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    I have a room booked at the Marriot Marquis and am looking to share it with some fellow con-goers in hopes of making some new con-going friends. I'm looking for 4-5 adults (18+) that are respectful of others, non-smoking (or if they do smoke, not in the room), not looking to turn the room into a party room, but I do plan on going to late night con events, out going but not overwhelming (I'm fairly introverted) please no super SJWs either. No sex, no drugs, and no con-funk in the room either (in other words just be respectful) I am female, 24 and will be attending with my fiance. I am cosplaying but he is most likely not. I dont mind if you cosplay, but please nothing too bulky. I am posting this early in hopes of getting to know the people I will be sharing a room with before the convention. Also: Room fee will be split equally via how many people are staying in it and I will require payment at the convention before I hand over a room key. If interested or if you have any questions please contact me at lux4days@gmail.com
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    There's a new fandom con launching in Baltimore in April. This con will be a 3 day con that runs non-stop from Friday to Sunday at the Baltimore Convention Center. Despite this con being a first year con, this con has a large guest list: https://blog.universalfancon.com/fanconpressrelease020118/ This con is attempting to be a very diverse and inclusive con according to their press release. Does this sound like an interesting con to anyone on here and is anyone plans to attend this con?
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    I agree. I was involved with many more interesting aspects of Otakon while I was a Gofer. For example, I'm not artistically inclined and generally don't identify drawing-based workshops as something to attend, but a workshop covering colored pen usage that I was assigned to help setup was interesting even to a caveman like me.
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    Welcome to 2018 hons. This thread will help alert you hons to important diversions & changes to the rails & trails so you won't get bogged down on the road to the 25th Otakon. First, some important changes involving metro: Riders can no longer use the trains & buses if their SmarTrip or CharmCard would lead to a negative balance (i.e. not enough balance to make your trip). Next, there's a new intiative for 2018 called the "Rush Hour Promise" expected to be approved today. That would offer refunds for Metrorail riders if the trains are excessively late, or there's an unexpected disruption, etc. More about that to come. Last for now, work continues on making celluar service available in more underground tunnels within the network. You'll notice that over the course of the Otakon's stay in DC.
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    Well, I found the Events DC Otakon 2018 event listing where they state that Otakon "is the biggest ... celebration of Japanese animation, manga, J-pop, and east Asian culture in the world" also lists wrong dates, Thursday, August 9th to Saturday, August 11th: http://www.dcconvention.com/Events/OTAKON_2018_Otakon_Annual_Convention.aspx
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    Ohhh ok. So that gives me some time between paying the tax man and getting my badge. Thanks!
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    Technically, we still don't sell "day badges" (as those would be like 'tickets', which would potentially incur IRS taxes). After research, we have determined that we can give you all what essentially is a prorated membership options so you can still attend the annual membership meeting (ie Otakon). With the change from Balt to DC it left too many uncertainties that we couldn't implement this sooner. But again, you all spoke and we listened and finally found a way to make it work for you!
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    I hadn't thought of this in years! it's still in my collection. I think the roll came out just right, and we're all the better for it. I want to thank you for all of this . . . and more. Otakon has brought so much to those both here on the forum and those who never will be here. Thank you.
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    Here's a link to their guest list: https://www.universalfancon.com/special-guests-2/
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    My membership account is still inactive.