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  3. I expect the mask policy* to be better enforced than at Too Many Games last weekend. It said on the website that masks were mandatory, but there were a good 30% of the attendees sans masks. * As long as you have the same people who did it last year, I have no doubts that Otakon will do a better job than TMG. I have 2 incidents from 2021: 1 I witnessed, 1 anecdotal. A) One staffer stopped a panel when the panelist went down into the audience after he left his mask on the stage. She gave him the option of putting a mask on or going back onto the stage. He did the rest of the panel while wea
  4. Every policy we have if we change it gets changed on the website pretty sure it's not going to change anymore before con. We take all the precautions for the memberships safety. We want everyone to be safe and have fun.
  5. As stated on the Otakon website: With that said @BortBorterson I'm not a staff member either, but I totally get your concern... I didn't go to ACen this year partially due to their flip floppy policies regarding COVID safety... and partially due to money... I've been unemployed basically since the pandemic started... Otakon won't be relaxing the rules until I'd assume next year at earliest as the pandemic goes more and more into its endemic stage... (Don't quote me though as that is pure speculation on my part, and as we all know this pandemic is an unpredictable beast, even if it's
  6. I’m not staff but I believe I saw a reply to something on social after the ACen mess saying that Otakon wasn’t relaxing its rules.
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  8. Hello, Can I request Dreamcatcher? I know they will be present all july already in the us , it would be really nice to see them with pixy and rolling quartz.
  9. 10000000000000000% Khoi Dao and the other Genshin VAs
  10. Hey! I think some Genshin Impact voice actors would fit right in at Otakon. It's a popular, anime type game so they would draw in a crowd and they voice act in other shows and anime too. I personally think Griffin Burns, Khoi Dao, Corina Boettger, and Max Mittleman would fit right in due to their large, enthusiastic personalities!
  11. Hello there, I hope you and your staff are having a great day today. I was wondering, are you still accepting any guest suggestions to your convention? If so, I wanted to know if you would consider a YouTuber by the name of ILoveKimPossibleALot to the guest list. I'd understand if you couldn't add her to the list, but I would love to see if she could come to this location if that's possible. Thanks.
  12. At the 2021 Otakon event there was an issue regarding male toplessness for cosplay reasons. This resulted in WEW staff requesting men cosplaying in a beach appropriate outfit, ie inosuke, to put a short on. The issue was resolved in the favor of cosplayers, but what is the policy this year regarding male toplessness for cosplay reasons.
  13. A friend of mine did get a rejection last week, so they've at least started the process, but I haven't heard back yet either.
  14. Hello all, I was wondering if panel confirmations/denials had been sent out yet? I remember hearing they would be sent out in late may and early June, but so far I haven't heard back.
  15. Is it known if the Meet and Greet sessions for the Concert VIP tickets include getting autographs as well? Thanks.
  16. Any news on when we'd receive confirmation on panels?
  17. I am going for the Thursday and Friday. This way I can take ferry and avoid the long march across town. Also, maybe some of the crowd.
  18. I’m reviewing the rules for the costume contest I saw that groups of random characters are discouraged. I have a group of three people that I am designing for (myself included). Myself and one other are a pair from the same show, but the other is completely unrelated. The other person and I are codesigning his costume so should we sign up for two different slots and me be present at both, or should we keep it as one slot despite it not being within the same theme?
  19. I reached out to other Staff to get the answer for your question. Robert Cutler got back to me stating "Yes, but we may have a seperate check station for this type of proof." If you run into an issue with this being honored at con, reference this thread and be polite. If it is still an issue, request the Staffer verifying your wife radio for their Department Head and it should be quickly sorted, worst case scenario.
  20. A trend lately of big conventions changing their Covid vaccine/mask policies a month before the event is very worrying. I am hoping Otakon will not change their policies and I am hoping someone on staff can just come out and say it? Say your current guidelines will not be relaxed? Regardless of where you fall on the "debate" people need to be able to make informed decisions with confidence. Thank you!!
  21. Hello everyone!!! For those who don't know me, I do the "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos every year on my YouTube channel, "The Unagi Observer". And as we get closer to Otakon, I would like to invite you all to On-Con 8 in the meantime! It's an online convention I've been a part of for the past year or so and it's a lot of fun! If you would like to know more about it, I have a video for you at my channel where I kind of explain it and talk a smidge about what is being presented! Here's the link: https://youtu.be/9C6V1r0woLE AND THE BEST PART IS THAT IT IS FREE!!!! Or,
  22. Otakon is proud to present our Friday concert for this year: Friday Night K-Pop w/AleXa, PIXY, and Rolling Quartz As always, concerts are included with your Otakon Membership at no extra charge, however seating is first come, first served and not guaranteed. We are offering a limited number of VIP and Reserved Seating Passes. Concert passes will go on sale starting on Friday June 10th. Please see our website for all the details! https://www.otakon.com/activities/concert/
  23. I'd love to see the podcast/channel group Trash Taste there, have a huge fanbase so it could be epic
  24. They’re not just beautiful flowers…they are blazing flames! Rolling Quartz shook up the Internet world of K-pop fans in 2020 by bringing exciting videos with fiery covers of rock artists from around the world. With fans and supporters from dozens of different countries, Rolling Quartz wants to show that rock music will never die. They will perform their first international show at Otakon 2022, bringing original songs fresh from their first mini-album which was released in February, as well as some fan-favorite covers. You do not want to miss this!
  25. Zeno Robinson is an actor residing in Los Angeles, California. Zeno began his acting journey in middle school, and after taking a program called “All About Kids”, signed with CESD Talent. He would gain his professional voiceover start soon after as “Alan Albright” in Ben 10 Alien Force at 14 years old, and has since studied under industry pioneers such as Charlie Adler, Tony Gonzales, Kris Zimmerman, Phil Lamarr, Ginny McSwain, and Tony Oliver. Zeno can now be heard as “Hunter” in The Owl House, “Remy” in Big City Greens, “Hawks” in My Hero Academia, “Cyborg” in Young Justice, and “The Green P
  26. Hi! I'm not staff, but it seems it'd be handy to get the vaccination card in English, just in case someone at Otakon/WEWCC needs to see it. If someone from Otakon doesn't respond too quickly here, perhaps you can phone the WEWCC and ask about their rules?
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