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    By attendance numbers alone, Otakon is far, far larger; Tekko's attendance last year was 8,000, while Otakon's was 29,113. (This is actually below Otakon's attendance record of 34,211; Otakon has had slightly lower attendance since then since the announcement of the move to DC, which could very well trigger another period of growth.) In Baltimore the dealer's room spanned an entire expo hall space; I don't have the square footage off hand, but it's likely comparable to the entirety of Tekko's event space alone. Otakon registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.
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    Pardon me if this was already mentioned, but I didn't find any earlier mention of this event. I just found this out today while browsing around on AnimeCons.com. Apparently there is going to be an "Anime Fan Fest - Baltimore" ( http://animefanfestbaltimore.com/ ) this coming June 3 and 4. This is being run by the same people that created the "Anime Fan Fest" in May 2016 at AnimeNEXT's old home/location at the Garden State Exhibit Center-Somerset NJ (AnimeNEXT having moved to Atlantic City in 2016 from Somerset). I certainly find it interesting that someone's already trying to fill the Otakon void, and I wonder just how this new event will impact Otakon 2017.
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    From a quick check of Google, there's a Nando's a bit to the south of the convention center. I'm sold. XD Also, I think that Safeway nearby should be ready, because they're gonna get slammed.
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    Long sleeves sound great. Hmmm, though outside in the summer, it might be hot. So, hopefully, you won't be outside for very long, if it's one of those really hot days. Amazing how much we can take, going from really cold indoors to really hot outdoors.
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    If they couldn't survive without exploiting elephants (and other animals), then maybe the management should've done some introspection years ago.