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  2. I have duplicates of #01 Aug. 2020, #11 Apr. 2021 and #13 May 2021. I would be willing to trade all three for a #03 Oct. 2020 card.
  3. Hello guys, yesterday I was able to resolve the issue with the help of this article. Really it was a very irritating issue constantly getting the notifications from Steam. Now I enjoy a lot of playing games on Steam. Thank you, ☺️☺️
  4. Hello Friends, I am getting a serious issue since few days on Steam. I could not find the disable option to stop the Steam notifications that sometimes give me a great trouble. Can anyone suggest how to solve the issue? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  5. Otakon 2021 is now in the rear-view so it's time for our annual membership survey -- let us know how we did! While some things were different this year, like always we couldn't have done it with out all of your support. So even if you were not able to attend, or only watched our online streaming channel, your feedback helps us plan for next year. Click here for the Otakon 2021 Member Feedback Survey
  6. Seconded. Which speaking of, the panelists had asked people to rate the panel in the GuideBook app, which in past years was possible, but I couldn't figure out how to do that this year. Other panels I enjoyed: -Swansongs and Bullets -FukaFuka: Kemonomimi Through the Years -Veterinary Medicine for Monster Girls -Samus Vs. Ridley: A Metroid Historia -Easy Japanese Cooking There was also one panel I was looking forward to, but which seemed to have been cancelled. When the schedule first went up on the website it was there, but by the time the schedule was rele
  7. Hi, So I volunteered at Otakon 2021 and I saw a cool poster for gofer recruitment and so me and my friend made a gofer corps poster. If I were the head of the Gofers, I'd make this the official Gofer song
  8. My favorite panel was actually the panel called “Ninja’s and Neorealism: International Relations in the Naruto Universe”. I really enjoyed panel for it analytical look into Political and Social side of Naruto’s world. I found this panel interesting as a Naruto fan and in general. Always appreciated analytical looks at fantasy worlds. Out of curiosity, does anyone know who did this panel. If you have any idea, please inform me. After being at that panel I wonder if the hosts do other types of analysis’ for other fictional worlds; not even necessarily limited to just manga and anime.
  9. If it's soothing to know from what I've read only around 300 infections can be directly attributed to the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago an event hosting around 350,000 people. Granted it's outdoors and around 90% of those attendees were vaccinated, with those not requiring a pre-event test. That's within' what they expected as far as numbers wise. The virus itself is not going away anytime soon. However we have two good tools now available in vaccines and masks, those two combined indoors are very effective. I am hopeful an oral medication treatment in pill form will be avail
  10. Good to know its not just me! I did thank the person who asked but gave them a no as well. Wonder what they would use it for though?
  11. I've definitely gotten this question from attendees before too over the years. I take it as a compliment but I don't generally share it.
  12. There was a room for LARP this year too, didn't go in but saw it.
  13. Random question I guess, but I was a panelist this year and at the end of our panel a guy came up and asked if they could have a copy of my powerpoint. That's weird, right?
  14. LARP has continued, has been in the program (pg. 13 of the 2019 program, for example) and even happened this year! Otakon®: Live Action Role Playing
  15. Just curious. Back in the 2000, 2001 or so era, my then-teenage daughter participated in LARP (Live Action Role Play). It was fun. At some point, it dropped off our list of things to do, so I didn't think about it for some time. Today, it occurred to me that I had not seen it on the program for some time. Did LARP just die and go away?
  16. Dovetailing on the feedback panel comment about keepsake programs and T-shirts, one thing that's in the program that I kinda missed was the staff list. Let us, you know, know who was responsible for putting all this together so they can take a virtual bow. Also, though I wasn't interested in autographs this year, a fun feature of the program book was the autograph page you could have a guest sign, no questions asked. I don't know if any kind of alternative was provided but it would have been nice if that were the case.
  17. I have to say that when I was gofering and had to tell people to pull it up, they did so 100% of the time.
  18. Not in the way you're probably thinking. Our cameras and encoder relied on the facility network to reach our production system, which was positioned in a different room. It makes it easier for us to do our thing without disturbing the panel, which wasn't always streaming Panel 1 anyway. In hindsight, 4 low latency NDI feeds might have been a big ask, and that's likely where the skips came into play. The cursing jar got pretty full by the end of the weekend. But rest assured, potential revisions for next year have existed since about 5 audio pops in.
  19. Knowing how the guest invitation process works, this year was super-unique. Otakon invites guests around themes and shows. On top of that, many guest schedulings are done 6+ months in advance, even though they are not announced until closer to the events. This is pretty much standard, as contracts often specify that announcements can't be done at times that could affect attendance at other appearances. On top of this, Otakon literally had only 78 days to put a guest list together. Because conventions in some states were given the green light to proceed before others, and because act
  20. Was this the 3D printing panel put on by the same presenter as the Sailor Moon Beyond Eternal panel, or the other 3D panel? Asking so I can pass along feedback to Keah if necessary.
  21. As one of the presenters for Shoestring Scientists content, I'm glad you joined us this year!
  22. Thanks for trying to keep everyone safe. The staffers I encountered were professional and reasonable and from what I saw, the mask enforcement was applied consistently
  23. We did continuously remind people to put on their mask if we saw them, even if they were seated in a panel room. There were also signs when you entered the room that you must keep your mask on. We actually kicked somebody out for refusing to put on their mask during the masquerade. However, we don't have eyes everywhere and may have missed some folks.
  24. That was the Convention Center. There was some confusion regarding policy with us and them, but we did fix it.
  25. I had a similar issue with the Main Events office it felt like the temperature was set to 60 🥶
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