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    I think I'm one of the few left here remember when Otakon used to go from hotel to hotel before it settled at a convention center. Honestly, I kind of miss the old days when taking a break from the con was just a simple elevator ride to the floor where my room was. The con had that intimate feel to it for both guests and attendees alike. All that changed dramatically when the con started to get stuffed to the seams when it still used only the hotels. I had my doubts when it moved to the BCC, but having all that extra elbow room was real nice, until the attendance numbers started to explode, especially from the "not so nice" new generation of attendees. Anyway, I';m going off topic here, so let me just say that the BCC haven't changed, but the rest of the Inner Harbor area did, and not exactly for the better. I also had my doubts about the WEWCC the same way I did when the con settled at the BCC, but now I'm getting used to the surrounding area. I don't know about anyone else, but I really don't think Otakon will get any better if it did move back.
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    As someone who works as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and has worked directly with blood samples being sent to the CDC for Coronavirus testing, I dont think its fear mongering, at all. I know we're having to process samples under a biohazard hood as well as taking extra precautions to prevent aerosols from potentially spreading/contaminating. A vaccine wont be available until the end of the year at the earliest and containment of the disease is gonna be reliant on all the world's governments doing what they're supposed to. Personally, I dont think the issue is with the virus and its lethality. If you're healthy adult, most seem to be able to fight off the virus with no ill effects so far. The problem is that the virus is demonstrating to be easily transmittable and is able to survive outside the body for some time. This puts the young, elderly, and immunocompromised at a high risk. A decision on cancel public gatherings/cons is decision that obviously wont need to be made for a few months, like you said, but when cancelling Comiket and the Olympics are being talked about when those are months away, its definitely fair to discuss when Otakon will be happening during the same timeframe.
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    Seems kinda odd, considering that people were disappointed but understanding when Anime Boston cancelled. Different crowd, I guess?
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    Well..... it wasn't shelter in place for NYC, but it's close enough. If it's not an essential business, it's either close or work at home. And the order (Starting Sunday) was from the governor rather than the mayor. At least I have plenty of DVD's, Blue Rays, online streaming to watch since I've been falling behind alot or too busy. Index and Railgun series alone should keep me occupied when not working.
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    Go check out Somali and the Forest Spirit. It's almost finished airing on CR and the dub is on episode 5. Also... Oresuki Fate/Zero Fire Force Interviews with Monster Girls Yurucamp (just a few of the top of my head)
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    Cory in the House is not on Crunchyroll, Hidive or Disney+
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    Anime Boston 2020 Cancellation Announcement Glad I went last year and checked this off my bucket list of cons to attend. Still sucks though, I feel for any AB regulars.
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    Well, it looks like the concert has been "postponed"
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    Pish tosh, another acceptable form is from Zman Games:
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    If the fountain was the only bottleneck in the BCC then I wouldn't have minded the crowds. Unforunately Otakon grew so big that there was worst bottlenecks by BOTH Skybridge connections, the entrance escalator to the dealers room, panel room queues, autograph line queues, etc. I think Baltimore was a better host city than DC because all the entire Harbor area bent over backwards to accommodate the convention guests, but the BCC itself is straight trash once you get past ~25000 daily attendees.
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    Looking forward to getting there this year! Hoping to see Hiro's Lounge again! If it is, I have a drink for them to make at the bar (for you over 21 otaku)! And, as always, as we get closer I'll be posting my annual where to eat videos!!!
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    Way back in 2013, the lower floor was so crowded that it took me a good 10 minutes to get from Video 1 to the escalators - a distance of, what, 300 feet? It looked a little like the picture attached. That's not the first time something like that happened in Baltimore, but that was my worst experience. I've never had that issue in the 3 years in DC.
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