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    Not sure if this will help make anyone feel better... but I work in DC. Today there's going to be a small protest outside of the building I work in from 12-2, and there are already tons of police present and it hasn't even started. My building has been getting numerous emails in advance and advising employees where to avoid/what to do, etc. I know it isn't the same, but as a life-time Northern VA/DC resident, I can safely say that DC does not mess around with rallies and protests. The one near me is going to be small, but the police presence is already very large. EDIT: I just spoke with my friend, a DC Police Officer, to see what they may be doing for the rally:
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    These are videos I do every year to help supplement information of where to go for good/cheap eats and various information and con tips. Keep checking back for links to see the latest video. This year, starting off with "How to Keep Safe". Hope these videos help! Part One: Part Two: Pre-Otakon Tip Video -
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    I did not ask for your advice whether I should attend Otakon or not.
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    @Yukimi Kazari I was trying to just skip over your conversation, but some of your stuff has me genuinely curious. Even if you want to label them as "white supremacists" rather than "neo-nazis", why are you working so hard to downplay and excuse the hateful ideology they stand for and the violence that factually they've been shown to support? Especially when you're doing it at the expense of Otakon attendees, trying to make us out to be the villains in this piece. "You like cheddar but I like provolone" is a differing opinion. "I think people who look different from me are less worth of 'my' rights" is a xenophobic agenda. Why are you trying so hard to downplay their words and actions? It's not morally equivalent to suggest "I'd rather they not do their fear mongering on the same weekend as Otakon" is just as hateful as "white people should always come first." Why are you trying to put Otakon attendees on the same level as that?
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    No where did I say I was going to go anywhere near them or physically try to fight them during Otakon. I just don’t like the incorrect attitude that it’s the other side that causes trouble & then they fight back. These are not peaceful people that you are trying to make them out to be. And even if it is not an Otakon attendee, I don’t want anyone hurt because of these nut cases. I am sure the police would have came in time from stopping that black kid from being beat up by a gang. Martin Luther King promoted non-violent protests against a racist system. He never said to stay silent or to ignore which is what you are implying. And yes these people are a real danger. Just ignoring them is not going to make them go away.
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    There not “nazis” if you actually listen to what there saying. Misguided and wrong, obviously. But nazi is just a buzzword people use when they don’t listen. The rally orginizer said he’s kicking out anyone that has anything resembling nazi optics. White nationast, obviously. There’s a difference. I went deep into looking into this rally and even watched some interviews and asked some questions to see if there is any concern. If you actually want to hear what is going to happen I can link the live stream, but that only if you want to want to know. As much as we don’t like it they have freedom of speech like all of us but where it crosses the line is when people get physical when you can remove yourself from the situation. It’s not about being right it’s being civil. Dont just throw that word around Willy Nilly, it’s not helping in trying to calm down this fear of the unknown. Also the guy who runs the rally has no clue that that Otakon is going and didn’t even know that it was so close. (Only was able to figure that out because I was civil with him and was concerned)
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    LOL...nice Whataboutism. This is even flimsier than your first attempt. Did you miss the part where we were talking about fighting the Nazis and not the Pacific Theater? Should I go into a diatribe about the Rape of Nanking, comfort women, Unit 731, etc? I'm not sure how familiar you are with war, but the way warfare was conducted at the time it was pretty impossible to avoid civilian casualties, especially in Japan where industries and military installations were in proximity to civilian areas. There's actually a fairly simple answer to your question there - the emperor wasn't really in charge of the war! He was a figurehead and killing him wouldn't have ended the war and would have likely become a MAJOR rallying point for the Japanese population. Keeping Hirohito alive was strategic for the US, he was critical to get the fighting to stop in the end. As for Dresden, it was a major rail transport and communication centre, housing 110 factories (including poison gas, anti-aircraft, and field gun factories) and 50,000 workers in support of the German war effort. That made it a strategic target. And once again you conveniently leave out how the NAZIS and their Axis allies were the aggressors in the war. The civilian deaths are the faults of their governments, plain and simple. If violence should have been left out of the equation, please enlighten us as to how the Nazis should have been dealt with. Also, please note that using the bombing of Dresden to try and create a moral equivalency between the Allies and Axis powers is a tactic used by Holocaust deniers and pro-Nazi individuals like David Irving....you might not want to link yourself to that.
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    Yeah, just people waving nazi flags and sporting swastikas. Nothing nazi-like about them at all
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    First of all they are Neo-Nazi's so yes we are. Second of all they have killed one and injured several last time they "peacefully" protested that is why people are concerned because these people are prone to violence.
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    You should never be tolerant against the intolerant . Sorry but these people are not a joke to me. Their ideology is a very real threat to this country. Also these people are not peaceful (one of them rammed a car into protestors & killed a young girl last year or this https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/05/02/607663487/white-man-convicted-of-beating-black-man-at-charlottesville-white-nationalist-ra ) so people have very legitimate concerns for their safety beyond just being called bad names. The rally is in walking distance to the con.
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    The emails I'm referring to were talking about the specific protest that was happening outside of my place of work yesterday, but they did say areas to avoid, what to do, etc. I'm sure that buildings near the rally would do the same thing, but it's more for the employees of those buildings. But there were TONS of police out yesterday and the protest was VERY small - DC police definitely don't mess around, and they DEFINITELY will not be messing around with the rally in August.
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    Hello Otakon Community, We are reaching out to notify you that we are aware of the proposed rally which would be located 2.1 miles away from the Walter E. Convention Center. The information that we have received from DC is that the rally will be well monitored as to have minimal or no effect on Otakon. We assure you, the Otakon Community, that your welfare and safety is our number one priority during the convention along with having an enjoyable time. Currently, we are discussing and closely monitoring the situation. We will take action to help promote a healthy experience for all of our members. We, at the Otakon Convention ask that you please take time to plan accordingly for your travel and time with us, and that you please read over the following; Otakon Convention Safety, Convention Safety Tips, and Washington, D.C. Safety Information. Thank you everyone for passionately participating in our mission to appreciate and promote Asian Culture, and ensuring that the community is having a fun and safe time. We are looking forward to seeing all of you soon! Take care and best regards, Otakorp, Inc. Board of Directors Otakon Convention Staff
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    I've got a little story from Otakon 2014 that I think might be relevant. I was walking back to my hotel when I passed by two young looking cosplayers talking to this old guy; probably a local or something. They looked kinda uncomfortable so I eventually just stopped to watch and make sure they were okay. While watching other congoers would ask me if I was okay. I'd explain what was going on, and soon enough there was a group of 7-10 people just watching to make these two were ok and just wondering if we needed to jump in or anything. Eventually the old dude moved closer to the two cosplayers and they stepped back in response. At that point one of us just straight up went to them and asked if they were okay. They reassured they were ok and we all continued where were going. I think for this year that's going to have to be the mentality we all have to have more than ever: just plain looking out for each other. Be ready to pull the 'Oh my God you're my favorite character can I have a hug?' or something similar card if you need to if someone looks like. Get the buddy system going.
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    Haha before I realized it was the food dish the OP was asking about I thought there were typing "Katsucon" haha
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    "Peaceful" and "nazis" don't belong in the same sentence.
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    Well they're not going to reschedule, given that you have to reserve the convention center and make deals with hotels waaaay in advance and it'll be a logistical nightmare, plus people would have to reschedule time off from work and deal with flight/hotel/parking reservation cancellations. I'm not canceling myself, I intend to have a great time.
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    Well Otakon certainly can't reschedule their convention.. The best thing you can do is continue to attend - these people would love nothing more than for their fear mongering and aggression to keep people from doing what they love... so let's prove them wrong. The best thing you can do is stay close to the convention center and travel in groups, where possible. I'm certain if you're alone that you can ask a group to let you stick close to them if you feel unsafe.
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    I haven't been to a convention in 8 years, so I think at this point I'm just excited about everything...
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    Every year I am simply amazed at all of the top tier seiyuu Anime Expo gets. This year they have 10+ seiyuu. All I want is for Otakon to get at least a few semi-relevant seiyuu which seems basically impossible due to being on the east coast and all the other reasons staff has said before. It's just so sad though to see another convention getting people I would LOVE to see more than anything. Just another reason why this year will be my last Otakon... the lack of quality guests is so disappointing.
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    Thanks for your post -- that makes perfect sense. I wasn't aware of the twitter posts. You know, even though we probably don't see things the same on some issues, thank you for the advice about what to do if there's ever an encounter between the groups or one-on-one. That's good advice. It's hard as h*** not to fight back once you've been hit, but legally it's good advice, as you and some others have mentioned here.
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    The WEWCC's homepage shows a pic of some people at a vendor table at Otakon. url: dcconvention.com
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    Ey! Let's really get back on topic! Those commuting from the Baltimore area now have another way to track their buses & trains with the Transit app. In addition to the improved "text [bus stop ID] to MTAMD", The MTA partnered with the app to help commuters not miss their connections. >DETAILS< There's also another round of bus changes, some of which do affect some key lines. >LIST OF CHANGES< Speaking of connections, some important changes to the buses in Western Anne Arundel County. The route of the Metrobus B30 (BWI Marshall Airport/Greenbelt Sta.) has been amended, and now serves Arundel Mills! Note this this bus still operates on weekdays ONLY, and costs $7.50 a trip. Metro have also made changes to several of its bus routes. >THEIR BUS CHANGES< The RTA meanwhile is reducing service, ceding operations of the 202/K (Odenton MARC/Arundel Mills) to the county, who will operate it as the AA-202. Times and route may be different if you use that one. Also, the 501/Silver (Columbia/BWI Marshall Airport) will be shortened to Columbia/Arundel Mills, because the county has a brand new bus called the County Connector. This FREE shuttle bus connects the airport & MARC/Amtrak station with Arundel Mills. >ROUTE & SCHEDULE< And as always, be aware of weekend track work on the Metro trains in & around the DMV. More updates on this thread as the convention nears. Oooooop, I apperantly missed one more thing. Those riding the MARC train will notice some NEW ticket machines at most locations. These machines are capable of accepting alternative pay options. Here are >MORE INFORMATION< about what these are all about.
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    Not flimsy at all. There were atrocities committed by both sides in WWII. Are you saying the ones committed by the Allies are somehow less egregious? Tell that to the men, women, and children boiled alive in the super-heated canals of Tokyo when they dove in trying to escape the firestorm perpetrated by the U.S. Bomber Command. There was no military target, the target was the civilian population of the city. (Ask yourself, "If they're bombing the capital of the enemy, why were the bomber crews under specific orders NOT to attack the Emperor's Palace - a legitimate military target?") ~100,00 dead and ~1,000,000 injured in one night's firebombing raid. Tell that to the men, women, and children of Dresden, Germany on the night of February 13 - 14, 1945 when for 24 continuous minutes the RAF dropped 1186 tons of incendiaries into the center of the city. There was no military target, the target was the civilian population of the city. The official RAF target was, "City Area". ~25,000 dead "Flimsy"? More like WWII strengthens my argument ten-fold.
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    Correct. Nothing will happen because of the rally. Just leave em alone and attend otakon as you wish.
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    The thing we did last year was fly into BWT, rail into Baltimore, get our fix of seafood and harbor (and.. Bronies?) then we took a train to DC for the con. Got a bit of both but it did add a lot of time.