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  2. Hopefully Otakon can get Masao Murayama back again soon. I know he's in his 80's now, so his days traveling overseas to cons will probably be winding up soon. Any manga creators. I know they're some of the hardest guests to get because they have the tightest schedules. Other cons have managed to get some in the past though.
  3. I wouldn't count out Kawajiri, given his connections to not just one but two friends of the con. That's actually one I was thinking about too. He's certainly been to the US before. Rei Hiroe you could probably bribe by driving him out to a range to go shooting with a historical firearms club lol Grabbing some Nijisanji English folks would be fun, but the East Coast gang is mostly Leafs, which complicates things. Pomu is an American and low-key has almost certainly been to Otakon before. I think Nina might be US East Coast too? Uki definitely is, but most of the other lads aren't even
  4. Gen Urobuchi is the dream for anime guests, but I think it would be cool to maybe have some Godzilla guests too as the con expands to being a general Asian pop culture con (In a really cool way might I add!) so maybe also people like Shusuke Kaneko for Japanese kaiju stuff and then on the American side TJ Storm has done anime cons before and I think Michael Dougherty would be really cool too.
  5. Welp, here goes! Voice Actors/Actresses (Japanese): Miyuki Sawashiro Sayaka Ohara Saori Hayami Rina Satou Satomi Arai Haruka Tomatsu Sora Amamiya Nobuhiko Okamoto Takehito Koyasu Hikaru Midorikawa Souichirou Hoshi Kappei Yamaguchi Daisuke Ono Tomokazu Sugita Voice Actors/Actresses (English): Crispin Freeman Colleen Clinkenbeard Erica Mendez Spike Spencer Richard Epcar Luci Christian Michelle Ruff Yuri Lowenthal Monica Rial Behind-the-Scenes People: Hiromasa Yon
  6. Last week
  7. Haha, I wrote that post before I realized that you're still involved and reading these boards – now I'm a bit embarrassed. That's interesting to hear though! Here's hoping for next year. I'm sure not being able to bring Shinichiro Watanabe over for an in-person appearance after the other Carole & Tuesday guests were able to take their encore must've been frustrating for you guys.
  8. You’re right in that Japanese guests in particular depend on relationships. And these days we continue to reap benefits of lots of outreach and friendships made over the last few decades. I am happy that my successors continue to build on those, and make new ones. But that is true of US based guests too — agents become much easier to deal with when the guests really want to come. I feel very privileged in the friends I’ve made, both on behalf of the con, and personally. And I help out where I can with connections and back door invites. This year we got particularly and unexpectedl
  9. Great! I just wanted to bring it up as I figured the 2021 statistics update was overlooked sometime between 2021 and 2022. Of course the current post-con activities take priority and I look forward to seeing the page updated with both years later. Thanks, as always, Matt for the response and information. Much appreciated.
  10. Yeah I thought I got 2021 in there sometime in the last year, but apparently I did not. Things are in progress, but also I have about 100 other things to do post-con that take priority. Paying bills is never really "fun", and for that matter neither is filling out sales/use tax returns. As for this year, it will likely be early September based on other deadlines.
  11. Oh sure, I wasn't expecting 2022 to be updated any time soon. I was asking about 2021, which is still missing! 🙂
  12. Typically this gets updated a few weeks or so post con, because it takes time to reconcile all the various systems, people who upgraded memberships, etc. it’s usually @MattTheMinion who does this, I think.. Most of us older staffers are still recovering!
  13. As far as I can remember, yes.
  14. If we're reaching for the stars, Hideaki Anno and Leiji Matsumoto would definitely be up there. Relatedly, it'd be sorta funny to bring Toshio Okada back over, since he visited Otakon during its first years up in Pennsylvania. Rintaro would be another good one, especially since he's getting up there in age and anime industry vets aren't known for living long into old age. 1. lmao good job dipshіt, it's "Yoshihiro." 2. Wait, why is there a timeout for editing posts? Has it always been like this?
  15. How about for Japanese Guests ( I know they may be impossible to get) 1) Leiji Matsumoto 2) Hidecki Anno 3) Kenpachiro Satsuma (Godzilla suit actor from 1984 to 1995) Jim “Kap” Kaposztas Staff Lounge
  16. Its that time of the year again I'll be ordering the Asian Kung-Fu Generation Guest Request please!
  17. It was fun following this while it happened: https://www.gaming.net/otakon-2022-and-the-saga-of-the-stolen-ms-hina-cutout/
  18. Can't hurt to dream, but I am curious what the process is like for Japanese guests. Like most things in the anime industry, it seems very much based on relationships. While Otacorp had a relationship with Pony Canyon, when Pony Canyon had a show to promote, they sent out the director. The con is friends with Yasuhiro Watanabe, so when Watanabe recommended his VR dev friends, they invited them. This has resulted in some pretty interesting guests in the past, but it does make me wonder how well Otacorp is able – or indeed willing – to reach out beyond that network. When Jim Vowles was on ANNCast
  19. My friend went and grabbed his badge downstairs and we went with him. It was super painless! The rest of us had our badges mailed but we did take advantage of the Marquis exclusive pickup for vaccination wristbands upstairs. We went by a few times and the line was fairly long but was moving super quick. By the time everyone arrived and we were ready to go, no one was there and it was super quick and easy! We had no issues getting ours and I think having a separate area for badge/vaccination pickup is nice! I'm not sure if vaccinations will be required next year or, if not, badges could also be
  20. I was at the Marriott Marquis, and it was fairly painless. I went down the 2 escalators, showed them my vaccination card, my driver's license, and my badge (I get it mailed.) and got the band. Took only a few minutes including the escalators. The only downside was they didn't have the 18+ bands there, and when I asked the person about it they said they should have thought to bring some to this station. Edited to add: This was at about 4 on Thursday.
  21. For that matter, did Otakon ever release figures like peak CCV for Otakon Online?
  22. Christopher Wehkamp Monica Rial
  23. Otakon 2022 is now in the rear-view so it's time for our annual membership survey -- let us know how we did! While we're amazed by the growth in attendance this year, we also know that it presented some new challenges and longer lines. Our feedback survey is the best way you can let us know how we did. So even if you were not able to attend, your feedback helps us plan for next year. Take the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9ZH2NKB
  24. Did anyone take advantage of the badge pickups stations for those who stayed at the Marquis or Renaissance? How was the process for you?
  25. Staff Pool and Gofers have been working closer together for a few years now (and yes, have been to several orientations as well!). One of the changes I made during my Presidential years was to move Gofers from our "Member Services" division over to our "Staff Services" side, to try and keep Gofers more visible on the staff side. The heads of the two dept's will also sit down during the con over the last few years and go over the Gofer list. Staff Pool may even pick out some Gofers and watch them at work so they can make more and better recommendations.
  26. I still log into the NYAF forum (it still around), just to check. I think I'm the only live person who still post there just for fun. Other con forums I used to be active was from I-CON, Katsucon, and AnimeNEXT, no longer have their forums. I miss the interaction that I had with everyone else. It felt more like being part of an extended family then just being a member of a generic message board. That's the way I kind of feel about this forum.
  27. WOW! First off, I just can't think of anything to say on what you went through. I do understand, believe me, I know. God bless you for your strength.
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