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    Oh ok, that's cool! I'd be going koo-koo, if I might be jobless. Hmmm, on the other hand, that'd mean I could send the ol' resume to some anime studios. Hmmm... (now THAT'S wishful dreaming)
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    Jobless? No!!! That's awful! So many people are job hunting these days. Hang in there!
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    I might be jobless by then, so that's why the "dunno not sure yet". Yeah I doubt I'll be able to go at this point.... It's okay though.. I'm sure they'll come to the US again at some point.
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    I sure do hope you get to the NYC show!!! I'm saving some moolah for another con, so I'll have to skip Sailor Moon. "Resell price" -- Eeeep! lol.
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    The Sailor Moon musicals are spectacular! I hope I go to the NYC show... Not sure yet... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk