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    Otakorp puts a firm emphasis on the safety of our members. In addition to our Paid Security team, we also will have on and off duty Metropolitan Police officers in and around the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. We maintain constant dialogue with Destination DC to remain up to date on any safety concerns and how they are being handled.
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    If anyone wants to hang with the crew and I, you're more than welcome to. Definitely wouldn't mind meeting new people and expanding my small social circle. Will be going with some friends and have our own hotel, drinking between us will go down during the night but nothing crazy lol. Except a cool rowdy bunch if anything :3
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    Name: Arielle Hometown: Charlottesville, VA Contact info: insta - minttemple snap - minttemple127 Something interesting: I'm a closet pegasister. Like deeeeep in the closet. This will be my first Otakon. I'm going mostly for the cosplay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I haven't been In a couple years, but I'm planning on hitting Otakon this year.
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    Been going to Otokan since 2009 and I'm looking forward to this year after spending a year abroad in Mongolia. I'm hoping to present again this year. Also I'm still trying to figure out a cosplay for this year, first time for everything I guess. Twiiter- animescience101
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    Current Plans: Ann Takamaki (Persona 5) Goro Akechi (Persona 5) Ouma Kokichi (Danganronpa V3) Plan to get Goro later this week. If it doesn't work out, I plan to go as Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa 2 instead. Though I'm 90% sure I'll be Goro.
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    Hello! I'd like to request both Kira and Kyle to be at Otakon this year - they both have a lot of roles they've done, but with the huge success of Nier: Automata this past year I think giving people on the east coast a chance to talk to them would be awesome. They're very active in the Nier community (doing things like streaming them playing the game and reading scripts from the Japanese concert) and have a large following of fans. Both have expressed interest in going as well. Thanks!
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    Are we to consider this a preview? Or is what Awesome Con worked out with convention center officials and MPD just an Awesome Con thing?
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    In addition to the entire event being extremely LGBTQI friendly, the dealers are very aware of this and have targeted merchandise. You're good to go. Enjoy the con!
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    Just finished Zero Horizon Dawn on PS4, about to start Mass Effect: Andromeda On PC, I play overwatch and starcraft all the time, so those are my go to's. I did have the blessing of going to E3 last week and have an incredibly long list of games I need to get. Ni No Kuni 2 being a prime example.
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    A buddy of mine and I run an event at conventions on the East Coast of the US. We've got loads of PC hardware and set it up for folks to play Touhou Project games on. Katsucon, AnimeBoston, Portcon Maine, and Nekocon are our current list, and we're looking to expand to Otakon if it's possible. It's a labor of love for us, so we don't ask for money in return for it. We just bring the stuff to cons that we are already going to and set it up. I'm not going to go super in depth here, that's best saved for when I have a proper contact to work through. Normally, I wouldn't post this in a public forum, but I'm not sure what else I should do at this point. I've been trying to contact someone who can get us the organizational support required to set this up since March and haven't yet had any success in getting someone to contact me back. Typically, this would be someone involved with management of the games room or programming. Tried the Contact Us link on the site, going to Otakon's booth at other cons to get contact info, and emailing the few people I know are involved in Otakon's staffing. I understand, life happens and people are busy. I would appreciate it if someone would contact me regarding this using either forum PM's or the email address I used to sign up for the forum. I'll get the contact more complete info about what we can do and what we need to make it happen when a proper channel is open. I'm now at the point where I need to finalize travel plans. To do that, I'll need to know if those travel plans include several hundred pounds of gear or not. If I can't get a response from someone by the 23rd of June I'll have to plan to go without the equipment.
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    Oh God, I have SUCH a backlog... If I'm not playing FF XV(hey, Episode Prompto drops next week!), I'm prolly playing something on my PC. I'm totally jonesing for that .hack//G.U. remaster, though. XD
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    Well -- it fits the theme. ^^; Also, I'm going to guess someone's going to do an updated Kiki and Tombo from that noodle ad that's been making the rounds on facebook the past day or so...
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    I see there being a ton of Metal Gear cosplay, since the theme is spies. Tactical Espionage Action
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    It's mostly out of cheesy nostalgia and my personal love of Sailor Moon. The thought of adding Moonlight Densetsu on here had crossed my mind, though, especially because the song file of the old DiC theme song I have has really low volume on it.
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    Some Studio Ghibli films are going to show nationwide (in the USA) on certain dates, spanning from June to November 2017. If you're interested, please go to: geekdad.com Scroll down and click on "Geek Dad Proudly Announces: Studio Ghibli Fest 2017." Scroll down again and click on the movie titles. That'll take you to where you can type in your zip code and see if there's a movie theater near you. They say Sunday shows are in English. Monday shows are in Japanese (with English subtitles).
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    There's a reason we ask for your ID when you check in to confirm it is you. The barcode on the back of your badge links to your registration information. If there is any question about you or if something happens, we can scan your badge and it pulls up all your information. If we do so and a different name comes up or no name, we consider the badge stolen and take appropriate action.
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    My cosplay plans: Slaine Troyard (Aldnoah. Zero) Since the Director is going to be there and also one or two of the VAs Kenjirou Minami (Yuri on Ice) Team Rocket Grunt
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    Agreed. Either of them would be great. I know that Cherami Leigh (A2) and Alexis Tipton (Pascal) have been regulars in the past, the latter having been a guest last year.
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    I've been eyeing up the NOAA garage which is really close to the Metro station in Silver Spring. http://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/DOT-Parking/G58PayStations/index.html
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    Any chance for another Parking Panda block for 2017? Always utilized them in Baltimore and was hoping to snag an early deal again!
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    I'll be flying from the U.K to go to Otakon this year, its my first ever convention, day 1 i will be by myself so will gladly meet up with people, day two and three i am meeting someone but we will be more then happy to meet people their. i will be arriving in washington on the thursday just after lunch, so might need help finding badge pick up place. also if i do cosplay will be as Luffy, depends how much money i have left over 19 Years old, so can't drink in the U.S Unfortunatly.
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    I'm calling it now -- SOMEONE is going to do Totally Spies! or Kim Possible cosplay.
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    I've been to a couple of really small local cons and this will be my first big con and I'm going alone. Instagram: minttemple Snap: minttemple127 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I seriously thought persona 5 since the theme was spies. you know...cuz they're theives? surprised it wasn't mentioned...
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    I'm sure somebody will be cosplaying something from a Macross series. Also, there will be Kamen Rider or Super Sentai/PR cosplay of some sort.
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    Up as of last night: http://vicbond007.net/otakon2017_rules/
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    If you have your badge mailed it will come with your initials and member number on the back, and the front will have a nameplate where you can write whatever name you are most comfortable with.
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    Kinda completely forgot about Yuri on Ice. I do agree that that's going to be some cosplay representation, given how it's one of the bigger anime titles in the past year.
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    I was the generic Dead Anime Mom last year, and I'm thinking of doing it again this year just because it was very comfortable and got a lot of laughs.
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    All good points so far; I doubly agree with the mentions of Yuri on Ice. Considering how huge it seemed to have gotten (not a huge fan of it myself), I'm absolutely expecting a saturation of Yuri's and Victors lol. I think Mob Psycho 100 had only just started airing last year, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were a lot of cosplays this time now that the season is complete. There also might be an upsurge of Zelda cosplayers, since BOTW was pretty big. I'd expect a fair amount of Links and humanized Sidons.
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    Attack on Titan and Spla2n will be big again New titles, Kemono Friends, Arms, and this is the first post Yuri on Ice Otakon, so even with it being the middle of summer, I expect to see a lost of ice skaters.
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    Old favorites: Love Live Attack on Titan Marvel/DC (especially Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy) Splatoon/Zelda New titles: Kemono Friends Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (expect at least one cosplay from that show) ARMS
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    so Kyle McCarley was just announce for Matsuricon in Ohio which is 2 weeks post Otakon. if you need to meet him I would suggest traveling there.
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    We made an official announcement a week or so ago, but Matsuri is becoming a programming tract within Otakon itself. So it won't be on Thursday anymore, but now you get three days of Matsuri goodness instead.
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    Since registration was brought up in here, and its a pet peeve of mine, sorry : https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2890686-Federal-Appeals-Court-The-FAA-s-Registration-Rule-Violates-Section-336 Like I said don't bother with wasting your money But do NOT bring anything RC into DC, you are only asking for problems. Even if it were to be legal, you would be spending your convention time at the station explaining how it was legal instead of just having fun. Leave the RC toys at home and go have fun in DC
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    Yeah, maybe someone from Destination DC will look like an anime character for a few seconds with big eyes and a big shout! lol. Am so glad for the article -- maybe someone who didn't know about Otakon will attend and have an awesome time. I didn't know about anime cons until reading about Katsucon in the Washington Post ages ago -- am sooooooo grateful for that!
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    I wonder how Destination DC will react when the actual attendance count is more than their expected estimate of "about 23,000 people."
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    Yes thats what I meant hehe. Someone had said that there will be a "Main Music Band" outside of the Anisong world matsuri bands, and that they would play on Sunday. Looking forward to that announcement!
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    Otakon should totally invite people who were involved with Nier Automata. It's my new favorite game and would be ecstatic to see people like director Yoko Taro or English voice actors Kira Buckland (voice of 2B) and Kyle McCarley (voice of 9S)!
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    Not currently planning on it; I've got enough of a backlog with my other consoles and my PC as it is. ^^;