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  3. The upcoming Fate cast - David Vincent, Anjali Kunapaneni, Ben Balmaceda, Marin Miller. Seconding Kylie Mcneill!
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  5. Taryn cosplay! Keith Silverstein
  6. Taryn cosplay! Keith Silverstein
  7. Could we do a speed dating event at Otakon 2023??
  8. If I had to request a few people, I would like to see for the first time or again!: Amber Lee Connors Dawn Bennett Erika Harlacher Faye Mata and Arnie Pantoja (Faye tweeted this and she mentioned he is interested in going to some anime conventions!) Some of the Chainsaw man dub cast: Ryan Colt Levy Regan Murdock Suzie Yeung Sarah Wiedenheft Bryn Apprill Katelyn Barr
  9. If I remember correctly there was a block for amv and rap or hip hop that happened and I wasn't able to attend. I was wondering if anyone knew the amvs that played during that block.
  10. seeing morning musume '23 at otakon would be a dream come true, especially before mizuki graduates
  11. This may be for a con past 2023, but it would be fantastic to have an amateur orchestra that plays anime, J-pop, video game or even K-pop music. Katie Vedder used to run a Symphonic Anime Orchestra, and it was so much fun. It's labor-intensive: the organizer has to get sheet music, make musical arrangements, talk to players in advance and lead sessions during con. The con would have to provide space for practices and a performance and advertise for sign-ups months in advance. But Otakon's size and experience makes it uniquely capable of pulling off such a feat. Plus, I think it could generate
  12. L.A.V.A (Robbie Daymond, Max Mittleman, Ray Chase) Matthew Mercer SungWon Cho (ProZD) Dante Basco
  13. Great thanks. I'll be sure to pass the word along.
  14. It would be fantastic to have an amateur orchestra that attendees can sign up for, even if it's past 2023. Katie Vedder used to run a Symphonic Anime Orchestra at some smaller cons and they were awesome. It's a labor-intensive proposition: the organizer has to buy sheet music, make musical arrangements, contact players several times before con and lead sessions during con, and the convention would have to help advertise sign-ups months in advance and provide space for multiple rehearsals and a performance. But because of all that, Otakon's size and experience means it's perhaps uniquely equipp
  15. At this time we are sorting through our options and playing a little wait-and-see. Our goal is that once we pick something we don't want to change it abruptly unless we absolutely have to. I believe that like last year, if we announce that vaccines are required - those who are unvaccinated and purchased their badges before the announcement was made, will be eligible for a refund.
  16. Does Otakon have any information yet on their covid policies for 2023? According to the WEWCC website, they dropped vaccine mandates for indoor events in DC as of February 2022. I wanted to clarify the policies before I pre-registered. Additionally, I have a few friends that have pre-registered and were wondering if the convention will provide refunds for registration if their vaccination status (rather lack thereof) prevents them from attending.
  17. Hi All! I know that Anime-NYC was held about 2 weeks ago. I was so busy at work and other things that I didn't have the time to put down my quick impression of it. This will be short. The Good: I haven't encountered any huge lines this year. Some of the big industry people came back with their huge booths in the Dealer's Room. Got to meet some old friends that I haven't seen in years. Able to go to most of the panels and screenings I wanted to attend. The Bad: Even though having to wear a mask was a policy at the con,
  18. I'm a couple days late on this, but thank you for getting the Event Statistics page updated.
  19. I took advantage as well, and now I'm good to go!
  20. Thank you for posting this. Happened to log on this morning to check for updates and went in to register.
  21. Registration is now open for Otakon 2023! Register online today to secure your spot. New for this year - Badge Mailing is included with all orders made before 11:00 PM EDT on May 15th, 2023. All badge types can be mailed (yes for $0!), or if you really want you can opt out and pick up your badges at-the-door. Extra Special Holiday Rush - At the opening of online registration, 1,000 Full Weekend Adult Badges will be available for $70/ea. First come, first served. Full details and the access to the registration portal Click Here
  22. The first 1,000 people to register can register for the full weekend for $70, after that registration will be $75. That's a huge price drop from last year's $95. Oh, and free badge mailing for everyone too.
  23. It seems my performance was too convincing. 😛 Glad you liked it.
  24. Kylie Mcneill - VA (Belle)/Singer Guitar Wolf - Japanese rock band
  25. Echiiro Oda (One Piece creator) EMC Monkeys (YouTubers/Stuntmen/Martial Artists) The Samurider (Martial artist) RDC World (YouTubers/actors) Gabriel Picolo (Character concept artist @_picolo) Rudy Reynon (Matial Artist/Stuntman @ru_areyou)
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