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    Probably the concerts. I really like what Otakon is doing with those this year, though it’s a bad time for me to go in on VIP for them. If there’s anniversary merch, I’d like to get my paws on it. Really, I’m just looking forward to seeing the usual suspects, friends I see at every Otakon.
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    Be careful if you do use the scooters. My friends and I saw one get stolen at a 7-11. Just watch where you put it or lock it up.
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    I'm 99% sure LIME BIKE is one of the providers... They're popular up here in Boston as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So, I'm looking to secure my hotel and I'm looking at some a little further away than I generally like, but I want to spend less on hotels this year. Now, I see that scooters have popped up in DC. Has anyone used them there? I used them while being in Denver recently, and they made getting around a breeze! Having a hotel a little farther away doesn't look so bad if these scooters are around.
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    There are about six different companies serving DC with scooters (and one with electric bikes). Prices range from 15c a minute (jump) to a dollar to start then ten cents every subsequent minute. Rather than downloading each individual app for them, what I reccomend is an app called transit: https://transitapp.com/ It shows every scooter/bike in the area. Thumb/click one and it'll open or download the necessary app for it. It also shows all nearby buses and trains, with arrival times. You can also use it like google maps to plan trips or to show any of that information for a location elsewhere.
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    Thanks! There are many hotels near subway stops, but these are the ones I really like, and are in good areas.
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    www.dcconvention.com has Otakon listed with an extra day: July 25-28, 2019. Wasn't sure if any Otakon staff would like to contact them to correct it? Thanks for any help!
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    OMG -- you're right! I forgot about Thurs badge pick-up. (I don't pre-reg because I don't want to put all that personal info on a public computer, so I end up paying all that $$$ at the door.) Thanks for reminding me about Thurs. I gotta go find my brain, again.
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    I'm going to try this again. To whom it may concern, I have been attending your conventions for 2 years now and I have enjoyed meeting many guests, thanks to you. I would like to strongly suggest that you consider inviting Mr. Vic Mignogna to your convention. Although there is a controversy surrounding his name, the claims made against him are currently unsubstantiated. I have enjoyed Mr. Mignogna's work for many years now and it is quite easy to see how he became one of the most prolific names in the voice acting game. While there is no evidence to support these claims, there is a wealth of evidence that has displayed Mr. Mignogna's passion for his work, his kindness towards his fans, and his dedication to both anime and the convention scene. In this country, many of us support the right to due process, which ensures that an individual is given the right to be viewed in a court of law before being judged preemptively. No matter what sort of political leanings we have, this principle is an important one for many millions of people across the world. I would like it if the conventions kept as open a mind as us con-goers and fans have. It would truly be sad to see a convention that I have loved attending refuse an invitation for one of my favorite voice actors, simply because they chose to believe the court of public opinion over one of this country's most valued principles. While many of Vic's contemporaries (primarily his accusers) have taken to social media in attempts to harass, intimidate, and demonize those who disagree with them, Vic has remained quiet and refused to fuel the fire further, seeking counsel and legal advice for the harassment he has endured over the past month. Meanwhile, his contemporaries have made veiled threats to fans of theirs that held opinions of their own on the matter. Threats were made to involve legal entities or government agencies such as the FBI or Homeland Security, while one voice actress even used her social media account to "like" a handful of posts that wished for the death of fans that didn't agree with her. I must respectfully state that if you choose not to extend an invitation to Mr. Mignogna, I will be very disappointed and I will not patronize your conventions in the future. I believe in every person's right to due process and I have decided that I do not want to support a convention or organization that has chosen to deny Mr. Mignogna - or any guest, for that matter - this right. I implore you to consider inviting him and showing the dedicated fans that you, also, uphold this unalienable right. I eagerly await your response. Ultimately, conventions are for coming together as a community and celebrating anime and other parts of Asian pop culture, as per the purpose of Otakon. I truly hope that you will consider this request. Thank you for your consideration.
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    While it's true that the convention doesn't start until the 26th, the Washington Convention Center is still open for pre-regged attendees on Thursday for the pick-up of badges (those who aren't getting them in the mail), convention bag and 18+ wristband.
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    Oh hey, I'm alive. s'uuup~
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    Awesome info for those not from DC Metro area! Thanks!
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    Just to give you some alternatives where you don't need a scooter, if you're interested. There are hotels right off many metro stations. The Crystal Gateway Marriott in Virginia is right off the Crystal City metro (on the Yellow Line) -- you don't even have to go above ground to get there. Once you're on the subway train, it's about a 10-15 minute ride to Mt Vernon metro where the WEWCC is. There's another Marriott there at Crystal City metro, but it's farther to get to (you don't have to go above ground for that Marriott too). To get to the Crystal Gateway Marriott, when leaving the Crystal City metro, you'll be going up some escalators and will see doors on the left and right, and you'll see more escalators ahead of you. Take the doors to the right. There's a small mall with a convenience store, a Rite Aid store and restaurants. Near the Rite Aid store you'll see a small tunnel which goes to the Crystal City Marriott. To get to the other Marriott, you'll take the doors to the left (instead of the right in the instructions, above), and you'll be walking down many long, long hallways to get there. (Not really great, late at night, IMHO.) There's also some hotels close by the Bethesda metro (on the Red Line, so you'd have to transfer to the Yellow Line to get to the Mt Vernon metro for the WEWCC). The Hyatt's right above the Bethesda metro. And about 2 blocks away are the Marriot Residence Inn and Hilton Garden Inn. I've been to all these hotels, and they're all great to stay at. The Crystal Gateway Marriott would probably be the most handy since it's right on the Yellow Line for the WEWCC, and has a Rite Aid (for hotel room supplies) and restaurants and other stores right next to it. (The last time I was there, about a year ago, just some of the stores were open on Sundays. The Rite Aid store was open on Sundays). Anyway, you've probably got your hotel all set, but thought to post this info, just in case.
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    Hi, I was wondering if all the notifications for panels had been sent out yet? I submitted two panels, and got a response for one of them on May 21st, but have yet to hear back on the second one.
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    Well, with less than 2 months to go, I'm really hoping to see a well-known Japanese seiyuu on the guest list. Fingers crossed...
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    I recently heard about Anime Matsuri having Toho as a guest and the company is bringing the Official Godzilla Store with them to the convention. I think that sounds like a good idea for a guest request. If Bandai Sunrise comes this year how about asking if the might want to have the official Gundam Store/Cafe set up in the dealers room? Also you could ask Toho if they want to do the same thing at Otakon.
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    I've only used scooters and bikes from the company LIME, and it's awesome and affordable.
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    https://www.google.com/search?safe=off&client=firefox-b-1-d&q=dc+scooter+share&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiV39WU5K_iAhWBiOAKHT4DAa0Q1QIoAnoECAsQAw&biw=1680&bih=914 There are at least six different companies servicing DC; but I think which one you'd find depends on the location of your hotel. Price is generally about $1(for the first minute?), then 15 cents a minute thereafter. Good for quick jaunts, but it would get pricey if you have it out all day...
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    Stephanie Panisello came to Los Angeles on vacation, and never left! Her thirst for adventure, passion for acting and love of video games has lead her to appear in over a dozen titles including: Doom, Evil Within 2, the Final Fantasy franchise, Blade 2: The Return of Evil, the Batman theme park ride Knight Flight as Poison Ivy, and the cinematic trailer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider as Lara Croft. View all the guests we have announced so far on our website at: https://www.otakon.com/guest/
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    Also this summer, Maryland MTA fares will be going up again, as prescribed in the 2013 law that increases BOTH gas taxes & public transportation fares relative to inflation. NEW Rates
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    trolololol Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it will cost one dollar, or that it will be sold to you by a gentleman with incredible style and flow. *goes to listen to ICW remixes on MooCube*
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    Oh if things go as I plan we'll meet up... Bwahahahahaha
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    Not necessarily con-related, but I finally hope to meet some of you people, like from Discord n' stuff. Y'all know who you are, lol.
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    Trying to get Elizabeth Maxwell to say Albedo's line "I don't even talk to anyone, who am I supposed to have sex with?!?" ...it's worth a shot...
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    PREFERRED NAME: TylerHOMETOWN: I tell people in Maryland, Towson. I tell people outside the area, Baltimore.# OF OTAKONS ATTENDED: 14 (the Sunday of 04 and everyone since, except 2016, when I had a schedule conflict)The BONUS ? for 2019: I'm no good at cosplay--I did a budget Green Ranger twice. But the best I've seen at Ota... man, I'd have to think a while on that.