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    Overall convention feedback in this thread. Please try to keep things as civil as possible. I didn't go this year, I just like hearing about people's experiences, list the good, bad , and ugly of your experience!
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    Show off the cool stuff you picked up at this Otakon! I need to snap a few picks of the things I bought, but I'm interested in what everyone was able to find. +++ Obligatory request to please not post GIGANTIC photos +++
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    TRAILER 1st - Cirera & Nugettochan - The Greatest Bartender - "The Greatest Showman (trailer audio) by 20th Century Fox - Death Parade 2nd - PerkyPastry - Re17 - "17 again (trailer audio)" by Offspring Entertainment - ReLIFE DRAMA/SERIOUS 1st - BleachShippu5678 - I've Lost Myself - "Paralyzed" by NF - A Silent Voice 2nd - Mycathatesyou69 - The Dark Machiavelli - "Dark Matter" by Les Friction - Code Geass ACTION 1st - BecauseImBored1 - Manic Melody - "Kill Tonight" by Panic! at the Disco - Soul Eater 2nd - DopplerDo - Can't Stop Me Now - "Can't Stop Me Now" by Oh the Larceny - My Hero Academia ROMANCE/SENTIMENTAL 1st - Kent Clark - Rewrite the Stars - "Rewrite the Stars" by Zac Efron & Zendaya - Your Name. 2nd - SilverEchoAMVs - Small Town Girl, City Boy - "Don't Stop Believing" by Anthem Lights - Your Name. UPBEAT/DANCE 1st - MadMegatax - All Eyes on Me - "All Eyes on Me" by OR30 - Kakeguri - Compulsive Gambler 2nd - Kirbygal - Machine of Despair - "Build Our Machine" by DAGames - Danganronpa COMEDY/PARODY 1st - Cameron Combe - I Did (Not) Mean to Blow Your Mind - "Decisive Battle, Master Exploder" by Shirou Sagisu, Tenacious D - Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Pick of Destiny 2nd - Aquiline Studios (Cyanna) - A Song for Our Time - "I've No More ... to Give" by Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. (feat. Damian Clark) - Aggretsuko VIC'S PICK (Coordinator's Award) Pixelblended Studios (EnQuatre) - Acrimony - "Never Going Back" by The Score - Hanebado! BEST IN SHOW AntaresHeart07 - Anime World Cup - "Jerk It Out" by The Caesars - various
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    https://twitter.com/Otakon/status/1153273603431030785 They have been pretty clear that they are not printing schedules because with the lead time required for mass printing any pamphlet they give out would be inaccurate by the start of the con. You could have just printed your own copy before leaving for the con or use the digital signboards that were all over the con.
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    In no particular order... Norio Wakamoto Natsuko Kuwatani Carrie Keranen Laura Post Cristina Vee Matt Mercer Tara Platt Yuri Lowenthal
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    Might as well start it now Yuri Lowenthal Tara Platt Steve Blum Travis Willingham Troy Baker Nolan North Team Four Star (most of them are legit voice actors now) Scott Frerichs Nick Landis Curtis Arnott Lawrence Simpson Kirran Somerlade Grant Smith
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    I had to get this topic started because I saw a Dr. Strange cosplay Friday morning that literally (yes, the correct term for it) made my jaw drop. He said he was going to be rocking Dr. Strange all weekend so I'm sure many got to see him. His costume, coif, and props were all top-notch. A spell book with green-glowing pages and other lighted props brought his ensemble over the top! I hope he won some award during the weekend.
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    I managed to not spend every penny to my name this year... always next year...
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    I think the concert in 2017, the first year in DC, was Anisong World Matsuri and did cost extra. I didn't go that year so I'm not entirely sure, but I remember hearing that there was a massive backlash from the fans on having to pay extra for a concert, which probably had a strong effect on Otakon's opinion on the subject. I asked one of the Board of Directors members about this topic specifically- paying extra for concerts and other special events- at the Otakorp Financials panel on Sunday. He basically said that while they're comfortable charging extra for VIP and preferred seating (as they did this year), they aren't comfortable with required separate admission charges. So in another words, they probably will keep the VIP and Preferred options around going forward, but as that's not a requirement to attend the event (you can still choose to line up ahead of time and attend the concert or event for free, as long as there's still enough space) it will be limited on how much extra revenue it can bring in versus straight up charging an admission fee to everyone to attend the event. Personally speaking as an adult with disposable income I would prefer to see them charge separate admissions for concerts if that's what it will take to start bringing in bigger name and higher profile musical guests again. I was not thrilled with the musical guest options in the last two years. However, I understand the resistance to this idea from Otakon's perspective, as well as why more cash-strapped attendees would obviously be against it.
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    The Confusion here is total attendance of the con vs unique memberships. Otakon in 2018 had 28,116 unique members, 759 Staff, 294 Artist Alley Exhibitors, and 110 Dealers room exhibitors who may or may not be counted as members and may have multiple people per booth, and 38 Guests. I'm assuming to get technical 'full attendance', Otakon probably added the staff and then some of the artist and dealers or maybe guests? and then came up with the 29,293 figure
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    Otakon attendance statistics also posted on Otakon's site. Which is likely the source for the Wikipedia page. https://www.otakon.com/info/about/stats/
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    Ah yes, Wikipedia, the internet’s crowd sourced 9000.1% accurate and infallible source of information.
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    It actually went up a little. The official number last year was 28.1k, and the not quite yet official number announced at closing ceremonies was 28.3k, iirc.
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    It's perhaps worth noting that the anime industry does turn out heavily on the east coast for Anime NYC now, if people haven't been to that con yet (it's only two years old). If you're looking for a large industry presence without traveling all the way to AX (or dealing with the extreme crowds of NYCC), that seems to be your best bet at the moment. On the other hand, ANYC features almost no fan panels to speak of (they're even more extreme in this aspect than AX, which does have a few) and certainly no fan-created content like the AMV Theater and Workshops. It also charges extra for certain events and concerts, something Otakon has no interest in doing. So basically if you're an east coast anime fan, you can either pick between an event that is heavily industry or heavily fan-based. You get both extremes here. I personally go to both because I think they're both worthwhile and unique in their own way, but if I had to pick one it would be Otakon every time and it isn't particularly close. It seems the days that veteran con-goers are talking about of essentially having it all under one roof are over. I remember those days as well, but I still appreciate what Otakon brings to the table. I think being, essentially, the largest "fan-driven" con in probably the entire country is something to be celebrated, even if the industry isn't as keen on the convention as they may have been in years prior.
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    I'd like to join the Industry Panel comments here. Extremely Ugly Simply put, Sentai Filmworks need to put up or shut up with it's Industry panel. This is the second year in a row Sentai's panel was basically pointless. IF they were a fan panel, they would not be back. Only 20 minutes out of 60 used for content? Went to random QA after 20? That's not acceptable, a fan panelist who wanted to get in could have used that time much better. There was so much they could have padded the panel with. Lets just get to the point. Discotek needed another 15-30 minutes on Sunday. Just give the extra time to them. They take this seriously.
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    I mentioned the lack of industry too. Those of us who have been going to Otakon a long time really feel the change. It’s just depressing. I don’t think it helps that Otakon is not really growing. They did go up a lot from 2017-2018. But attendance fell again this year a bit. That doesn’t bode well for the future. I think now anime industry saves their big East Coast booths probably for NYCC. I was glad at least that we got some strong industry guests this year that weren’t just companies bringing over dub actors to promote shows
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    I'm starting to think this whole D.C. thing might work out! It's really becoming its own thing. I love that we have new regulars like Kihara-san and the guys from Trigger (some of the best panels I've been to. I really hope you guys can book em next year too if they're down) The Marriott and WWCC staff definitely seem to be coming around to us, which is great! I don't envy them because it's tough work, but most seemed legit happy to help us! I saw a lot complimenting cosplayers with some even taking pics. It's just so damn heartening to see given the animosity you see at a lot of cons. I just hope people begin to branch out more outside the center. A big plus of otakon in Baltimore was that attendees kinda took over most of the area. It'll probably take a few more years for most residents to grow used to it but it sucks to still feel so awkward in cosplay a few blocks away because hardly anyone strays that far... especially when cool photospots like chinatown are right there. I like that you guys are trying your part with things like the nandos promo though. Overall great con! Keep it up!
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    We've always jumped around between this weekend and next weekend. Well, at least for the 12 years I've been on staff. My facebook memories likes to remind me that anytime from July 20th-ish until mid august has been an Otakon at some point.
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    That was an allergy alert for staffers an any other persons that were to enter the room. It was a department area where staffers wait for assignments and may take their breaks/lunches in. Some staffers have severe food allergies and thus the sign was in place for their safety.
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    I only looked into two fan panels all Otakon, and four Industry panels. THE ANIME TRANSFORMATION APPRECIATON STATION: This was Champion JK's panel, and one of the first of the con. It nearly filled the room, which impressed me. As for content, it was berry much everything I hoped it would be, as he went thru some of the coolest of such sequences in all anime. MOON PRISM POWER MAKE-UP! A GUIDE TO TRANSGENDER REPRESENTATION IN ANIME AND OTHER MEDIA: This was the other fan panel high on my radar, and was worth it. I don't recall the presenters, but I liked how they gave a brief history at the beginning before highlighting several charas from anime & otherwise. There were even a few that I didn't know about, and they did a decent job explaining how they were represented. They admitted more could've been added to the presentation, but time constraints. Now to the Industry panels, this faerie's main course. The SENTAI FILMWORKS panel had a couple announces, and stayed true to its short & sweet format. I love their sizzle reels. Speaking of sizzle reels, the FUNIMATION, ANIPLEX, and DISCOTEK panels all had one each as well. Sadly no new announces from Funi. Aniplex had two, but the highlight for me was everyone doing the jingle every time it came up. I love that in their panels. Finally, the last of which was the best of which. They blazed thru 12 announces, started with a bang, and got me really hyped for the Kemono Friends dub because of who's playing who. So that's my short panel report for 2019. Maybe I should try to fit in more fan panels next year, maybe even one of yours Viga.
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    Megumi Hayashibara Chris Patton Utada Hikaru Yuri Lowenthall Taku Iwasaki Sam Regal Amanda Winn Lee Jason Lee I have more, but this is a good start
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    Christopher Sabat Christopher Wehkamp
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    I always try to go to as many panels as possible. Also, warning , as a graphic designer I am very critical of the organization and look of presentations. Here's what I managed to go to this year: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ FRIDAY ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Parade of 100 Demons: Yokai Festivals I think I showed up about 10 minutes late to this one (9am panels ftw), but it was super good. Panelists had a great presentation, did their research and had some laughs along the way. Loved there were actual video clips of the festivals. Abrakadabra! Magic Systems in Anime This was alright - a little dry, but well explained. There were a few slides that had too much information on them. Don't make your audience sit in front of a wall of text. Break it up - include more images or video of some of the magical systems being explained. Dark Horse Manga Always a great panel, I attend this one almost every year. Dark Horse publishes some amazing stuff, and I look forward to the overview of what they've published in the past, what they have currently, and their new stuff in the works. Presenter was great, super knowledgeable and interesting. J-Fashion for Guys I was pretty intrigued by this since it's a topic I don't know much about. I feel bad because the presenter came in late because he got lost, so he was a bit flustered starting the panel, and I think it through off his pacing. I left about halfway through and ran over to catch the latter half of: Product Placement in Anime This was great and super entertaining. Another great panel by the Nerdy Couple. Wish I had caught the whole panel. Yurei, Yokai, & School Girls Another one I wasn't able to catch the beginning of, but wish I had! Was really interesting and covered alot of different examples. Evangelion: Enter the Multiverse! The presenter mentioned being a bit nervous, but did a great job - definitely very passionate about Eva. My Evangelion interest is a bit high right now, after watching the Netflix release, so it was great to see examples of other Eva stories and how different/weird they are. Loved the video game examples - didn't know that ANY of those existed. LGBT in AMV Came in late to this one and watched some great AMVs. Awesomely BAD Japanese Music Videos This was my first time going to this. Great weird/awful/hilarious videos. I was kind of missing any commentary by the presenters to setup or talk about any of the videos, but if the plan is to show as many vids as possible, I can see why they didn't talk. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SATURDAY ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Women Who Write Shounen and Seinen Manga Love manga and love ladies who make Shounen and Seinen, so this was right up my alley. I missed a little bit of the beginning, but there were a ton of artists and series that were covered. I have a lot of new manga to look up and read! Shout-out that they mentioned my fave series Dorohedoro by Q Hayashida. New Anime for Older Fans I think I've only been in this panel a couple other times - it's always great. Presenters know what they're doing - nice summaries of the shows, great clips, the two presenters work well together. I'm probably going to watch all the ones they recommended. I already watched two eps of Skull Faced Bookseller Honda San last night - soooooo good! In Defense of CG Anime I definitely went into this with the mindset of "I don't like CG anime - it looks awful" and the presenter changed my mind! Showed so many good examples of CG done well, and honestly some that were so well done they almost look hand-drawn. Great presenter - super knowledgeable. Entertaining and informative panel. Hetomato and Other Peculiar Days: Unique & Interesting Festivals of Japan Another great panel on festivals. Super informative, great panelists. The Otakon Gameshow This was probably the most disappointing panel/event I attended. First, there was no description in the Guidebook app, so I thought maybe the old game show was back which I LOVED, but they announced early on that it was not. BUMMED. They started off with a ball pit contest where people from the audience had to dig through it and find marked balls, but I couldn't even see them doing this because it was on the floor in the very front of the panel and idk, I left early because it didn't seem like it was going to get any better. Just seemed kind of jumbled together. Gameshow Impossibru: Retro Gaming Challenge First time I've been to this panel, and it was hilarious. Loved all the gaming challenges - super fun. I'd go see this again. Figures to the Max! Blinded by BOObs The only 18+ panel this year. Was very informative about how to buy figures in general and showcased 18+ figures. I was SO tired though that I left a little early. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SUNDAY ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Didn't make any panels on Sunday because I was after some last minute gifts in the dealer's room. But! I did make it to the Diana Garnet and Nano concert. Super good! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SERIOUSLY THOUGH ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If anyone needs a second eye on their panel presentation, or wants some help spiffing it up. Let me know.
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    Asian Kung Fu Generation. I'm going to keep requesting and hopefully one day it can happen.
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    If there's more people than the autograph line can get through, they'll either cut the line and send people away, or let people stand in line and hope for the best. I recommend getting in line early if this is important to you.