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  3. I not sure if you can blame Sony for that. They did gave a date, but some retailers decided to jump the gun. Also, imagine how many "bots" was just waiting for midnight to start their pre-ordering? At least some people managed to get their preorders in before the mad rush.
  4. Honestly I plan on waiting until well into the New Year to try and pick one up. I've got a list of Ps4 anime titles that I've been wanting to play anyway. I went 10 months before getting a Ps4 all those years ago. However, the way Sony handled the whole pre-order launch was a total disaster. I'm not really sure what they were thinking (or not thinking).
  5. Hi All! Like the subject says. Any of you were lucky enough to get your PS5 preorder in? I didn't. But Sony said more will be available soon. Just took a quick look at eBay. People would have to be very desperate or just plain morons to start bidding for those prices. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PlayStation-5-Digital-Edition-CONFIRMED-Pre-Order/114414986848?hash=item1aa3aa2660:g:MC8AAOSwkt9fZCrX
  6. I held on to the email with the original 2020 confirmation and the email indicating that 2020 was cancelled and that the registration would be carried over to 2021 just incase I need it.
  7. We are planning to resend event confirmations for Otakon 2021 registrations likely around November of this year. It's a matter of balancing timing of the reminder so it's not too far away from next year's event. Almost everyone who did not ask for a refund has already been rolled into 2021, we still have a few records to transfer over.
  8. Taken from the member page after logging in: "Important Notice #2: Thank you for your understanding as we work to update our registration records for Otakon 2021. Until then, data on this page may be out of date. If you were registered for Otakon 2020 and did not request a refund, you will automatically be registered for Otakon 2021."
  9. I was one of the people who registered for the cancelled 2020 Otakon. And I also know that anyone who registered for it would have our said registrations roll into 2021. If I may ask, when should we get some sort of registration confirmation? Is it at some sort of later date, closer to the event? Or should we still have to register like normal? Any answer will be much appreciated. And we all hope that this pandemic will at least subside enough to where not just Otakon, but cons in general can be a thing again.
  10. They're listed on the guest dropdown but not on the main guest page
  11. Please join Otakon in welcoming Spark Speaker to Otakon 2021. Spark Speaker will be having their debut United States concert at Otakon 2021. See our entire guest line up here. Concert details will be available on the concerts page here once they are finalized.
  12. JAPANESE MEDIA FANS: PARTICIPANTS NEEDED FOR RESEARCH STUDY We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study of fans of Japanese media (e.g. anime, manga, video games, J-pop). We are interested in learning about the role that Japanese media fandom plays in people’s lives, and in shaping their attitudes and opinions about gender and sexuality. Your participation would involve filling out an online survey, in which you will be asked about your Japanese media fandom and about important events in your life. The survey is expected to take around 45 minutes. Upon completion, par
  13. I have every badge starting from way back in Otakon 2004 and I have an old T-shirt from Otakon 2005. I have programs from the past 6 or so years. My older ones were sadly lost during a mass attic cleanout.
  14. I would love is we could get scandal as musical guest or maybe flow would be amazing also I'd really like it if stereopony would get back together for a concert
  15. I enjoyed all of the con I got to watch some of the things I wanted to see I didn't get to but that happens even at physical cons haha but I think it went well
  16. I wish I could come up with a solid idea that I could create and stick to in my mind for cosplay I jump all around with what I want and forget but I stopped cosplaying because I couldn't take being overly warm all the time but maybe I'll start back up again now just to figure out and settle on who I'd wanna be out of millions of ideas in my head haha
  17. Harborplace seems indicative of the current economic state of both malls and Baltimore in particular. Sad to see how its declined in the 30 years I've lived in MD. Send in Manny Khoshbin to fix it up!
  18. In 1987 through the mid 90s, the bustling harbor place pavilions were packed every weekend and busy most weekdays. I even worked there over a summer or two. I say 1987 because that was my first real solo trip down there after high school graduation. Now, when I say packed, I mean every retail and restaurant space and then some was filled — all the shops, plus carts and temporary setups. One major cause of mall death across the board is obscene rent costs and rules that make it nearly impossible for anything but big stores to operate without losing money, in “tourist” areas li
  19. I have a copy of every program. I also have a copy of all the primary t shirts from 2000-up, except one I think.
  20. I've been meaning to post my view of the Otakon Online since now I can compare with the ones I logged into the beginning of July (FUNimation, Aniplex, and Anime-Expo). The Good: Otakon made a good effort to get this thing together. It didn't feel like a telethon like the other virtual cons. I did enjoy some of the panels. Navigating from one virtual room to another was not difficult. The "Carole and Tuesday" Screening/Panel was really great. The Twitch Chat was great to ask questions and to chat with fellow virtual attendees. The Bad: First this is n
  21. I still have all my badges (1994 - 2019). I'm tempted to print and laminate the 2020 Otakon's Online badges and add it to the collection.
  22. I started to notice the slow decline at around 2010. It was getting harder to find other people and shops that I regularly frequent (including the Food Courts) has started to shut down. After that I started to questioned myself is it even worth it to stay an extra night, until exhaustion starts to set. Believe me, I don't want to drive back home felling exhausted.
  23. The Inner Harbor was already hurting when Otakon first got there. On the very first Baltimore year we went to pool hall with a name that started with Charles (Charles Billiards?) that was on the skywalk near the Hyatt. It was gone the next year, and nothing else was put in place as far as shopping or entertainment. The last year Otakon was in Baltimore they were turning that skywalk level into a parking lot. I would bet the hotels are really hurting too. Taking down the skywalks was not beneficial either, but they did not want to pay to rehab them from what I understand. Over time, Harbor Plac
  24. I have seen the same person wear the 1994 shirt to a bunch of Otakons. Stopped wearing mine when the colors started to fade, and the tongue was no longer pink.
  25. I used to just go home when Otakon was over in the early days. Once it came to Baltimore I started to stay an extra night (until Monday), just to hang around there with some friends or by myself. I would head over there to eat and do some last minute shopping right after the Con's Feedback panel, then I settle in my room for the rest of the night. Then I would head over there again the next morning to get something to eat and meet up with people from the con who were still around before I drive back home to New York.
  26. Sal Amadeo makes great content! I just watched some of his Baltimore expedition stuff and being that we've all been Baltimore quite a bit when Otakon was there I do recognize quite a bit of what he was filming there.
  27. Man, I was idly wondering about Harborplace a month ago. That video is depressing. So much different from when I first went there. 😢
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