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  2. Please stay on topic for this thread
  3. I finally opened the 20th Anniversary edition of The Transformers: The Movie and started watching it. Something seems off, then I notice that Hot Rod is fuchsia? They really messed up the colors in this version. Does anyone have the Blu-ray and is the update any better?
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  5. Sorry, but any opinion piece published by a Rupert Murdoch-owned source should be taken with several billion grains of salt. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/new-york-post/ Nope, it's up to the person who makes a claim to prove it. It sure ain't my job to do your homework for you. YOU made the claim that Dr. Fauci is unreliable, so the burden of proof is on YOU. And you'll have to use better sources than some opinion piece from the New York Post.
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  7. Never rely upon a single person for anything. You should look at many opinions & make an educated decision. No one person is 100% correct or an expert on everything. Where this has been on-going, this along with many other doctors, have been in one stance & then change as information is made available. I place higher value upon doctors that are not part of government, that have a reason to state a position as a term of their employment & not only as a term of their oath to patients. As to sourcing: depending upon what you consider reliable, which would be based upon personal pol
  8. My favorite pokemon omega ruby game and you can download pokemon omega ruby at this website because probably the best Pokemon game in the last decade. First off - the graphics are a phenomenal recreation of the original Gen 3 games, while still keeping the feeling of those games intact. AND What's your favorite Pokemon game and why?
  9. After I'm vaccinated, sure. I'm in phase 2 so it shouldn't be that long. That being said, and I've talked about this a bit in the Discord, it's not really up to me or us otaku or even Otakorp whether these cons can all go on. It's all dependent on the facts on the ground and the restrictions the District has in place (not to mention whatever travel restrictions remain in place on a regional, national or international level). One of my cons set for June in Los Angeles punted to August 2022 because there just wasn't any other option. And it's not even that big an event. And then you ha
  10. Whose opinion is more reliable than his? Got a reliable source for that?
  11. There is one piece of information that they are not discussing in regards to vaccinations: Are these vaccinations going to be an annual thing similar to seasonal flu? I suspect you will not be seeing international guests for 2 or more years as wise people will not leave their home country in an unknown environment - especially if they have any type of chronic medical issue. I would even move a step stronger - I would imagine you may see regulations denying admittance for those with medical conditions to conventions - restrictions in place from the government - due to their suscepitibility &
  12. As much as I'd love to have Otakon this year I think it'd be best to have your expectations low, and just plan for 2022. Dr. Fauci is hoping that by the fall 85% of the population in the US is going to be vaccinated, and only then some sense of normalcy can return, but we'll just have to wait and see. There's a similar debate going on about Anime Boston on FaceBook in group Anime Boston Social (if not elsewhere as well). It's yet to be cancelled, but there would have been pre-reg announcements and hotel block releases/other forms of promotion by now if it was a sure thing to happen in 2021...
  13. At this point I'm hoping for Nekocon in November 2021 and that's it. I haven't bothered to register for Otakon and I doubt I will just to be disappointed again. In regards to the vaccination "mega-site" I'm predicting a repeat of last year where the WWCC was "Desperately needed" as a field hospital then wound up sitting empty.
  14. As for me, it all depends on when I'm able to get vaccinated. If it happens before June, I just might be OK with going. We'll see.
  15. Hi All! I'm just curious what everyone thinks about this. I mean, there are already cons that are either being canceled, postponed, or going virtual again at least for the first half of the year. I would like to assume that they may be a chance that enough people will be vaccinated for Covid-19 by the second half of the year. Then maybe, the powers to be will give the ok to resume large gatherings, again. The big question is: Will you be comfortable to attend? The cons that I attend, AnimeNEXT already announced they're going "virtual" this year. I give Ota
  16. I just received my Blu-Ray set of "Emma: A Victorian Romance" that includes the new English dub not too long ago. I'm beginning to binge watch that.
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  18. Well, in this pandemic situation I have recently watched black clover filler at animefillerlist.net. I recommend you to watch black clover anime. Literally, you will love it so, I do.
  19. Hi All! Like the subject says. I just came across this music video and I couldn't help but think about it could have been a scene from the "Madoka Magica" anime series.
  20. I'm thinking the same as well. I mean, AnimeNEXT already announced they're going to have an "Online" convention this year because the Atlantic City Convention Center is going to be used as a vaccination "mega-site" at the time the con supposed to be held. I speculate that this can also happen to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center as well.
  21. Re: Otakon this year For those projecting doom about Otakon this year, all I'll say is to follow Mets / Phillies pitcher Tug McGraw's catchphrase: (What can I say, I loved the 1980 Phillies.)
  22. I was wondering how it will be possible to hold Otakon, since the roll-out of vaccines is not looking good right now. How would you do Social Distancing anywhere in the rooms? How long would the line to the Dealer's Hall be with everyone 6 feet apart? I would be happy to keep my Otakon attendance streak going, but have my doubts about it occurring in 2021 safely. Time will tell.
  23. I'll be happy if there's an Otakon at all this year...
  24. Will there be a maid café this year? Looking at all the cafés on Maid S Runner has me longing to make a visit.
  25. Ohhh ok! I am guessing they expire the first day of Otakon every year? Thank you for the response!
  26. The coupon codes you received last year were set to expire on the first day of Otakon 2020 when they were created. We are currently working on updating all of the previously issued codes so that they expire on the first day of Otakon 2021 instead.
  27. Is there a specific time gofer coupon codes expire?
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