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    There really isn't much. Have your bag open, don't carry any weapons. This isn't a TSA level inspection, it's a quick check to make sure there aren't illicit materials. If you have further questions I am more than happy to answer them, but there aren't many details beyond that, unless I am missing something. Yes. As always, there will be a separate at con reg and pre-reg line. We should be posting details of that closer to con. There will also be another line for people with badges. I have attached a mock-up of what it will look like in front of the WEWCC for Friday and Saturday (subject to change).
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    In case anyone is interested, here is the sheet that the Renaissance handed you when you checked in.
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    This one was just after leaving the hotel friday morning with my friend who was cosplaying as Henrietta from Gunslinger girl. Just follow the school girl she is probably going to the convention followed up by this you know only at otakon is something like follow the school girl apropriate
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    Get a basin, fill it cold water and laundry detergent (usually about as much as you'd use for a load of laundry). Let the daki cover soak for about an hour. Take a very soft bristled toothbrush and work out any obvious blood/stains that you see. If heavily stained, dump the water and repeat. Otherwise, rinse with clean water, wring, and hang up to dry. Source: I own 5 daki covers.
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    As I sit in my hotel room trying to put a three year old to bed amidst people having room garherings and yelling in the hallways, I was wondering if it might be possible for Otakon to designate some "quiet floors" when constructing future room blocks. I've seen another con or two I've attended do this, where when booking your room you could request a quiet floor or regular floor. I don't believe the hotel needs to set aside a particular number of rooms for this purpose, but rather, once they see the number of requests for room types, try to assign the rooms accordingly. While I realize this is something that Otakon could not enforce, I would expect that people choosing a quiet floor would generally be of a mind to follow whatever guidance is setup for those floors. It would at least likely reduce the noise for those who prefer quiet, and those who would prefer to be a little louder can do so without as much worry of disturbing others. I don't know if it is possible, but just an idea, as it would be awesome and very much appreciated Thanks in advance for any consideration you can give this idea.
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    Ah geez, not this garbage again... Get ready for ridiculously long lines that don't actually make anyone safer.
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    We currently plan to have the Marriott tunnel open for the length of Otakon's operating hours.
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    The Good The drive to Otakon and traffic wasn't that bad at all. The Marriott Marquis was very nice. No problem at bag checks, Nice space set ups in Dealers and Artist Alleys. Great concert. Fast Wifi for members. The Bad The convention center Centerplate Kiosks were actually bait and switching prices on their products. I attempted to purchase at more than one Kiosk with the same result. I was quoted one price but rung up at another price both times. Of course i did not final purchase under those circumstances. I strongly recommend that Otacorp please communicate to Centerplate to have kiosks place prices under their product offerings just like the Marquis did. The Ugly Hey this is Otakon... nothing ugly... just beauty here.
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    Some people just get off on being mean to others. It'll all come back to bite them sooner or later.
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    I just wanted to know if anyone had any good or funny comments they remember hearing over the weekend they wanted to share. My absolute favorite was during Con Feedback, when we were all cheering about the working escalators. The guys on stage commented: "I think the longest the escalators were ever down was about 10 minutes." "Yeah, I think the longest they were ever up at BCC was 10 minutes." XD XD XD Another adorable overheard gem from the Dealer's Room was "Omg, I'm 18 this year! I could buy the yaois!" Priorities, haha. And finally, a great burn... I was in a panel and Hana Yori Dango clip was playing, and plenty of people were laughing about the animation style. Panelist popped in with: "It's just older animation, you guys. Frankly, older than some of you."
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    Hello all <3 Our first year in D.C is in the books and I had an absolute blast. It was my 4th year staffing and my first year working the concerts in Main Events. If anyone was VIP then you may have practiced your high 5 with me or if you were sitting near the front then you may have seen me with my ThinkGeek bag keeping an eye on half of the front rows. I also briefly met a handful of you guys while assisting with the Michael/Stephanie line. I wanted to thank all of you guys for making this an awesome experience overall. I'm tired and wish I wasn't at work today. But it's always, always a joy to get to experience the convention from the other side of the coin and try to make it an even better one for you guys. For it being my first year in a new dept with new expectations and goings on YOU guys made it so much fun. See you in 2018
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    Can everyone please read this? The above statement (IMHO) perfectly captures the facts of the situation as well as the back and forth in the discussion on this subject. This would have been an issue anywhere and I (and many others) feel Otakon deserves major props for 1) taking this step and 2) improving the situation on the fly.
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    Yeah, especially when word of mouth starts following from those of us who went about our positive experiences with the move.
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    Mmm... Not to sound rude, but, are you sure you were looking hard enough then weskai80? Or maybe you just aren't very familiar with a lot of fandoms? There were a bunch of others. Persona, Naruto, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, SMB, Metroid, Undertale, Touken Ranbu, various Ghibli films, etc. come to mind. There were at least 50 different fandoms, if not more, across the artist alley- I'd wager MUCH MUCH more. In fact I distinctly remember one table having Kubo and the Two String-inspired prints, which was a lovely surprise. Perhaps you meant only four fandoms you're in? If so, I feel you, I was disappointed to find a lack of anything Sengoku Basara related, but, fandom interest wanes and waxes as do artist alley offerings, it can't be helped.
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    As someone who has dealt with corporate insurance packages, a "recommendation" is code for "you have to implement this or else your premiums will skyrocket". Otakon nor the WEWCC want to be held responsible if anything were to happen at the con and following the "recommendation" is the only way to deflect that liability. That is why more and more public events in general are doing this because the third party security firms are already going to be on site and paid for regardless.
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    While the artist alley was closed because of the rain, I went to the art exhibit which was still open. I looked at all the art and then went into the 18+ section. I walked past a few dudes who were having a conversation about how to get stains out of body pillows! I was just like, OF COURSE, this would be the place I overhear that.
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    In 1966 the Federal government, after heavy lobbying by the restaurant industry, made people who were "likely" to have a large portion of their income derived from tips exempt from the minimum wage law - at least as far as the employer pays. This new minimum is referred to as the "tipped minimum wage". This created a situation where customers became pressured to partially subsidize the employees' hourly salaries through tips. States do have the option to increase this "tipped minimum wage" but, as you'll see below, 40% of the states have elected not to do so. Yes there are employers out there who have tried to go the "no tipping" rule and pay everyone in their employ at least "normal" the minimum wage for that state, but to do so requires that they charge more for their products and this results in customers who look only at the price on the menu (instead of the total cost out-of-pocket for the visit) staying away. It's a little known fact that if the server doesn't make at least the normal minimum wage for that state when hourly wages and tips are combined, the employer has to make-up the difference. This is the main reason why the servers have to report their tips to the employer. The secondary reason is for income tax purposes. The servers don't like reporting their tips because it raises their income level come tax time, but even if they received NO tips for the entire year they would (or SHOULD) still get the normal minimum wage from their employer. But then... how many employers are going to continue to employ somebody they have to pay the full minimum wage to? It's much better to only hire servers who get the CUSTOMERS to pay the server's wages! Personally I like the way it's done in Japan. EVERYONE is subject to their minimum wage laws and tipping is almost seen as insulting. ("What? Are you implying I'm not giving the best service I can unless you bribe me with additional money?!") Case in point: Hooters America and Hooters Japan. A "Hooters Girl" in Virginia (at a minimum) starts out at the legally allowed $2.13/hour when the state's "normal" minimum wage is $7.23/hour. A "Hooters Girl" in Japan will (at a minimum) start out at 1100¥/hour ($9.93/hour) at any of the Hooters locations in Japan. In addition, the Hooters Girl in Japan gets her transportation expenses compensated AND is enrolled in Japan's national health insurance program. Here's some of the tipped minimum wage and "normal" minimum wage levels around the country: DC's tipped minimum wage is $2.77/hour, "normal" minimum wage $11.50/hour Maryland's tipped minimum wage is $3.63/hour, "normal" minimum wage $8.75/hour Hawaii's tipped minimum wage is $8.50/hour, "normal" minimum wage $9.25/hour Connecticut's tipped minimum wage is $8.23/hour, "normal" minimum wage $10.10/hour 20 states have remained at $2.13/hour since 1966 when this practice was made legal. Virginia is one of them.
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    I just want to say I loved the way those were used not just to give directions, but to alert people to important schedule changes and specific events coming up. Well done!
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    *Patiently waiting for the "Post 2017" thread to open up*
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    Panel 7: I noticed this when attending the Voice Actors After Dark panel... the room is BIG and holds a LOT of people. The chairs are arranged in neat, orderly rows all the way to the back of the room. If you're in the front half of the room this probably is no problem. The people on stage are raised up enough and close enough that you should be able to see at least SOME of them. If you're in the back-half of the room, however, the height of the stage is eliminated and the head of the person in front of you blots-out the entire stage. I got a crick in my neck trying to lean around the fat head of the person in front of me. (It actually was a normal-sized head, but by the end of the panel my discomfort had magically inflated it to epic proportions.) Those lucky enough to have been seated in the wings would have had less of an issue, but seating was assigned so we had no choice in the matter. Those of us seated in the center of the back area - including the guy in front of me who was doing the same head tilting to see around the person in front of HIM - ended up with sore necks by the end of the panel. A possible help would be to stagger the seating in the back center row(s) like so: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * This would reduce the number of chairs (and the total occupancy of the room) by one in every other row so you wouldn't want to do this for the whole venue, but it would help some for those who are seated "out in the back-fourty".
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    Looks like mecha or giant robot will be the theme.
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    Next year's Otakon will be Aug 10 - 12
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    Ah, time for my annual posting of this video. It's for a different convention, but forever relevant.
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    Hi guys! My name is Hiro from UZU. https://www.washingtonian.com/2017/07/17/best-cheap-japanese-restaurants-around-dc-maryland-virginia/ We will have a Pop up restaunrt in Mirai(1314 1/2 9th st NW Washington DC.) It is right around corner(5mins walk!) from the convention center! We will have Japanese comfort food such as Curry rice, Gyuudon, Onigiri Bottled Tea and Japanese snacks etc... Hours will be 11am-8pm on Aug.11th and 12th (Friday,Saturday) 11am-3pm on 13th (Sunday). If you have any questions please feel free to massage me via Twitter or Instagram @uzu9dc. Thank you so much! Hiro
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    ...but now Danmachi (Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) is in that Sunday morning slot, and I'm not sure if Hestia is bestia for a morning crowd.
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    Sweet baby Jesus
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    Guidebook is live.
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    Thursday 3pm to 10pm Friday 9am to 10pm Saturday 9am to 10pm Sunday 9am to noon
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    It is going to be an extreme challenge to bag check through the main entrance and M1. I am a little concerned about the prospect of long lines due to bag checks. Not really comfortable with long lines if the bag check is not run properly .Can Otakon make sure that Otakon Security Execs are also at the entrances with the contracted security to insure that this runs smoothly? Where will the line be if there is one outside. Around the building? I mean what is the tentative plan?
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    Calling it now: "LineCon 2017: IT GOT WORSE". (i hope i'm wrong, though)
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    Hey people, is it okay if I created a thread to share cosplay pictures we've taken throughout the entire weekend? Each year, the cosplayers continue to amaze me with their work, so I want to share all of the cosplay pics I have. If any of you see yourselves in these pictures, please let me know. Excellent job to every last one of you and am excited to see what you all surprise us with next year. Otakon 2017 Cosplay Pictures
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    Nor should you It lives on in our hearts And on YouTube
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    I realize that this post will probably not be seen by many or most people who need to see it, but I feel a need to post it anyway. Late tonight, I stopped into the Marriott lobby bar to get a snack, since my dinner had been about 4:00. The kitchen was closed, and they were not serving food, but the bartender was kind enough to get me some potato chips. He and I got talking, and talking to him I learned that It had been a great night for them, as far as moving product. Lots of business, lots of orders. The place was still really hopping at 11:30 when I showed up. They had been scrambling and working really hard to keep up with the business resulting from Otakon. It was a terrible night for the Marriot lobby bar staff, and for the staff view of Otakon. He told me that he had had many checks with zero tip ("Zero, zero, zero" as he put it to me)., He told me that they had had more than one table with several people, that they waited on for 2 - 3 hours, including special drink orders; for which they got $1 - 2 tips. He was REALLY pissed off. Folks, this is bad. These people make just a fraction of the minimum wage, because the minimum wage is different if you are in a tip-expected job. They pay their rent with their tips. We're all depending on these Marriott staff to have a positive view of convention members, to make Otakon a good experience for years to come. I realize that this is just common sense, and is also probably also already documented in the Otakon web site behavioral guides, but I put up this Board post because the bartender I talked to tonight was so disappointed and taken aback by our communal behavior. If you're reading this, do the right thing by your servers, and tip them appropriately. (Also, tip the person who takes care of your room. The Marriott leaves little folders that makes this easy).
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    I mean was he annoying...Yea. Does it irriate me that we pay good money and he just walked in...Yea. Buuuuuuuut, to be fair he DID walk through the front doors, AND stand in the bag check line. So shouldn't we really be concerned that he was able to by pass tons of security? I really don't think he meant to by pass anything but he did..... So maybe we should think about those concerns. Maybe there needs to be signs at the entrance? Props to the staff that did finally catch him though!
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    This was absolutely the worst handling of the charity auction I've ever seen. Apparently Otakon wasn't even going to have one this year since the locked display case wasn't shipped down? Which is really terrible reasoning in and of itself since surely you could have secured the items some other way. But then the art auction staff gets handed some pieces at the last minute and has no clue what they are or what to do with them and don't even know what charity the money is going to. This is beyond pathetic. The art staff themselves told us they've been asking for years to have the charity auction separated from their auction and made its own event, and now that you finally have the space for it you just end up with a colossal C.F. This is unbelievable. Please, please, PLEASE make the charity auction its own event, and give it the treatment it deserves. There are people out there that want to donate to a good cause in exchange for rare and exclusive items and you have the potential to facilitate that. Please stop leaving the charity auction as an afterthought and neglecting it to the point of absurdity. It's just truly disgraceful.
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    I'm sure the people in my group weren't the only ones who noticed the center of the ballroom floor on Floor 3 bowing in significantly during the Yousei Teikoku/FLOW concert, particularly during parts of FLOW's set, such as Go!!! from Naruto, where everyone was jumping like crazy. Now it sounds like even people on the 2nd floor noticed significant vibrations and thought there might have been an earthquake. During the concert, I couldn't help but think about the video of the Versailles wedding hall disaster, where the dance floor of a poorly constructed 3rd floor collapsed through to the lower floors and caused many deaths and injuries. Even though I'm 99.99% sure the Washington Convention Center ballroom is extremely well designed and that this sort of scenario is impossible, I couldn't help but feel nervous about this contingency during the event, and in thinking about it afterwards - especially with the floor noticeably warping under our feet. So I just wanted to request from the staff for the record, so that this can be settled once and for all with certainty, can we get some confirmation that the 3rd floor ballroom is rated for the number of people at these concerts, jumping in sync in the way that we were? And are there any further assurances/explanations that the floor is actually designed to warp in the way that it did in order to absorb the load and remain strong? I just hope that this issue can be resolved early, so that the word can spread and people can be absolutely comfortable at these events in the future. Thanks in advance!
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    I think that the reason it was cold in the convention center is that most conventions are for business people. They usually wear suits, or long pants at a minimum. Most of the Otakon crowd is in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops, and that combination does not hold a lot of heat. The video rooms were not packed to capacity for long periods, so there was never a chance for the quantity of bodies to heat up the room. I put my hat on at least one time, because I was starting to get too cold, and never took off my long-sleeved sun shirt. After the anime ended, I just went outside for a while to warm up. The cosplayers with the full outfits were probably happy it was not overly warm in the convention center.
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    The thing about good service is that it's often not noticeable when it's there. If you enjoyed your meal, your needs were taken care of in a timely fashion, and your server was pleasant to you, then you received good service. If this merely "meets expectations" for you then you need to really think about the bar you are setting. It isn't fair to require that a server neglect other customers in order to earn your tip. My husband and I had a "bad" restaurant experience at the con. My in-laws are really into dim sum and we were excited to see a dedicated dim sum restaurant a block away from the con. We went in for the "traditional" experience with food carts and the big lazy susan, but got a "modern" one that felt more like a conventional restaurant instead. Also...almost everything we asked for was sold out (it was Saturday). Was the food we ordered bad? No...what we could order was actually really good! Was the server bad? No! None of our complaints about the restaurant had anything to do with the service. So even though we probably won't be going back there in the future, we still tipped. It wasn't the server's fault we went in with expectations that he could have never met. He's not in charge of how the restaurant is run and making sure the kitchen is stocked.
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    My phone does this automatically. I'm old so the amount of walking dropped off quickly. Friday 19409 Sat 13574 Sun 8263 Mon (OMG DO MY FRIGGING LEGS HURT!)
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    I worked on that project and can confirm paper thin walls. City center, however seems to have gone to great lengths to provide acoustically separated rooms. Its just steel and concrete right now, but looks to be nice "on paper". This is not the normal thing for modern hotels, they normally "maximize usable space".
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    very very Strongly suggest not to buy bootleg products in dealers room. I am aware that Otakon will take action regarding dealers who are identified as doing that with a warning and them even removal. payng more for figures than usual. Well you have to take in consideration that if you factor in shipping if you would order elsewhere It might be the same cost. Difference is you can pick it up at the con. So it's your decision if it's worth it. compare dealers prices. Yes it's true that not all dealers charge the same and there can be significant savings for the same thing. Also you may notice prices on Saturday goes up. Hey that's just the way the market economics works. Shop around. pick pockets. Yes be conscious of people bumping into you and omg how many open knapsacks with everything exposed out there. Please use reasonable care and common sense. If you see something even though it didn't happen to you. Tell Otakon right away. Dealer respect for con attendees. unfortunatley I have observed dealers being much less than respectful to con goers at times .If you feel that a dealer is giving you that take it or leave it or disrespectful verbiage. I would strongly recommend you inform the Otakon staff reps on the floor. It's your money. You deserve proper customer service. Dealers seatng their friends and instant con hires at their tables. Otakon regularly challenges dealers asking them to display their badges. Could you imagine asking someone how much something is and the person is not supposed to deal with you.? If you do not see their badge then notify Otakon security who walk the floor that their may be an issue. It's not a perfect world and Otakon makes everyone excited when they get to see their favorite cosplay, so if you get blocked by someone And it's prob gonna happen don't freak out if you see they are taking a quick one or moving to the side or something. Sometimes in the heat of the moment to get the photo it may happen. Bottom line hey enjoy. Use common sense that's all. Dont wait for the con to end to say thank you to Otakon volunteers or staff that help you with something. I see people asks questions then turn and walk away. Hey come on say thank you,if they helped you. Now if it's the opposite and staff or volunteers are disrespectful well that's not the standard so let an Otakon staff or ops know. security. Just like Otakon staff and volunteers. Otakon and also convention and municipal security have the same standard of respect in service. So if there is an issue with that let Otakon know right away. On the other hand no one has license to abuse or make negative comments to security staff who are there doing their jobs. Once again always say thank you to the bag checker etc for their service. Also just a personal thank you to all of you on the BBS who have helped answer my questions throughout as we get ready to see you all there .
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    Do: Take a snack and an empty water bottle(they used to be only one dollar...sorry...had to get it out of my system). Wear comfortable footwear(do not try to break in new shoes-you will be walking much of the weekend). Also: bring extra socks. Happy feet=happy you. If you think you will need it over the weekend, bring it with you. There is no guarantee that you will be able to source it locally and/or inexpensively. Bring something to do in the lines that you will be waiting in. Most of us have smart phones and 3DSs. A portable USB battery for those is something you should own anyway. Try something new. Watch something you've never heard of, go to a panel that's out of your comfort zone. You never know what you'll discover. (Go to DMC!) Celebrate our differences. That's part of the fun. Play a Japanese arcade game. You'll thank me later. Be polite and courteous. I can guarantee that like everywhere else in life, there is not a single person, event, or thing in the convention center and sundries that are worth your anger or any more time than you give it. Observe the 1-3-7 rule: 1 shower, 3 meals, 7 hours of sleep per day. If you have to choose, prioritize Japanese/foreign guest autographs(if such things matter to you). A lot of the dub cast people tend to make the rounds significantly more frequently than Japanese guests in my experience. Get in lines early. You know the guy they cut the line off right in front of? That's been me like 6 times in my life through different cons(ready? Mystery Anime Theater 2001, Tekkoshocon Masquerade 2004, Thursday Prereg 2014, and 3 different panels in 2014). I got in line late. Do not make my mistake. Answer questions, help people learn. Elitism has hurt us all too much; conventions are about coming together. Be the ambassador for your game, your show, your local con, your local store, your hometown. Dealer Room Specific: Carry SOME cash. Not every vendor can take card or Paypal...traditionally there have been a few people that are selling their collection and happen to have a booth for the year. This is doubly important in the Artist Alley. If there is something you want in the dealer room, if you only see one or two of it and the price is around reasonable(bear in mind that in most cases you MAY be able to do better online-factor in shipping obviously), get it ASAP. If it is important to you, it will likely be important to somebody else as well. If there is a ton of it, you can usually wait until Sunday and it will still be there and possibly cheaper. Larger purchases should probably be done sooner rather than later, particularly so you aren't lugging it around on Sunday without a hotel to drop it in. You can attempt to haggle prices with some dealers, particularly if you're grabbing a few things at once and/or it's Sunday. Never hurts to try. Worst they can say is "no"...or at least creatively forget to charge sales tax. Polite reminder: haggling does not mean arguing. If the price of something is astronomical, unless it is exceptionally rare you will very likely do better elsewhere. Don't: Stop for a photo op in the middle of a hallway or any area with significant congestion. We're all getting used to the new setup and haven't figured out the choke points yet. Steal from anybody. You will lose more than you take. Push your limits. This goes for your physical well being and for dealing with people. Rest when you need to, cosplay does not equal consent, no means no. Your efforts are better spent elsewhere. (I would say "don't be a creeper", but let's be honest-if you're acting like one you probably don't realize that's what's happening). Let the less than professional individuals bother you(again: not worth your anger). If you are bothered by the conduct of a less than professional individual, calmly report the issue. Odds are you are not the only person that had that experience. Troll people-I can get that for free online, thank you very much.
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    That WaPo article lists an event that Otakon attendees arriving Thursday could go and check out, free screening of the movie Top Gun at 8 PM:
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    I called in to confirm my reservation and room type - I'd recommend doing the same just in case.
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    Personally for transportation I use Citymapper. It has nearly 40 international cities listed on there, and includes all the routes and ETAs for trains and buses. It also does the DC/Baltimore area so it's great if you plan on commuting to con.
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    In the past, I've usually worked the day of my departure, but I made sure I was at least 90 percent packed before then. This year, I'm trying to see if I can actually have the day off(I was originally going to work, but I realized I had more vacation time than I thought, so...) If I DO have that day off, I'm going to dedicate the morning to picking up any last minute needs, making sure everything is charged and loaded with media, etc. etc. I'll be leaving late that evening, so I should have plenty of time if I play my cards right.