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  3. so i should hear something hopefully by the end of the month?
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  5. We are aware of the various regulations and requirements, and do our best to ensure the folks we bring over meet them. Of course we cannot submit a visa application for someone who is not part of our organization. In the article's case I think it was someone basically thinking that nothing had changed or "we didn't do this before, why should we have to now?"
  6. Anyone involved with with Final Fantasy, Nier Automata & Your Name, if possible. I'm sure I'll think of more. And I know cosplayers aren't really a thing to be requested, but I'm gonna ask for Moderately Okay Cosplay all the same. I can't speak on his behalf for what he'll do, but he seems really flexible! Instagram: @moderatelyokaycosplay
  7. So what you're implying is we don't have to worry too much about Otakon being affected, that Otakon, Lantis etc. do do their jobs.
  8. So we probably will place a limit on how many tickets someone can get in a single transaction, we are debating exactly where that number should fall right now. So while it will be possible to buy more than one concert pass at a time, you won't be able to buy 50 at once. As Kelly noted, everyone attending the concert will need to have a badge giving them access to Otakon. However, you will not have to list each individual's information at the time of buying the concert pass.
  9. If I recall, the requirement for musicians to have performance visas is something that has been around for several years now. So it sounds like someone didn't do their job with respect to clearing the act's travel.
  10. I'm not sure about the physical purchasing of the tickets in bulk, but in order to attend you have to have a badge, as it will be inside the convention. You can't attend the AWM without a badge but ordering a few at a time so you can sit with friends makes sense! I'll wait to see what someone on the inside says Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I see thank you. Also, I know we need to have an otakon badge to purchase concert passes. Is there a limit as to how many concert passes we can buy per person? Like if someone wants to buy concert passes for him/her and their friends at once, do they all need to have an otakon badge or only the person buying multiple ones?
  12. "Katana Music said the performers it handles are usually cleared to enter the U.S. if they have proper invitation letters but that immigration officials requested visas this time."
  13. It varies. Sue tends to do them in batches every couple weeks.
  14. Would you consider taking the Metro in from a hotel in suburbia? Check out a site called Sent from my YP-G70 using Tapatalk 2
  15. Was wondering how long it takes to find out if you were accepted for gofer pre registration
  16. So you're not going to ACen at all this year? I go mainly for friends and somewhat for the con itself... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. ACEN is my local con. The only major issue I have with it is the lack in quantity & quality of Japanese guests. Not enough different directors, voice actors, artists & too many fashion guests & DJ's. Their guest relations doesn't seem to have the pull/connections compared to other major cons. It's like the con should easily sell itself to guests with Chicago steps away, but maybe not with all the crime news. I haven't been to Otakon in a few year & am only wanting to attend this year to see how the new location turns out. Hopefully they'll have a good JP guest lineup as it's my main reason for attending these con's.
  18. No cosplay & I have looked into Capital Bike Share & bus routes in case I don't feel like walking. Though if this was still in Baltimore I would definitely have stuck with a closer hotel. I just thought it is a really good deal over the official con hotels some of which are just as far.
  19. Still reading the Spice and Wolf novels and Food Wars manga. Seems like I'll never be done with them, but that's perfectly fine with me.
  20. Per, your shortest walking time would be 21 minutes from the hotel to the convention center. You'll also be walking in "lovely" DC summer weather and perhaps in cosplay. If you are the only one(s) in cosplay, be prepared for odd looks, especially on Friday when you are dealing with the non-con DC work force. No, I'm not trying to scare you off, just give you a little heads up. Good luck and be safe.
  21. To be honest right now I don't know, but I can say the people we are working with for the concert pass sales are well experienced in these types of online sales, so we are not going into this completely blind. My guess is that much like buying a seat for any other similar event, the first person who puts the seat in their basket has a couple of minutes to complete their purchase before it is returned to the available seat pool. During this time no one else could select the seat.
  22. Another concern I would have when it comes time to buy the concert passes, for example lets say 3 people select the same seats at the same time. What would happen in that scenario? Would it be a race against the clock and whoever buys them first gets to keep the seats? Or would the website indicate you that those seats are currently being selected, so that way multiple people arent trying to buy the same seats at the same time?
  23. Yes there will be a masquerade this year. Typically around December of each year we'd take all the prior year's event/programming pages off the navigation menu to revise their content. The idea being that it's better to not have old content be as easily accessible to keep folks from getting mixed up if something changes for the following year. However, if you had the URL you could still find the page with the previous year's content. This year when we revised the site format we also updated the URLs of all the pages, which means that you won't be able to easily find the prior year's version anymore.
  24. All of the cosplay games/masquerade pages have been removed from the Otakon website -- I was just wondering if there were plans to have a Masquerade at 2017!
  25. ISMAHAWK !! What needs to happen for this very talented group of guys to be requested for the upcoming 2017 Otakon? If you aren't already aware here is a link to their channel... They have millions of views and I feel they can and will be great for Otakon! I know many people wondering the same on the East Coast. Is this possible? I'd love to know. Please & Thank you
  26. We are using a separate service for the Anisong concert passes than we are using for our other web-services. We'll be testing it as best we can before it goes live, but as I've learned from other efforts you cannot duplicate some people's "work". Either way, if the site crashes it's mostly on this other group to fix it at their expense. So it's in their financial interest to keep it up and running.
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  28. I'm coming in Wednesday since I'll be driving from Pittsburgh and I plan on being in the city EARLY. I really hope that the federal govt is giving folks a heads up not to come into town on Friday, otherwise I see a lot of very upset employees. (It's still a work day for the government so yes, let's add another 20k+ people in full cosplay at the nation's capitol...) After this year, I'll be waiting until we're back in Baltimore. I'm planning on hitting up the museums Wed and Thurs then staying at a hotel in Georgetown away from the chaos. The Spy Museum is fantastic, and there's a great conveyor belt sushi place if I remember in China Town. Apparently there's a fantastic beer and pizza place I need to find. If anyone is early in town as well with nothing to do, feel free to pm me.
  29. Are you the biggest Kpop fan? Registration is open now for participants in the Kpop Battles! Run by Super ANX, the Kpop Battles is a dance-cover event in which the biggest Kpop fans compete to recreate their favorite Kpop dances from their favorite songs. A staple event at Otakon Vegas, Otakon is excited to be able to host this event on the east coast.
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