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  2. Seconding TnAdct1's question. There doesn't appear to be any info yet on the Otakon site or the AMV org. Has anyone heard anything?
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  4. Yeah, but they're sorta toku-related...
  5. An idol type group like Wake Up Girls and/or a female vocalists like May'n would be ideal musical guests as a counterbalance to the Anisong World Matsuri acts.
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  7. We made an official announcement a week or so ago, but Matsuri is becoming a programming tract within Otakon itself. So it won't be on Thursday anymore, but now you get three days of Matsuri goodness instead.
  8. I'm wondering about this as well. I saw something posted May 8th, but I didn't think it' really cleared things up. It' said they'd be doing cultural tracks all weekend long. I usually come in on Thursday for the Matsuri, but I'm wondering if I should even plan for that this year.
  9. -not staff- But the typical staff response is that they don't really invite flash in the pan internet celebrities or one trick ponies. There was a time when people were clamoring for Hard Gay and Jim had to explain why that wasn't happening.
  10. Yeah, but they Paulie and Narvy don't exactly tie into Otakorp's mission. Then again, Jason Frank's ties to that mission were also rather tenuous. I'd rather they spend the money on other guests. Fun fact, Narvy is now a theater professor. He also once pied me in the face.
  11. I actually do have KO's theme, but I don't want to put it on this list necessarily, since it's really just a looping instrumental track. The other WWE themes I added to this list have words, so they get a pass. I'll save it from when I'm actually in costume and walking around. I even recently bought a pair of Bluetooth headphones with an external speaker feature so I can play it easier while traveling the convention halls.
  12. So a couple of songs that I didn't see on there that I can recommend off the top of my head. Ghost Down DJs - My Boo Spongebob Squarepants theme song Danny Phantom theme song Samurai Jack theme song Jimmy Eat World - The Middle Also I'm upset OP that you're cosplaying as Kevin Owens yet don't have his theme playing nor AJ Styles, for shame.
  13. whole chicken pork shoulder beef stew/pot roast lentil/chick pea curry lots of options
  14. Obviously, a stew would be pretty good. Chili, too... although you might want to crack a window open or something -- 4-6 people in a hotel room after a meal of chili? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah... ^^;;; Also, it seems you can do rice in a slow cooker(yay Google!), although I don't know if it's something you'd want to leave in there for hours on end. I dunno.
  15. ooooh, Bulk and Skull? I'm down for that.
  16. Hey Otakon, possible first time attendee here, hoping to have a chance to maybe meet one of the following peeps (since most of the cons I've gone too don't have the budget or resources to get as many quality guests) so here are some for your consideration: INDUSTRY GUESTS -Megumi Hayashibara (has provided voices for Pokémon, Ranma 1/2, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop and way much more to list here lol) -David Hayter (has provided voices in the Metal Gear Solid series. Also a screenwriter: the Watchmen, X-Men, the Scorpion King) -Adi Shankar (producer/director/youtube personality known for the Bootleg Universe fan films based on Power Rangers, the Punisher, Judge Dredd and the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Castlevania) -Crispin Freeman (has provided voices for Hellsing, Naruto, the Slayers, Eureka Seven) -Chris Sabat (has provided voices for DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece) -Dan Green (has provided voices for Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sonic X, Slayers Next/Revolution) -Lisa Ortiz (has provided voices for the Slayers, Record of Lodoss War, Queen's Blade, Sonic X) -Rachael Lillis (has provided voices for Pokémon, the Slayers, Genshiken, Revolutionary Girl Utena) -Michele Knotz (has provided voices for Pokémon, Genshiken, Ladies versues Butlers!) -Cynthia Cranz (has provided voices for DBZ, Shin Chan, Yu Yu Hakusho) FANDOM GUESTS -TeamFourStar (DBZ & Hellsing Abridged) -Mega64 -Paul Schrier & Jason Narvy (Bulk & Skull from the Power Rangers series) MUSICAL ACTS (AMERICAN) -the Protomen -Steve Conte -Starbomb -Ninja Sex Party MUSICAL ACTS (JAPAN) -Megumi Hayashibara -Utada Hikaru -Sambomaster -Maximum the Hormone -the Pillows -the Seatbelts And I'm spent.....
  17. I want to be Nui from Mushishi.
  18. Would be fun to sing on the metro if there are a bunch of cosplayers on a single car.
  19. I haven't seen any myself when I've been at the DC Convention Center, then again I definitely haven't used all the restrooms.
  20. I thought I saw a discussion like this in a thread last year but i can't find it. Anyway, I'm thinking of bringing a slow cooker (or crockpot) to Otakon this year to cut down on food costs. Any easy meal ideas out there for con weekend? I've got some ideas but I know someone out there has experience with this and can give some recipes and tips.
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  22. Sorry about not seeing "Still Alive" already on the list. Guess I need stronger glasses. Just another suggestion: The Power of Love (from the movie Back To The Future). Thanks too for listing the older songs -- especially "Hooked on a Feeling" and "Mahna Mahna" -- love those! I suppose The Witch Doctor (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) is too er, young or silly, for Otakon, but thought I'd still suggest it.
  23. Since registration was brought up in here, and its a pet peeve of mine, sorry : Like I said don't bother with wasting your money But do NOT bring anything RC into DC, you are only asking for problems. Even if it were to be legal, you would be spending your convention time at the station explaining how it was legal instead of just having fun. Leave the RC toys at home and go have fun in DC
  24. Yeah I may lose the younger demo, but I guarantee if I play that, someone in the older age range will hear it and jam right along to it. That potential reaction far outweighs the lack of reaction from the younger set and that's the kind of thing the whole project is all about, outside of giving myself stuff to sing in front of everyone. I want that moment when someone thinks "OMG it's (insert song here)! That's my jam!" when they hear a good chunk of this music. Plus it's just an amazing '80s hype song even if you remove the Transformers context.
  25. The Touch is an excellent choice, though it will be lost on the younger attendees who haven't seen the now over 30 year old Transformers: The Movie.
  26. 162 days until I am in Japan. Catch y'all next year.

  27. Well, between these fresh new suggestions and a brainstorming session I had during a slow work day today, I have a lot to consider adding to the list now! (EdKitten, i actually have Still Alive on the list already, just wanted point that out.) Outside of those above, the other songs I'm contemplating adding are as follows: Particle Man and/or Istanbul not Constantinople by They Might Be Giants (I got reminded of an old episode of Tiny Toon Adventures where they did music videos to these and a bunch of other old songs and these were my favorites.) Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. (Another one of those no-brainers that somehow took forever for me to think of; Such a classic theme song needs to be with others of its kind.) Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer (Also known as the iconic theme to Beverly Hills Cop, this tune is synonymous with the 1980s. Don't worry, the Crazy Frog version won't be anywhere near this.) The Touch by Stan Bush (If you know Transformers, you know this song.)
  28. Sold out within minutes!!! Holy cow!!! Reminds me of the Big Bang Theory's episode where all 4 guys are in a living room, furiously hitting buttons on their laptops, trying to get tickets to comic con. REALLY so glad you'll be able to go all 4 days!!!
  29. Hope I catch some of the songs RavenNinja -- haven't heard some of those in ages! And just a few suggestions: Portal's "Still Alive" (not sure of a link, but you can catch it at Youtube, search: portal still alive hd) Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison Someone in the Crowd (from the movie La La Land) Another Day of Sun (from the movie La La Land (in fact, ANY song from La La Land's soundtrack))
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