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  3. My brother and I drove down to Baltimore every year. (I used to love taking Route 1 back to the Philadelphia area on Sunday afternoon - it was a great drive on a sunny summer day.) The day I heard Otakon was moving to DC, I immediately decided 'We're taking the train down.' Yes, we're dependent on SEPTA and Amtrak*, but it's so much nicer not having to sit in traffic. (I can't stand 'Stop and Stop traffic'.) Factor in the price of parking at the hotel (What is it for the Marriott? $70 a night?), and it's pretty much better to take the train, even when I get business class tickets. (My brother
  4. I used to drive to Otakon most of the time when it was in Baltimore. I started to take Megabus once it moved to Washington DC at first but then decided on Amtrak because it was quicker and more convenient, and not much more expensive.
  5. Are these 2 things returning this year as Hiro Lounge hasn't been updated to as it still says 2022. An Lolita Garden is in the Activities as if its still happening but there's no other information about it.
  6. I made my Amtrak reservation this past February. I've taken Amtrak to Otakon almost every time I've attended, except for a couple of years where I took Megabus.
  7. My partner and I waited too long to book our Amtrak tickets - $200 each round trip. Fares never used to fluctuate so wildly!
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  9. The Vtubers from Prism Project! They sing, do game shows, and have lovely personalities They've gone on record saying they want to appear at more cons.
  10. Max Mittelman, Robbie Daymond, Ray Chase Zeno Robinson Stephen Fu Molly Searcy Dani Chambers PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE.
  11. I’d like to request Bukkitbrown
  12. Join Just B for a VIP event experience! This includes: An interactive dance workshop on Friday (6:00PM - 7:30PM) taught by Just B themselves! A meet and greet experience on Saturday (3:30PM-5:00PM). All experience holders will be able to meet JUST B in an intimate environment as well as the possibility of having one item signed. Selfie-style photos will be allowed. VIP Seating for the Sunday Concert featuring Just B. VIP Passholders will be seated first for the concert. For more details Click here!
  13. Thank you very much for letting me know.
  14. My friends and I wanted to cosplay as super Mario characters for the masquerade ball, but I looked at the criteria’s and I worry that our plan won’t work. From your understanding, can we still do Super Mario Characters?
  15. Sorry if I sound ignorant asking this, but does anybody have an idea of when the 2023 masquerade signup dates / info might be announced? The website is still showing last year's dates.... Anime Boston is my home con and our masquerade signups generally start around 3-4 months ahead of time.
  16. Japanese: Satoshi Hino 日野 聡 (Bilingual, would love to see him on a panel with his Hashira's English VA counterpart, Mark Whitten) Ayumu Murase 村瀬 歩 English: Mark Whitten Erica Lindbeck Liam O'Brien Brian Drummond Peter Cullen
  17. Hello! The tickets will go on sale sometime in late June to early July, so please be on the look out for the tickets then. Best, Maid Manami
  18. Out of curiosity does anyone know have a general idea when the maid cafe tickets go on sale? I need to buy 9 of them so I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it.
  19. If it's not too late, I would like to request for LilyPichu as a guest!
  20. Well that can't happen, he's going to be at Rhode Island Anime Con which is the same weekend as Otakon.
  21. Jonah Scott Robbie Daymond Chris Wehkamp Jonah Scott again Ian Sinclair Aaron Dismuke David Wald
  22. Austin Tindle Brittney Karbowski Troy Baker Laura Bailey Ray Chase Wendee Lee E. Jason Liebrecht Matthew Mercer Adam Gibbs Scott Gibbs Takehito Koyasu (i will always wish for this seiyuu to maybe finally meet him one day in person T_T ) There are SO many more but unfortunately I havent been much into the anime franchise in a while so a bit rusty with naming guests ^^; Here's hoping anyways, that this year will be a fun one!
  23. I would say no to masks, however, if people who attend wish to wear them, they should be able to and vice versa. That I dont have an issue with. Or perhaps in more crowded p not so open places like the dealer's room, or a huge panel where people have to sit next to each other in a small space if they feel comfortable, perhaps wear masks then? But, in all honesty even if COVID is a thing still, its not as drastic as it was a couple of years back and honestly I feel it should be a choice whether someone decides to wear a mask or not.
  24. Alejandro Saab please!
  25. Alejandro Saab! also known as CyYu Vtuber!
  26. I’d love to see CYYU Vtuber/Alejandro Sabb at Ota tbh
  27. Hello! I would just like to say if you could get Zachary Gordon AND Alejandro Saab like both of them it would be the ultimate genshin panel of ultimate destiny and i would die of happiness on the spot. Like either of them would be amazing but both would be SUPER FABULOUS
  28. Alejandro Saab, Patrick Pedraza, Max Mittleman honestly like any Genshin VA’s would be a good draw
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