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  2. August sure will be busy (as long as covid doesn't ruin things. šŸ˜²). The guest list looks really great (and they might add more guests). Of course, it'll be held at the WEWCC, Washington, DC. Some of the guests will be (schedule subject to change, of course): William Shatner, George Takei, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Christina Ricci, Jonathan Heder, and Charles Martinet. url: awesome-con.com
  3. The Blue, Orange and Silver lines will be affected during Otakon (but I think they're single-tracking, so it'll probably just be a delay in your trip). And as CocoFaerie mentioned, the red line is affected too, although with some stations closed (but they usually have free bus service for customers). Updated trackwork for metro is at: wmata.com/service/track-work.cfm
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  5. While you do make a good point, at the same time, you've also brought up another problem that not just Otakon, but other cons also have: The competition they have with one another over what guests to have has gotten to various levels to where such competition is unnecessary. Now yes, COVID precautions does have quite a lot to with it, however I'm pretty sure NW Arkansas Comic Con was more quicker in negotiations, which resulted in her being invited to that con. I'm not faulting Monica herself at all for anything. She has zero blame for this. At the same time however, Monica has said be
  6. She's a lovely person who doesn't deserve the cyberbullying and worse she and others have gotten in the last couple years. But it is what it is. I'm not staff and I'm not privy to everything that went on behind the scenes before the big announcement that Otakon would happen on schedule. But up until that point, how do you invite someone to a convention you can't say with certainty is happening? Otakon announced they were full go in late May, well after Northwest Arkansas Comic Con started selling tickets and such. And just because she only announced she was going to that event a few days
  7. While I could've posted this in the guest request thread, I decided to do this as separate topic due to a couple of mentions that are.... controversial. Anyway, before I say what I want to say, please don't get me wrong when I say that I'm pleased with a few of the choices for guests this year. I'm happy that Laura Post's invitation was able to roll into this year. Shame that it doesn't seem to be the case with Steve Blum and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (as of this typing anyway, pending on what other guests are left to announce between now and then). Such as the case with how busy s
  8. --not staff-- DC says that fully-vaccinated people don't need to wear masks. And here's the thing--because Otakon isn't requiring proof of vaccination, there's no way for staff or fellow congoers to know if you are, in fact, vaccinated. Events DC lets organizers set their own policy and that's where Otakon came down. The website doesn't say they'll copy CDC policy to the letter, but let CDC guidance inform their own guidelines, and those are what they are right now. And really, is having to wear a mask that big a deal? If Otakon hadn't established a mask policy, people from outside t
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  10. I have my masks all ready but I also wanted some clarification too if possible! The Marriot Marquis is following CDC guidelines and states that all vaccinated visitors do not need to wear a mask inside the hotel. At what point will Otakon be mandating masks? Before the elevator down? In the tunnel? Also, unrelated, but does anyone know if bag check still happening given the current circumstances?
  11. I recently got a mask that I think'll match my cosplay frickin' perfectly! I can't wait to go to con now! That's an interesting question... I'm sorta curious too. I'll have at least one mask on me but it'd be good to grab a backup if you leave it in your hotel room or something...
  12. I'm just coming up with cosplays involving masks.
  13. I have found something that I consider to be pretty interesting and would like to share it. 7-Eleven has opened what seems to be the future of US 7-Eleven stores in Washington D.C. that's open 24/7 and is within very close walking distance from the Mount Vernon Place entrance of the convention center. The newest stores that 7-Eleven is opening in the US are being referred to as "evolution stores." These stores are much larger in size than the typical US 7-Eleven store and it seems like 7-Eleven is attempting to change publicly what 7-Eleven is typically associated with selling by usi
  14. I have a question out of curiosity (purely curiosity, as I have masks out the ying-yang and plan to bring a good supply with me). Will there be a "mask station" for people who lose / forget / whatever their masks ad don't have one?
  15. The short answer is that as of right now, everyone is required to wear masks at all times, save for specific circumstances. While the CDC does set guidelines we can still be more restrictive if we feel it is in our organization's best interest. With that in mind providing a safe environment for all of our attendees is important to us, and in this case we still have to be concerned about those who are not vaccinated like children under 12 or those who may be immunocompromised or living with someone at high risk. The most straightforward way to accomplish this is to require everyone to wea
  16. Hate to be nitpicking, but the mask policy is a bit unclear to me. Otakon page says masks to be required (with a handful of exceptions). But then it also says to follow CDC guidlelines - and using the link they provided, the CDC clarifies that anyone fully vaccinated can resume normal pre-pandemic life/activity (maskless). Thereā€™s still time of course for new guidelines to come out and this could all change, but do we know if the convention center is requiring everyone to mask up? Not that this makes or breaks my attendance, I canā€™t wait to get back and I hope we get a go
  17. Here's a few people off the top of my head for domestic guests I'd like to see: - Caitlin Glass - Colleen Clinkenbeard - Brittany Lauda - Matt Shipman - Howard Wang - Alejandro Saab - Kaiji Tang - Clifford Chapin Honestly, really just hoping they can get some more people at all (esp when you look at who other cons like AnimeNYC have announced already)
  18. Another pseudo-update: I consulted with my brother and he suggests that I assure my mom that I'll make sure to be virus-free before coming home.... That's futile as I'm vaccinated, but I'll say anything within reason to have her "let me" go.
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  20. Do we know if They will be having Lyra's Formal Ball? My 2 teens look for to it every year.
  21. Seconded. I sure wouldn't mind seeing some of the gals from Hololive. I guess we can rule out Kiryu Coco, though.
  22. Hi all! Well I just went through AnimeNEXT:Almost Home virtual con that happened just this past weekend. Here is my take of it: The Good Quite a few informative panels they had. Especially with the voice actors. The DJs were pretty good in playing their mix in music. A lot of good banter going on in their chat window. Their "Giveaway's" The Bad Not all panels were for everyone, but those were few and far between. With the exception of the voice actors, I didn't see any Industry presence (like Sentai, Aniplex, ect)
  23. I could offer to do that but she'll not have faith that I'll actually do it. I might go to CVS in the morning and find a COVID test to have with me. That's a great idea. Thank you. Also, I might be staying with friends in NC after the con, so that'll further allow me to prove to her that I'll come home healthy and fine. EDIT: This one isn't TOO badly priced, and honestly I don't care... I just want to prove to my mom that even if I test "positive" it's because my VACCINATED system is taking care of it. https://www.cvs.com/shop/ellume-covid-19-home-test-prodid-431742
  24. The only other thing that I can think of that someone hasn't mentioned here before is you could offer to take COVID tests after con to prove you did or did not catch it... I saw CVS selling two different rapid ones the other day in-store like...with over-the-counter medicine [no need for doc "prescription" or what have you to purchase the kits]....one seemed to give results in 15 minutes and it didn't appear like you had to send it in the lab somewhere...Though honestly I don't quite remember the details printed on the box since the price tag was not quite chump change in my book...
  25. So here's a bit of a pseudo-update to my rant/vent regading my mom: She and I were watching a movie, and then she grabbed her phone and said "The pandemic is uncertain..." and mentioned that people from Europe are coming over to the US bring different strains with them. I just walked away (partially due to having to use the bathroom, but that's besides the point) when she started on that. She has no idea how low cases are in the US and she seems to not know/understand, as much as she'll insist the opposite, how the vaccines work, and what can and cannot happen when someone gets sick with COVI
  26. Yeah but the fact that she "let" me go see local friends like 48h after my 2nd shot is enough for me to call her a hypocrite... I was literally in a crowd when at the restaurant we went to and I was fine afterwards. I do have a cold right now but only because my sleep cycle is horrid. I'm going to show her the articles linked in the OP of this thread in a few weeks, so as to give cases time to drop even more, and vaccinations to rise more as well. I'm going to go to Otakon this year whether she likes it or not. Also to reiterate, only my mom is all up in arms about me going out there again. My
  27. Your mom is 'irrational and stubborn'? Sounds just like my parents - probably all parents, when it comes to their kids. (It's almost like they're not doing their jobs if they aren't a pain in the @$$. šŸ™‚ ) While admittedly, you can use all the logic in the world in your arguments, but some people won't be shifted in their opinions. The only approach I can suggest is that unless you're going to be locked up at home for the rest of your days*, that you will be in a large group of people in a confined space at some point in the future - Sporting event, concert, public transit, movie, etc. -
  28. Replied to your E-mail with your credentials.
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