum. Ugh.

Chair comes from a few years ago (00 or 01) when, during the masq, there was a minor snafu during the masquerade. A chair from a previous skit was left onstage while staff tried to set things up. Someone in the crowd started to chant "chair! chair! chair!"

It was funny then.

It has been years. The joke remains. No one laughs anymore. Depending on the crowd, chanters get threatened with physical violence. In '03 to combat the spread of 'chair' chants, the MC attempted to start a "love and peace" chant. The success was moderate.

in short:

Chair = annoying old inside joke that nobody likes anymore.

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Actually, it comes from another con. We didn't start Chair.

In 2000 I was the stage manager, and I placed a chair in the middle of the stage for a cosplay sketch done by two little girls. People immediately started chanting "chair", and it was difficult to get the sketch going. After that we had problem with people taking chairs onto the stage to get attention.

And after that we had people chanting Chair all the time.

We've used it in sketches and things, we had plans to blow up a chair onstage at one point to MAKE a point.

It's mostly died down.

However, please be assured, *we* did not start Chair.

And ZGL? Your wish is my command!

Cousin Sue

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