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  2. Shinkai was actually a guest at Otakon in 2011.
  3. I don't live in DC, but I've been around Chinatown a bit. The walk is only a few blocks to the first place. Down 7th (or within a block of 7th), you'll find Nando's Peri-Peri, Hooters, Legal Sea Foods, La Tasca, Chipotle, Fuddruckers, McDonald's, ShopHouse, HipCityVeg, Chop't, Panera, Potbelly, Starbucks, CalTort. On the southeast corner of Verizon Center is a Greene Turtle. Asian: Daikaya, a ramen joint at 705 6th St. NW; Ming's (Chinese/sushi) at 617 H St. NW); Reren Lamen (Chinese ramen and ramen accessories) at 817 7th NW; contemporary veg-friendly Asian Spice (717 H NW); Momofuku CCDC (1090 I St NW) I can't vouch for a whole lot of these places, as I mostly just try to eat quick and cheap when I'm at the portrait gallery or something.
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  5. This isn't a request by any means, but this is more out of plain curiosity. Has the staff ever tried making any attempts in getting Mamoru Hosuda and Makoto Shinkai as guests? Or would they be similar to other highly requested people like Hayao Miyazaki and Hideaki Anno that fall into the impossible category? Like I said, this is just out of plain curiosity.
  6. Hi all! I know that normally you guys put up a topic of recommended places to eat, but given the move I figured it wouldn't hurt to start early! So, D.C. area friends, got any recommendations?
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  8. Whenever an event organizer wants the trains to run late, that organizer has to put up money to guarantee Metro will be able to meet operating expenses for however many hours past the usual closing time.. With sporting events that aren't Nationals games, it's nbd. But the Nats are such cheapskates about this, even in the playoffs, that they've required benefactors like American University to pony up the $29,500-per-hour deposits. Now, this past October, it wasn't even an option because of the repairs others have alluded to. But even if that option were available, imagine what Otakon could do with that money that would be better for con-goers than letting Metro essentially borrow it. For reference, for $18,500, you can fly one person first class on ANA from Tokyo to Dulles around Otakon weekend.
  9. Well they don't have to fill the convention center. Otakon only used about half of the BCC the first year it was held there.
  10. Just to put it in perspective a Washington Nationals game's average attendance is around 30,000 people. So basically for the metro, Otakon is a 3-game weekend series. I suppose a better venue for comparison is the Verizon center which has a capacity of around 20,000 people depending on the event. That being said we have been discussing the metro issues with folks in DC, and this early out we still have to wait to see what happens.
  11. you can find the number on our hotels page or on the reservations page: 1-800-967-8852
  12. Whoa -- I can't even imagine what it's like going to a baseball game when the train's out of order. Was hoping wmata might take into consideration the enormous amount of people for Otakon and schedule any possible track work on a different weekend. Guess it's really early in the year anyway to be posting about it. Oh well. Just in case, will put on my list o' things to take for Otakon: taxi money.
  13. I could be wrong, but thought waitlisted meant that the hotel room block was filled up for that particular hotel, and if they have a cancellation, then the next person on the list gets the room/reservation? Sure hope I'm wrong. Did they give a phone number for the company that handles Otakon's hotel reservations? Maybe you can call and they can say exactly what waitlisted means?
  14. According to the website its in the BCC. I wasn't aware that another anime convention was big enough to fill the BCC
  15. They have delays because they are supposedly fixing whatever goes on with the trains. If there will be delays or/and they shut down the station they will have "shuttle buses". Really nothing the people at Otakon can do. Should see what it's like for people who go to baseball games. It's a nightmare if the train is out of order.
  16. Wasn't sure if this is a good suggestion or not, because the subway ( is supposed to be through with repairs in Spring 2017 (I think). At least somewhere around that time. However, considering it's wmata (with all their delays), do you think Otakon might want to contact wmata to ask (beg, if necessary ) that the subway stations at and around Mt. Vernon Square can be scheduled to stay open during Otakon? I don't know if wmata will honor requests like this, or how far in advance they'd need to be notified. I'd hate to think of the traffic mess if Mt. Vernon Square subway is closed or even has delays, during Otakon. Maybe your contacts at the Washington Convention Center might have suggestions about this -- they might have run into this before for other events and maybe can give suggestions about it?
  17. Thanks! Sorry I didn't answer sooner, it's hard to get to public computers sometimes. Can't wait to see/hear the japanese bands!
  18. A couple of weeks ago, I made my hotel reservation for Otakon's first year in D.C. The reason why I'm starting this topic is because my reservation is currently waitlisted. Now I could've made my reservation more sooner, but I just didn't really get around it sooner, and the big contributing factor is that D.C. in general is a big unfamiliar territory for me. The reservation I made was for the whole weekend, and staying for 3 nights. The one night that is currently waitlisted is that Thursday evening. And when seeing the info for waitlisting, it said " Waitlisting occurs when a reservation cannot be confirmed immediately, but there is a high probability that the room will be available. Our Hotel Coordinators will make every effort to complete this reservation and confirm it as soon as possible. Confirmation will be sent immediately after the reservation is confirmed." Has this ever happened to some of you guys? Attendee, staff, or otherwise? Right now, I'm just being as patient as I think it should require me to be, and keep my fingers crossed that I'll be good to go. I'd register for the con, right now, I want to wait to until I'm 100% confirmed with all of the nights in the hotel. At least before the number of registrants gets to the 10,000 mark. And also, the hotel I'm referring to is the Cambria Suites.
  19. One word: WALKURE. 'nuff said (as a idol group, mind.)
  20. From a quick check of Google, there's a Nando's a bit to the south of the convention center. I'm sold. XD Also, I think that Safeway nearby should be ready, because they're gonna get slammed.
  21. Round 5: Stephanie Young, Brina Palencia, Luci Christian, Ian Sinclair, and Genndy Tartakovsky.
  22. I'm told by Jim on another platform Otakon is working with Lantis on the ticket prices. I assume they aren't going to be as a la carte and exorbitant as they were for AX.
  23. Wellll, that's because this 'Matsuri is run by different people (ACJ, Japanese labels), and even at the 'Expo they charge an additional TOLL to get in on top of registering for the con. Of course this doesn't mean the Otakorp themselves won't bring in other musical acts separate from the 'Matsuri which only a membership alone will suffice.
  24. "The Anisong World Matsuri is a seperate (sic) ticketed event, organized by our industry partners." So, I'm guessing there may be an additional costing beyond the registration for the normal 3-day (Fri/Sat/Sun) event. I guess we really were spoiled in Baltimore... :-/
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  26. Oooo, I will second that request! Actually, he could be a good fit for the Thursday Matsuri.
  27. I would love to see Nathan Sharp//Natewats to battle at Otakon. He's done several English VOs for multiple animes, and all in all he's a popular guy who shows his love for anime in his English cover of Japanese theme songs.
  28. "Melt" along with themselves, lol good one! Now that I'm thinking about it more, please tell the japanese bands to hold their concerts INSIDE!!!!
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