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Posted 04 September 2008 - 09:01 AM

*Oops, I forgot to add, did anyone consider that the 18+ badges/wristbands/whatever be given out at registration? That would be so so so much easier, I think.

We give out wristbands through an employee of a bondable company to limit our own exposure to potential legal matters involving showing adult content to minors. To have it at registration would probably incur a much greater cost to hire more of these employees to have one sit at every registration desk.

Not to mention it would slow registration down and make it harder for people to get to the mid-day Friday events they want to see.

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Posted 04 September 2008 - 10:06 AM

Instead of the dealers room closing so early some days, what if it was closed for a portion of the day and then reopened? (This is, of course, if the issue was giving vendors breaks.)

I could have swore that my schedule said a much later time than the room actually closed, but with all the excitement, who knows?

Probably you just misread it -- the times for the dealer room haven't changed in about a decade.

Closing and reopening would merely make a much longer day for everyone -- it's not really viable.

Also, at many other conventions I've been to, the video game rooms were open much much later into even the early morning hours. It seemed like after a certain time at night there was really nothing else to do, but by the time we'd get downstairs to the game room it would be closed. I'm not sure what all goes into that, but again closing and reopening is something that I've seen done at other conventions and the result was great.

We're limited in what hours we can remain open, and how late our staff can effectively be in the BCC; remember we have to check everything out, shut it down, and lock it all down for the night.

*Oops, I forgot to add, did anyone consider that the 18+ badges/wristbands/whatever be given out at registration? That would be so so so much easier, I think.

It would slow things down WAY too much.

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Posted 26 September 2008 - 08:52 PM

I had a cane and Handicap badge. But I was told as I got out of the dealers room that the elevator was not working and to use the esculator. The Esculator was not working and I didnt feel like crossing the dealers room one more time because I was hurting. Not to forget the scolding (in door not out door) I got last time when I tried to go out the other door to get to that elevator. With the help of a very good friend I tried to walk up the steps as carefully as possible. DId I mention pain? I got half way up the steps and saw the elevator was working just fine.

Cane and handicap badge. hmmm.....

Not to mention the line to get the handicap badges took too too long. My friends were half way around the building and still got their badges before me. I stood there for two hours and there were only 23 people ahead of me. I suggest you have at least two booths for handicap only. You did great everywhere else, but in these two instances, you dropped the ball.

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Posted 21 January 2009 - 01:16 PM

Oh I know it was disqualified, but just like others it was in the AMV Contest Overflow. I knew that already, but just the handling of it was what upset me is all. It would've been easier to know that it'd be a different set of videos each day.

It was an editable playlist being shown. You could have requested the people playing them to bump yours to the top of the playlist so you could catch it.

As I said, it would've been easier if any reasonable amount of information was being passed on so that people would know this. At least for people who aren't Otakon veterans and want to know as much as possible about rooms. This was my first Otakon. How the heck was I supposed to know that I could, like to a DJ at a dance for music, ask to bump an AMV more towards "the front". All that was said in the miniature packet was "AMVs that did not make it into the contest.". Now I hear that i simply could've requested seeing my video and then be on my merry way? Oy. Knowing this NOW just frustrates me more because, well...it's not like there's a lot of communication going on in on those rooms. Most of them were vacant (can't be helped) and I didn't see any staffers, but that may be because I was sitting at the back. Editable playlist? Really? Wow...well, would've been nice if I had known that.

*overdue response*

Being an Otakon "veteran" has nothing to do with it. This was my first time seeing the contest in years (since 2004) and it was a new feature for this year. Read the AMV forum next time...you'll find out a lot.

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Posted 26 January 2009 - 07:11 PM

I just wanted to say from a gofer's POV and an attendee's POV I loved the Otakafe. I liked how lyrics could be printed out, or an attempt to find them was made. And everyone in the room was always supportive, no matter who was up on stage singing or performing. Also utilizing ipods was a plus.
Otakafe is a pretty awesome place :D.

Also for Otaku Idol, info needs to go on the site, not just on the forums because I had a girl ask when they had taken entries for it since it wasn't posted on the website. I know it's not anyone's fault, but the info really needs to go up on the site so those who don't access the forums can see it.

Other then that, fun con. Glad I decided to try it again.
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