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  2. The Good: Otakon still going on in some way, even though we could not be at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center together. People willing to volunteer their time to entertain us. Much appreciated! 😀 🤜🤛 🙂 The Bad: The volume levels on the presentations were all over the map. You could barely hear one person, but have your ears blown off when changing to a different channel. Would have liked to see a dedicated Anime channel, even if it was something we have seen 100s of times. Twitch has done Pokemon and Yugi Oh marathons, so it may be possible to get rights to broadcast something old or not very popular (original Ronin Warriors?). The Ugly: COVID-19! 🤬
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  5. You can always post your feedback for it
  6. anybody else watch Dimension 20 with Brennan Lee Mulligan as the DM? What season(s) have you watched?
  7. Dub VA: would be nice to see Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham again (2015 i think was their last appearance at Otakon) Alexis Tipton Aaron Dismuke Matt Mercer (the larp will probably close for a while if you get him though XD ) Seiyuu: Nana Asakawa Kanna Hashimoto Hayato Sano Musical Guest: Monkey Majik Oresakband (with their new band mates) Joe Hisaishi (a huge reach but maybe) Other guests: Ilan Eshkeri and Shigeru Umebayashi, composers for the Ghosts of Tsushima soundtrack.
  8. I saw some of it, and was jokingly going to put up a Good, Bad, Ugly thread for it. 🤭
  9. When it was formally announced, and with aught else concurrent to divide attention, I had passively resigned to checking hotel booking for 2021 later this year. Apparently, despite how labelled and marked as critical for updates, all but the most recent letter from Otakorp went to my promotions bin in Gmail. Manys a panel I was keen to after reading schedule for yesterday, as well missing out on the two usual accommodations my small and longevitous dedicated group books since the move from Baltimore to DC - being the Cambrian and Embassy. (If anyone has booked an extra room at either, please reach out to me, I would be immensely grateful) Aside trying to accept the bitter layer on top of current affairs, hopefully the online stream was a pleasure for all? Granted many panels to enjoy, though was/were there one or more that especially held resonance and appreciation? In hopes of not offending anyone, some panels I was particularly enthused for were Zelda and Japanese Religion, Hikikomori, The Ainu, Sakura Wars, AuralAnime, and others scattered throughout the day.
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  11. Man I feel old watching these and they only go back to 2013.....and I've been going since 2004...
  12. Thanks to everyone for coming by!
  13. I have to say, after a few hiccups it seemed to go pretty well overall. (Though the sound on at least one panel was...not good.) The panel mix was decent (which is what I really go for at the con), but the 30 minute limit felt kind of odd when I'm used to 45 minute - 1 hour panels. The biggest advantage was switching to another panel took a few seconds instead of schlepping across the WEWCC. This is the 1st time I can remember actually attending the opening and closing ceremonies. I'm usually at a panel for the former and on the way home for the latter. I bought a couple of tshirts and grabbed a pair of the large mugs for my brother and I (plus kicked in a little more to the CustomInk campaign, as was my intention). (Does anyone know how wide the 36 oz. mug is? I'm always looking for a mug for my tea and I'm curious if my strainer will fit it.) I probably spent more this year in the 'dealer's room' this year than in a long time. Speaking of the dealer's room, was Discover Teas going to have a booth this year? I would have probably dropped a good bit there, as I buy waaaay too much tea, but I just love trying new ones. I'm off to GenCon online. Ironically enough, they have a MAT3K tonight as well. Thanks once again to everyone at Otakon for their efforts.
  14. Will any panels be recorded and available for later viewing?
  15. Merch is up now on the Otakon.Online page (towards bottom)
  16. Otakon.Online time! Let's play~

    Uh I mean.....🙃

  17. I have to say I'm very much looking forward to this. Each summer, Otakon is my de facto birthday celebration. That's true now even though I am in my 50s. With this setup, we're going to have several screens to set up the different rooms and panels! I'll have one main channel on the big TV living room, another on a desktop computer in the same room, third upstairs in my wife's sanctuary, another will be on my phone. I think that covers almost everything. Oh, and I'll be wearing one of my old badges to boot. Otakon, I definitely want to thank you very much for this. By the way, what is going on with the pigeon Channel?
  18. I've embarked on a serious nostalgia trip this past week and am trying to find more information regarding Otakon before I started attending in 2003 - specifically I was interested in reviewing the programming/schedule line-ups (panels & workshops). I still have hard copies of the programs/schedules from 2003 on, and thought that someone must have scanned/documented this info on an ancient website... but have had no luck scouring the internet, other than being able to pull up an Internet Archive of the 2002 schedule: https://web.archive.org/web/20020802062613/http://www.otakon.com/schedule.html I know there are copies of these things as part of the Otakon Museum, but does anyone here (staff or fan) have their own that they'd be willing to scan/share somehow? 🤞🙇‍♂️
  19. You can start fermenting your own con funk and have it ready by Saturday. Pop the sealed lid and PEW! Just like being at the real convention. 😆
  20. So, here's the second installment of pictures and videos from the actual con for Otakons 2013 thru 2017! Enjoy the video and enjoy Otakon Online!!!! https://youtu.be/ZAaxc-H87fI
  21. If you have multiple devices, you could possibly attend both panels simultaneously! They said on the Otakon.Online announcement stream last night that there WILL be merch available!
  22. Maybe I just expected it to run later than it apparently will. But I see myself hanging in the HQ room for the most part until mid-afternoon, maybe ducking out for my friend Daryl Surat's panel on the dark ages of 1990 then later checking out either the Toho panel or Spider-Man Has A Giant WHAT? before wrapping things up with the music panel. And then, I guess, I'll have the rest of the night to myself.
  23. First of all, thanks to Otakon for doing this. It sucks that we can't be there together physically, but we are together in spirit. That being said, the schedule is here. Initial impressions: - I might actually catch a little bit of the opening ceremonies this year. I've been going since 1994 but don't think I've ever seen them, since I can't be in multiple places at once. Ditto Otaku no Video - haven't watched it this century IIRC. - MAT3K is back again! Haven't missed one yet. I wonder what they'll do this year. - Even now, with all this tech, I might still miss panels because they're scheduled against each other. (Would that all my problems were this trivial.) Good news is that I've seen a couple of them at previous cons, and there's nothing stopping me from 'flipping channels' to switch between them. Conclusion: Since the pandemic started and quarantining, I've been spending my Saturday nights with my family for dinner and a movie. (Supporting local restaurants, not 'too lazy to cook'.) Looks like I'm missing it this weekend. They'll just have to go on without me. That being said, there was mention that Otakon was looking into avenues to sell merchandise from this year's con. Was there any progress on that? Or a way to kick in via Paypal or the like?
  24. With Otakon.Online fast approaching, the programming schedule is now available on the Otakon.Online website! With over 45 hours of content accross 6 channels, we have aimed to provide an event that conveys the spirt of Otakon in this new online format. The Otakon.Online schedule can be found here for all six channels content. Events will kick off with Opening Ceremonies at 9:45 am eastern time and the day will wrap up with our Closing Ceremonies at 05:45 PM eastern time. As a part of Otakon.Online, variety of workshops will presented during the day where you can learn to do yoga, dance, or complete a variety of crafts from painting to pepakura to making a raygun. If you want to follow along at home, to make your own, the list of materials needed for each workshop is available here if you need to stock up before hand. Links: Otakon.Online Schedule Workshops Materials lists Featured Presenters
  25. While I'm glad that Otakon is doing an online event, I still miss doing the "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos I usually do around this time. So, I decided to put together some memories of the past at Otakon, notably between 2013 and 2017. Part One is all about the Pre-Reg lines and Matsuri festivals. A nice look into the past. Next week will be part two, full of the con itself. Please click the link and enjoy! Otakon: Do You Remember the Sweat? Part One: https://youtu.be/DQmv_tdaSUs
  26. Online Comic Con is this week. Should be interesting.
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