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  2. Don't get your hopes up. I saved an image of the April Fool's page for posterity so I can wax nostalgic when I'm 60 and still wearing a mask.
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  4. I saw that. I thought I was looking at the web page through my Commodore Amiga 2000.
  5. Would you consider inviting D.C. Douglas the Dub and video game VA. His three big characters are Yoshikage Kira of JoJo, Albert Wesker of Resident Evil for at least 11 years, and Kamoshida in Persona 5.
  6. For those who didn't see it, the Otakon home page was slightly different yesterday, April 1. Though I'm statistically unlikely to be around then (I'd be 126), I would love it if Otakon does make to to 2097. I'm still hoping for this year's con, fingers crossed.
  7. Haha no I didn't attend Ota Vegas at all, but maybe I "met" you at PanelOps? Not sure. And I echo the exhausted part when at a con, though for different reasons, but still.
  8. Didn't you make it to Vegas? Or maybe I ran into you in Panel Ops or something? Honestly, I've met so many folks over the years who knew me from being on stage or from here, the data is often left untagged in the hard drive of my brain. Especially because at con I'm so exhausted....
  9. trust me, there's life after otakon.
  10. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic myself, so last week I reserved some train tickets for Otakon weekend. I'm a bookkeeper for a home construction company, and since housing-related workers are classified as essential, I was fortunate enough to get my first of two scheduled shots a couple of weeks ago with my second shot to come next month.
  11. Well, PAX East was on the first week of June (like AnimeNEXT was on the second week of June), so I'm surprised that it took this long to announce it's cancellation of their live con. Otakon falls on the first weekend of August this year, so we still have time. Otakon announced their 2020 cancellation somewhere on the last week of April last year, so I'm kind of hoping it will happen. I already made a train reservation for the date (Amtrak had a great deal that just expired last Friday), so here's hoping.
  12. RIP PAX East 2021. Although they still plan on going forward with PAX West in September. Otakon is looking more on the borderline now. On one hand even the conservative projections show 80% vaccination rate by July but its not like Otakorp can wait until the last 30 days to start planning an entire con in earnest.
  13. Thank you very much for forwarding the message, and for the FB suggestion! Will do.
  14. The BBS doesn't usually see much traffic until about two months out from our event. I did forward your message on to one of the heads of our AMV contest to see if he knew people who may be interested. Also you may want to try posting something on the Otakon Facebook page since it is more active this time of year.
  15. Patience. It's always quiet before the storm. Don't worry. Someone will soon reply.
  16. For me it depends on how much scientists know by then about the vaccine's effectiveness. Ill be getting my 2nd shot in a couple of weeks but the cdc still doesnt know how long the vaccine's protection lasts and if you can still catch & spread covid-19 despite now being protected from the worse of it. Which is important cause I know not all con-goers are willing to be vaccinated (such as my friends). I dont wanna bring danger to myself & to family back home. I havent been to Otakon since 2017 cause I really disliked the new location. Early 2020 I told myself id give it another go
  17. A fellow librarian and I in Philadelphia have been hosting a video conversation on anime, manga, and related topics. We're currently looking to interview an anime or manga music video creator or supporter (e.g. a host of AMV contests or just an ardent fan) about the medium, why they have gotten involved, technques and how best to appreciate AMVs/MMVs/etc. However, over the course of at least a month, zero people who have responded to our feelers in various areas. This is frustrating because we want to pay tribute to this art form, but neither my colleague and I have experience with it except a
  18. More like "New School Leaders", but yeah.
  19. New School Term is what that roughly translates to, but it's a JRock band... I see.
  20. Yeah, I think there are going to be some corporate events that can go virtual and stay virtual but not an event like an anime con. Cons are about interactivity and seeing your friends, which is harder and less impactful on Zoom.
  21. I've been quite surprised at how many people think adapting and putting on an online event will spoil the OG event forever and ever, or worse, will replace it. We all miss it, and I can assure you none of us were giddy sitting in front of computers 8+ hours in a row (that tally is August 1 only, the total goes much higher), isolated from our friends and fellow staffers. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, as the old folks say. Otakon.Online was intended as a means for people to focus their energy on something else, even if it was for a short amount of time, and not lose sight of wh
  22. While all that is good and dandy in theory, it'd be super hard to enforce. I'm ofc not staff, but I just think it'd be irresponsible to run an Ota this year, as much as I want it to happen. I guess we'll see how it all turns out closer to the con.. We're still in March with many months to go. Anyway, yeah.. AB not happening this year was a bummer... It didn't hit me as hard as it did last year (when I was a literal emotional wreck for no rational reason), but still a c-c-combo breaker. I'd been going since 2009 nonstop, so tradition breaker too...
  23. Well, Otakon can begin by limiting the number of attendees, for one (people who rolled their pre-reg from the year before should have priority). Much wider aisles in the Dealer's Room. Having chairs spread further apart in the Videos and Panel rooms. Skip the Concerts, Dance, and Cosplay shows this year (Hall cosplays can still go on). Have "Arcade-style" controllers in the Video Game room that can be wiped down with disinfectant after every use.
  24. Here's a potential good sign: Gen Con is postponing their date for a month, but it's still set to go on this year. They plan to have: Smaller attendance numbers to comply with public health mandates and enable safer-attendance procedures. Potential combinations of social distancing, mask wearing, and vaccination requirements as determined by public health guidelines. I wonder how they plan to pull off the latter, especially in areas like the Dealers Room. Here's hoping we have an Otakon this year. (I could really use the vacation.)
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