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    I didn't think they used actual anime on the shirts. They usually have their mascots representing whatever the theme was for that year.
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    Name: Kristin Hometown: Springfield, VA # of Otakons Attended (including this year): I think 6? I started going when I was in highschool in 2005, but didn't go at all while I was in college. Started attending again in 2013, and have missed 2014 and 2017. I've been to a few cons at the convention center in DC, so I'm excited to see how it works for Otakon - I've heard great things!
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    Remind me not to grouse to myself about the cost of get-togethers.
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    The last time Uematsu did autographs at Otakon, it was kind of a last-minute arrangement because he was busy with the Distant Worlds concerts being held the same weekend at the BSO. That time, he only agreed to do the session if the con would charge for the autographs, the proceeds of which would go to people affected by the recent tsunami. This may be a similar arrangement.
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    I'm kind of agreeding with Fadamor here, in terms of your options in the poll. Having the only "I don't know her" option leading to a yes answer doesn't help you either, as it's still a yes answer...and you have an option for that. It seems a bit useless to have more than the two, but imo making the third option (or just adding a fourth option) a regular "I don't know her" answer might be more open for those voting (though miiiight not be helpful for overall answers). I'm all for cosplay guests, though, so I'm glad you're advocating for someone to come out and show their stuff! ♡ (Though I'm unable to look at her IG right now, and I do not know who she is, so I'll hold my vote until later. ;D )
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    Your poll is flawed. It asks two different questions and doesn't apply all the possible combinations of answers to those two different questions.
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    Okay! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have a similar question that I thought would be ok to post here since it's a related issue. I preregged for Ota 2018 at Anime Boston this past weekend, and the rep sitting at the Dealer's Room table typo'd my last name. I can't seem to fix it on my ShowClix account. @MattTheMinion is there anything Otakorp can do to fix it? My last name is Heller but the rep Eric I think (?) entered it as "Keller". Thanks in advance!