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  2. I know for Thursday (or perhaps Sunday) I plan to do the guy on the poster. I've been wanting to cosplay whatever the year's theme for a while and I think I'm finally confident enough to do it. I am also planning to build something for the Hall Costume Contest, but I am still deciding on it (I'm giving myself one more week to choose). I submitted to do it last year, but chickened out last minute because there were pieces left unfinished and I figured I shouldn't submit an unfinished piece. I'm tempted to email the ones who run it to see if they had any suggestions of what I should include in my parameters. I know I want something that'll draw attention, but not so far out there that I won't be able to do it. I think NEXT year I will pull out one of my dream cosplays of Goku with an expanding spirit bomb.
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  4. Pretty much copy/pasting my list from last year: Matt Mercer Marisha Ray Liam O'Brien Laura Baily Travis Willingham Ashley Johnson Talisin Jaffe Mamoru Miyano Christopher Wehkamp Dave Trosko It would be amazing if we could get the Final Fantasy Orchestra again. The Samurai Champloo tribute concert was lit. They really nailed it last two years with music guests. I'm excited to see what/if there will be another concert this year.
  5. As this is the only con I plan on attending this year I reaaaaaaally wanna see Jamie Marchi** J Michael Tatum Brandon McInnis daman mills brina palencia laura Bailey Travis willingham justin briner Luci Christian
  6. --not staff-- https://www.otakon.com/info/general-policies/ "Wheeled vehicles, carts, props, shoes & skates are not permitted inside the WEWCC. The only exception is for wheelchairs and other ADA compliant mobility devices." Sounds like a no.
  7. Tia Ballard J Michael Tatum Aaron Dismuke Josh Grelle Jamie Marchie Ian Sinclair Christopher Sabat David Wald
  8. Just curious! I imagine wearing them would be easier on my legs to get around areas where i need to go and there aren't a lot of people. I'm also an adult so I realize when and not to use them lol
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  10. I would LOVE to see J Michael Tatum Brandon Mcinnis Jamie Marchi Michaela Krantz
  11. lol that jab... and yeah I agree.. Baltimore isn't helping Otakorp wanting to move back there... I'd love for Otakon to move back, but I'm really starting to like DC. It's a more modern city and it's more appealing than Baltimore is now... #RIPMcKeldinFountain
  12. I wouldn't say never, but it does seem like Otakorp's fear that the BCC renovation would interfere with Otakon is proving to be even worse than imagined. "We're losing all our big convention contracts to other cities because the BCC isn't good enough!" "Okay, so how about we fix it by doing nothing?"
  13. They specifically didn't rule it out should BCC have the room for it. But that said, I doubt we'll see work being done there any time soon.
  14. They might not get Otakon back, but maybe...just maybe...the BCC will be able to land some other anime convention. I certainly wouldn't mind having another excuse to visit Charm City again.
  15. This will never happen, and even if it does Otakorp will not take Otakon back to Baltimore... Stop giving people false hope.
  16. It's like the arena. The political stars will not align any time soon, not as long as the city has other, more pressing issues.
  17. May 2020 seems far away, but thought if anyone's interested they might want time to plan ahead. Just saw that stars from "Back To The Future" will be at Awesome Con (May 1-3, 2020, Washington, DC). Also, stars from Doctor Who, The Goonies, Saved By The Bell, Shazam, Ron Perlman, and others of course, will be there. Url: Awesome-Con.com To view guest list: click: Features. Then click: Guests.
  18. Thanks for the info! So sad though, I was hoping Otakon might be going back to Baltimore sometime. It was so much fun to have two vacations at the same time: Otakon AND Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Looks like that'll just be a dream now.
  19. This Baltimore Business Journal article provides an update on the proposed expansion to the Baltimore Convention Center, the update is the expansion will not occur due to the current cost estimate of expansion which is estimated to be more than $1.5 billion, much more than the previously announced estimate of $600 million: https://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2020/02/04/baltimore-convention-center-expansion-plans-scaled.html
  20. As I recall you could not do public viewings of the recordings due to the convention labor contracts, but if there was a library of these archive videos that could be "requested" by Otakon members- would that skirt around the commercial broadcast rules? We need to watch the TMR concert again for RESEARCH!
  21. Alabaster explaining why this can't happen in 3...2... Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  22. Right, I'm more talking about the innumerable concerts that weren't put out like that.
  23. I remember there was a DVD of L'Arc En Ciel available. https://www.amazon.com/LArc-en-Ciel-Live-LArc-En-Ciel/dp/B0009GX2E6
  24. That would be pretty cool. As I recall, previous incarnations of the OtaMuseum would play past concerts & other videos there. A programming track like that could work, but my ? would be if the demand & convention space are there to try it.
  25. This would be amazing! I always miss out on the concerts so it would be cool to see the past ones!
  26. Assuming everything goes well my cosplay plans for this Otakon are: Kinu/Selkie (FE:F) - She's done! I brought her last year so just need to brush out the wig, ears, and tail a bit! Thouzer/Souther (HNK) - He's a huge maybe! Depends on if I get everything done in time. Nezuko (KNY) - I just need to dye the kimono silk, wait for my lining to arrive, and actually assemble/sew my komon. Everything else for her is done! Mikazuki Munechika (TR) - Armor painting and he's done! I was going to do Sword/Shield but I'm swamped this year. I will definitely try to find you and take a picture though! I'll try to see how many people from this thread I can find by the end of the con!
  27. I don't really explore this forum too much myself, but at a glance, I would recommend moving this post to General Discussion. I would also suggest joining the Unofficial Otakon server group in Discord (if you have an account) since they have a section on there for self-promotion. I can take a look at your website later after I finish my assignments and PM you my feedback.
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