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    We were excited to announce that the Hotel Block for Otakon 2021 out be opening on June 8th at Noon and we got a little ahead of ourselves. The previous announcement as a whole was mostly wrong. We apologize of any confusion and panic it might have caused. To clarify again the Otakon 2021 Hotel Block will open for booking on June 8th at Noon through our hotel partner Experient. To find out more information about the Hotel Block for Otakon 2021 please visit our official hotel page here.
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    Yes. I've already bought my badge some time ago. But I also told them if they do have to cancel, just roll it over for next year.
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    New York International Auto Show Cancelled. It originally was supposed to be held around April, but then it was posponed for August. It may not be an "anime" con, but it's still a major show: https://www.autoshowny.com/
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    Well, since I get called to work from time to time, I manage to at least get some watching done: "Hyperdimension Neptunia" (The complete series) "And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online?" "Mary And The Witch's Flower" (Movie) "WorldEnd: What Are You Doing At The End Of The World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? (this is what I'm currently watching) Stuff I've lent to a coworker: "Interstella 5555 The 5tory Of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem" "No Game No Life 0" (movie) Magic Knight Rayearth (complete tv series) Lent out to a few people with children: "A Little Snow Fairy Sugar" (complete) "Angelic Layer" That is it, so far.
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    I’ve come to terms with the fact that this announcement was a matter of when, not if. I will miss Otakon. I will miss all the cons that aren’t happening this year (which may well be all the ones that were scheduled to happen this year). Not so much because I’ll miss the concerts or the panels or the guests but because I’ll miss my friends who come from all over, the people I only see at events like these. And there are more important things going on. My heart breaks for everyone touched by this crisis. If you are able—only if you are able—consider donating some of what you would have spent on conventions this summer. Your city, county or state may have funds going. I know Baltimore County has a fund for residents facing food insecurity and other issues right now. Your local food bank and groups like World Central Kitchen are also doing important work. And with all these closures, there are less people giving blood, so hit up the Red Cross and do that, if you can. Edit: Will Otakon do as other events like AB have and publish a list of the artists who would have been there?
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