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  1. * Well, not really. I just have Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in mind. In honor of Otakon 30, here's the message on the opening page from the original Otakon 1994 program guide. * History lesson: The original Stormtroopers, led the vanguard of assaults in the latter years of World War I. Juuuuust a bit bombastic, don't you think? 😀 Though I'd say that we're definitely much more in the Happy Lands nowadays than back then. Congrats on 30, Otakon! See you in July for our 30th anniversary!
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  2. It is now December and the photo booth photos from Lyra's Formal Ball still have not surfaced. People who got their pictures taken there get excited to see them and keep asking about them various places online. Can we get those up please?
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  3. I'm glad I remembered to get pictures of some of them. These were from 2009 when Otakon was auctioning the remaining standees off. https://imageupload.io/en/l0RMlDU1GMYgMeb https://imageupload.io/hFbc2Y45Jmh5Xg4 https://imageupload.io/V6RzMx3EhbaGfZp https://imageupload.io/GAn1nTRABDnI77r https://imageupload.io/VYH2HWMCXsNWbL1
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  4. I think they also had Priss from Bubblegum Crisis" as well. I can picture Anya Forger from "Spy x Family" pointing the entrance of the "Otachan". Lawrence and Holo from "Spice & Wolf" leading everyone to the Dealer's Room.
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