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    Whenever an event organizer wants the trains to run late, that organizer has to put up money to guarantee Metro will be able to meet operating expenses for however many hours past the usual closing time.. With sporting events that aren't Nationals games, it's nbd. But the Nats are such cheapskates about this, even in the playoffs, that they've required benefactors like American University to pony up the $29,500-per-hour deposits. Now, this past October, it wasn't even an option because of the repairs others have alluded to. But even if that option were available, imagine what Otakon could do with that money that would be better for con-goers than letting Metro essentially borrow it. For reference, for $18,500, you can fly one person first class on ANA from Tokyo to Dulles around Otakon weekend.
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    Wrench from Watchdogs 2. id be surprised if i actually get this together in time.
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    Did you know that fan panels make up the largest part of Otakon's Programming? That means that your panel ideas, your knowledge, talent, time and effort both before and during the con contributes in a major way and helps Otakon to fulfill our motto. "For Fans... by Fans". If you've got an idea you'd like to submit, please visit our Panels Page or our Workshops Page for all the details!
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    Hello! I was wondering if someone could answer these questions. I went to Tekko last year and that was the first and only anime convention I've been to. I guess I'm just wondering if I should skip Tekko and go to Otakon since its bigger and everyone seems to like it. So how big is Otakon exactly? And how many dealers are usually there. Is it better then other conventions (specifically Tekko.) Should I go to it? And if I did go and then for some reason couldn't attend could I get a refund for my tickets? -Thanks.
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    I'd say go for something you like and/or can pull off with stuff you might have lying around. That's pretty much what my first real cosplay was, for the most part, supplemented with a trenchcoat from the thrift store, and a bucket hat from Wally World.(I should really revisit Narutaki someday, and do him better.)
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    Nando's is love, Nando's is life.
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    If we're talking cosplay for this year? ...ehehe. I have nothing planned. I guess I could bring Stein, depending on my mood. 'course, I still gotta register and stuff first. ^^;
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    Working on the props for Kiritio from Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Movie. (seeing the film on release day) Finished the ear piece for it and I must say first time crafting with EVA foam and I'm impressed on how it turned out, made a backup with a more snug fit for the ear. Next is the sword and if possible the scabbard for the sword to go on the back.
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    I will definitely be getting one eventually! I might buy it for myself as a birthday gift, since my birthday is at the end of the month.
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    Not sure if this has been asked yet, but since the AWM is its own thing during Otakon, will Otakon still have musical acts like every other year (i.e. price included with your Otakon registration)?
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    Rika Nonaka from Digimon Tamers. I might bring back my Lucia cosplay for one day, though.
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    Ohhh I missed you last year! D; I tried finding you for a picture! I love your Senbonzakura Mikuo! Maybe this year I'll find you c: I plan on doing: Kinu - Fire Emblem: Fates ( Wore this last year and had a blast! Unfortunately no Lissa again this year! ) Sakura - Tsubasa: Resovoir Chronicles ( her white/gold outfit from the artbook ) Rem - Re: Zero ( my friend is being Ram! >u< )
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    Bringing back thief outfit Yusuke(Persona 5), ESPECIALLY because of this year's theme....other than that, undecided/uncertain.... I would like this year the year I attempt a Fire Emblem outfit but at this point that's a wish....
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    Thanks for the posts. Terrific info. Am so glad Otakon has the metrorail on their "wait to see" list. $29,500-per-hour??? Even if it's just deposits, I'm in the wrong business!
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    They have delays because they are supposedly fixing whatever goes on with the trains. If there will be delays or/and they shut down the station they will have "shuttle buses". Really nothing the people at Otakon can do. Should see what it's like for people who go to baseball games. It's a nightmare if the train is out of order.
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    Otakon has a lot more to offer than Tekko. But it really depends on your preference and geography. If you're in Pittsburgh, and you prefer a smaller, more intimate, chill convention experience when the weather isn't quite so warm, you may prefer Tekko. Generally speaking, Otakon tends to have better programming, guests, premieres, and just generally more of everything. Having been to both multiple years, I would say go with Otakon over Tekko.