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  2. P.S. Forgot to mention when you're entering the WEWCC, I think they have a separate line for Accessibility people, but if they don't, try going up to the entrance doors and explaining to the staff that you're an accessibility person.
  3. I'm not staff, but if things are done the same way they have in the past -- when you enter the WEWCC, the registration area will eventually be on your left. Right before the big "Registration" sign, there will be a big sign saying Accessibility, or Member Accessibility, or something like that. In the accessibility section, they'll give you a ribbon to put on your badge that says accessibility (or a different word?). Most of the staff recognizes the accessibility ribbon, and all you have to do is show them the badge and they'll let you use the elevators. There's one place where I
  4. 1. Some of the elevators (most notably the one to enter the dealer's room) do require an accessibility flag to use, so yes, your friend will need to see the member accessibility booth by registration to get one. If you go with your friend, and will be helping them at certain points, you can request a companion flag to be with them, which will allow you to join them in the elevator among other things. 2. I do know there are plans to accept at least one app, unfortunately, I do not remember which it was, so I will leave this for someone with that info. 3. As of right now, a mask will b
  5. Last week
  6. Not necessarily. From their site (bolding mine): Currently, verification of vaccination or proof of negative test are not required for admission to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center or Anime Central... In our recent vaccine and mask policy change announcement, we stated that face coverings may be required in some areas of Anime Central or at the request of our guests of honor at their events...We strongly recommend wearing masks in all lobbies, hallways, public spaces, and restrooms. ============ An attendee of Colorado Anime Fest said they were given a wristban
  7. Well I'm glad they are. We're seeing a surge in cases and hospitalizations right now.
  8. Once again, I am asking you to submit AMVs. Otakon 2022 is back open for business, and so is AMV Theater, now 100% bigger. No seriously, we moved rooms, and now it's twice the size. Unless things change, we've relocated to Room 202 (formerly "Panel 1"). AMV Theater will be running all convention-weekend as-normal. Supposedly we do NOT have to run with reduced hours this year, so we will be back on our regular schedule, closing at 2AM instead of midnight. The AMV Contest: Like with 2021, the AMV Contest will not be simulcast to a second room. Also like 2021, we are going to
  9. Not staff, but Otakon usually requires you to have an Accessibility ribbon to use the elevators. I have seen people with strollers use them but I don’t know if that is technically permitted or they just let that slide. Either way, you would not want to bring kids in today’s environment anyways. Check the Member Accessibility section on the Member Services section on the website. If she uses something to walk with that is proof enough but if not, try to get a doctor note close to the con. Finally, don’t plan on removing masks indoors unless it’s at a specific dining area.
  10. Hello! It has been a while since I've been on here. I tried contacting the help desk a few times but I'm not sure my questions ever went through so I thought I would try my luck here! 1. My friend tried reaching out via Twitter for this one. She unfortunately has developed knee issues and cannot handle stairs. Escalators are a hit or miss and are often too bumpy for her to stand without risk of falling. We searched through the main FAQ on the website but found nothing regarding elevator usage restrictions or not. We have seen plenty of people use the elevators without any special badge or
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  12. Hi people! The con already had 2 presales of badges (for the "Super-Fans", and the ones who are already "Fan-verified"). I already bought my 4-day badge. The general sales are coming up next week.
  13. Saw this posted on another forum. Fun stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74KhDM9Z1Xk Maybe this will work, I don't have a preview option for this post. : [MEDIA=youtube]74KhDM9Z1Xk[/MEDIA] My favorite was either the Attack on Titans, Andy Reid in the Mahomes Mech, or the 'QB Carousel' that for the Colts. Though I do wonder what they would have done w/ the Browns.
  14. Otakon2022 is excited to debut Kpop group PIXY 픽시 for the Friday Night Kpop Concert! PIXY made their debut in February of 2021 with their digital hit single "Wings." Depicting the journey of six wingless fairies, PIXY takes strong inspiration from hip hop & EDM and combines them with breathtaking choreography and imagery as they invite us along in the search for their wings. PIXY makes their North American debut at Otakon 2022 after breaking Top 50 in the Gaon Music Chart and returning from celebrating Shillong Cherry Blossom Festival in India
  15. Please help Otakon welcome Ricco Fajardo, Tiana Camacho, and Steve Blum. View all the guests we have announced so far on our website at: https://www.otakon.com/guests/
  16. Sorry for the late reply, but the Billing Contact can be a different person from the one receiving the membership. Of course, you'll need to put the owner of the credit card's information in as a the billing contact.
  17. OK, time to throw my hat into the ring: Creators Pochi-Goya Keiji Goto English VAs Patrick Seitz Wendee Lee Lisa Ortiz Colleen Clinkenbeard R. Bruce Elliott Jerry Jewell Japanese VAs Rina Satou Miyuki Sawashiro Nobuhiko Okamoto Satomi Arai Koichi Yamadera Sayaka Ohara Aki Toyosaki Yoko Hikasa Soichiro Hoshi Virtual YouTubers Kson Claire Cruller Ironmouse Pavolia Reine Kureiji Ollie Nanashi Mumei
  18. I would really love to see: Nijisanji EN - Any groups! Thank you for your consideration.
  19. Vtubers From Nijisanji en Pomu Rainpuff, elira pandora, finana ryugo, Hololive en gawr gura, mori calliope, takanashi kiara
  20. Today is the final day lock in your membership at the Early Bird rate! The Pre-Registration rate increases to $85 starting tomorrow. Register online today! https://www.otakon.com/register/
  21. Been playing RF5 lately like it's the end of the world...

  22. For reasons I don't understand, my credit card isn't working for prereg. So, I borrowed the use of someone else's card. It looks like the system is set up to ONLY recognize the card holder as the person registering, not "so and so is paying for X, and X is for someone else." How do I get around this?
  23. I'm more curious if these vaccine policies are going to exist for years to come or in perpetuity. At this point, covid is endemic and will be with us for a long time. With most places having returned to "normal" months ago, I wonder if Otakorp is going to require vaccines for Otakon 2035? Look at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. They were mandating vaccines and then suddenly did an about face after a few weeks after the decision and no longer require them. Anime conventions seem to be the outliers.
  24. I think I mentioned this some time ago, but when I attended Anime-NYC, my coworkers was so sure of themselves that I was going to catch Covid. I had myself tested as soon as the news broke out and came back negative. I was already vaccinated, and kept my mask on most of the time during the con and I made sure to wash my hands everytime I went to the bathroom. I didn't really eat at the convention center since I live within walking distance, I ate at home instead.
  25. Kind of interesting. May be a few useful nuggets in it for people who are responsible for such things: What we learned about COVID-19 safety from a NYC anime convention | Science News
  26. It's a beautiful day in DC for the National Cherry Blossom Festival! Stop by the Otakon or @japanembdc booths for a special limited-edition 60tha nniversary Cherry Blossom Fest sticker!
  27. Less than two weeks left to lock in your membership at the Early Bird rate! Register online today! https://www.otakon.com/register/
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