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  2. I got myself tested as soon as I got off from work last night. The results of the test was "Negative". When I was at the Javis (been there since Thursday to help someone set-up), I made sure that I kept my mask on and always wash my hands when leaving the bathroom.
  3. DRAMA/SERIOUS 1st: I'm (Not) Myself by SasukeChanX 2nd: Pieces by BleachShippu5678 3rd: Ace of Hearts by lokkiclu ACTION 1st: Witches Go Hard by SilkAMV 2nd: Outrun Intensifies by Under the Box Productions (Davis 51) 3rd: Elemental by Ramen Noodle Productions ROMANCE/SENTIMENTAL; 1st: Quarantine Dreams by AllyKatAVR 2nd: Affinity by BecauseImBored1 3rd: The Accompanist by Opner COMEDY/PARODY 1st: We Stan Stands by Mycathatesyou69 2nd: Thank God for 2D Girls by TarageAMV 3rd: Hashtag #Homecoming by R
  4. Yesterday
  5. I found my copy of the ballot from this years AMV contest, and it made me wonder who won this year. I'd like to know because IIRC the Drama category had several that I would have voted for, but could only choose one. That and I like to compare My pick / What I think the crowd will pick and the actual winners. Looking forward to next year's con. (Plus I got the Marriott again! šŸ™‚)
  6. I just saw this posted from another forum: "If you attended the Anime NYC 2021 Convention at the Javits Center from November 18-22, get tested for #Covid19 as soon as possible." https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1466473589180403714
  7. Last week
  8. Not sure if it was having both the badge and wristband the day before the actual convention, but it sounds like my timing getting to the convention on Friday was perfect. The only lines I saw that day was the line inside between the dealers room and artist alley. (The middle entrance outside was open and had separate lines). I knew there was a line on Saturday though. Somehow had less panel choices of interest to choose from (Vtuber panel, wotagei, and a zombieland video concert for example), but that gave me more time to see the rest of the convention. Still a fun convention.
  9. Hey folks! Now that hotel reservations are open for Otakon 2022, now seems a good time to invite people to join us on the UNOFFICIAL Otakon Discord Server. https://discord.gg/rcXMdHuESE Come chat with your fellow Otakon goers, discuss your cosplans, and connect with others for rooms or rides. And, of course, talk about anime! See you there!
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  11. Hotel Block Opens Monday! We said big news was coming! This is the first announcement we've got ready for you, but there's more on the way... The Official Otakon Room Block is opening Monday November 29th at Noon!
  12. In a word the thing(s) holding it up are.... contracts. Adjustments needed to be made for a post-covid world.
  13. I thought they are released for booking pretty early. Is there something holding it up?
  14. It looks like it's better now. Pages and everything is now loading at a reasonable speed.
  15. We are aware of it, and are looking into pinning down whether the source is the database or a software thing.
  16. It has been slow for at least a week. Pages take 30 seconds or longer to load. Did a quick F12 trace on the page and the slowness is coming from board.otakon.com.
  17. Hi All! Like the subject says. When I get to this site (including the forums), it would take me about at least a full minute to load/refresh to 2 1/2 minutes at the most. This been going on since this past month. Seems this is only site that takes a while for me to load.
  18. Without getting into specifics, many of our contracts span multiple years, so it's not always a simple thing to "reconsider". That being said, it's certainly something we can ask about and seeing what steps they're taking to address. The article has no mention of police reports being filed, only "allegations on social media".
  19. I've been getting lots of smiles at work showing this video. Hope you enjoy it.
  20. Hi All! I finally got my badge for this con through the mail last week. I know at least one beside myself is going. I wonder if anyone else are planning to attend as well? A few words: Like New York Comic Con from last month and at least at Otakon, attendees must have a proof of vaccination card and have to wear a mask at all times to be able to attend.
  21. Basically it seems there have been multiple incidents of of men not wearing uniforms using keys to come into occupied rooms when guests were showering. https://www.popville.com/2021/10/allegations-dc-hotel-chain/?fbclid=IwAR3DwB9Ot7CVS-Ew-ZxmgjZzc-l16I8JNO4wnCoJFXh6k1KrGfL_JBoUU2c
  22. Here's a fact that will blow some minds: The 2022 dates actually match Otakon's first convention (July 29 - 31, 1994). Coincidence? šŸ˜‰
  23. Iā€™m glad that he got a sense these last few years of how loved he was.
  24. I believe the theme is "Time Skipping".
  25. I know I asked this question in another thread, but I can't remember the answer or find that post. What is the theme for Otakon 2022?
  26. So, after 11 months of trying, I finally got myself a PS5! Bought it directly from Sony.
  27. Is there an original xbox emulator for Android?
  28. P.S. Their "Shop" link shows the most variety of their dolls.
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