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    As someone who works as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and has worked directly with blood samples being sent to the CDC for Coronavirus testing, I dont think its fear mongering, at all. I know we're having to process samples under a biohazard hood as well as taking extra precautions to prevent aerosols from potentially spreading/contaminating. A vaccine wont be available until the end of the year at the earliest and containment of the disease is gonna be reliant on all the world's governments doing what they're supposed to. Personally, I dont think the issue is with the virus and its lethality. If you're healthy adult, most seem to be able to fight off the virus with no ill effects so far. The problem is that the virus is demonstrating to be easily transmittable and is able to survive outside the body for some time. This puts the young, elderly, and immunocompromised at a high risk. A decision on cancel public gatherings/cons is decision that obviously wont need to be made for a few months, like you said, but when cancelling Comiket and the Olympics are being talked about when those are months away, its definitely fair to discuss when Otakon will be happening during the same timeframe.
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    While I'm glad that Otakon is doing an online event, I still miss doing the "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos I usually do around this time. So, I decided to put together some memories of the past at Otakon, notably between 2013 and 2017. Part One is all about the Pre-Reg lines and Matsuri festivals. A nice look into the past. Next week will be part two, full of the con itself. Please click the link and enjoy! Otakon: Do You Remember the Sweat? Part One: https://youtu.be/DQmv_tdaSUs
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    Hi All! We just had 4 "online cons" just this past weekend. They were "Anime Expo Lite" (July 3rd - 4th), "Aniplex Fest Online" (July 4th - 5th), "FunimationCon" (July 3rd - 4th), and "KuroCon" (July 4th - 5th). FunimationCon seem to be running their con on their own page while also simucasting Aniplex Fest Online on one of their channel until the 4th. Everyone else was using Twitch and Youtube. The cons were basically streaming Panels that were live but most were prerecorded. I honestly missed most of Friday beccause my car was being worked on the entire day, and I couldn't get a stable enough connection on my phone to access the cons while I waited. But I stuck around at home for Saturday and Sunday for what I can get. The Good Like I said before, most of the programming were Panels. Some were live, but most were prerecorded. for FunimationCon, you had to preregister before you can get access to them (they will assign you a badge number to your email address). Everything else was on Twitch and YouTube. You can get on for free, but you have to register for both of these services if you wanted to intereact (chat) with the rest of the crowd. Aniplex had a DJ to do a virtual "Dance" and play some music videos and concert clips. Anime Expo Lite also had concert clips playing, too. Before I forget, Aniplex panels were mostly in Japanese but had english subs on them. I basically stayed with Aniplex until the very end. Some had vurtual "Dealer's Room" that you can click on a vendor's name and it will take you a page of some of their exclusive items that they're selling just for the online cons. You can still go back to Aniplex Youtube channel and watch some of the panels that you missed. It will only stay for a week. The Bad There were just too much going on at the same time. I had to have multiple windows open on 3 computers. I used my tv to watch the panels and music that I really cared the most with, while my other 2 computers were tuned to the other cons. It looks like that they were only using twitter for their main Q&As instead of using the chat window, instead. The Ugly Nothing really. But there were times when I wanted to go watch a panel , I would get a "connection time-out". I had to refresh the page a few times. Overall It felt more like I was watching a "Telethon" more than anything. Reading the chats was fun most of the time (there were a few trolls, unfortunatly). Will I do it, again? Why not? As long as it's free, it's still an interesting experience, but it doesn't replace the feeling of actually being there in person.
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    I’ve come to terms with the fact that this announcement was a matter of when, not if. I will miss Otakon. I will miss all the cons that aren’t happening this year (which may well be all the ones that were scheduled to happen this year). Not so much because I’ll miss the concerts or the panels or the guests but because I’ll miss my friends who come from all over, the people I only see at events like these. And there are more important things going on. My heart breaks for everyone touched by this crisis. If you are able—only if you are able—consider donating some of what you would have spent on conventions this summer. Your city, county or state may have funds going. I know Baltimore County has a fund for residents facing food insecurity and other issues right now. Your local food bank and groups like World Central Kitchen are also doing important work. And with all these closures, there are less people giving blood, so hit up the Red Cross and do that, if you can. Edit: Will Otakon do as other events like AB have and publish a list of the artists who would have been there?
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    If news reports are accurate, there are two major strains - one in europe & 1 in asia. The US has both at the same time. So, 1) a vaccine will likely only cover 1 strain making groups of people still suceptible to the other 2) expectations on leisure international travel should be nil for 1-2 years minimum after something like this with an expectation of a decade recovery for tourism 3) i enjoy conventions as many of us do - I do not expect them to be licensed for at least a year & even then, expect them to be capped significantly by size & with significant mandatory medical regulations in place. Of all the groups afraid of lawsuits, private entities are the largest. Can you imagine just the insurance changes that will be required? The world has been changed by this & it will remain changed unfortunately. Just need to see what becomes the new normal from here. I fear for anime as an industry, watching Hollywood crumble around us as it is.
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    Even if things start to clear up, Otakon is a poster child for a coronavirus "resurgence." 30k people all packed into a confined area right as a pandemic is winding down, I can't imagine DC allowing such an event to take place. Looks like the rescheduled Miku Expo is the next thing to look forward to. It's sad. It's like 2020 never happened. Wasted spring, wasted summer.
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    I feel you! Zenkaikon and AnimeNext were my next ones as well and I'm bummed they couldn't take place but completely understand its because they want to keep us safe. I'm prepared either way for whether or not Otakon happens. We just got to follow things day by day and stay positive, while taking care of ourselves and staying safe.
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    Thanks to everyone for coming by!
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    You can start fermenting your own con funk and have it ready by Saturday. Pop the sealed lid and PEW! Just like being at the real convention. 😆
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    Online Comic Con is this week. Should be interesting.
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    You hit the nail on this one. Like I said before, online cons are kind of interesting, but it all depends on what they are streaming. As you can see below, I've been attending cons for a very long time. The apeal that I get from cons is that I can get the chance to finally meet some of the people that I know only online face to face. I get to meet and greet some of the "Industry" people, which wouldn't be possible in any other way (unless they're local). I go to the Dealer's Room so I can personally check all the anime merchandise (I stll buy CD's of anime soundtracks and Blu-Ray discs and some other nick-nacks). I also feel it's more fun to watch some of your favorite anime in a video room with a screen that is more than twice the size of your living room wall with a bunch of other fellow fans. One time, I had as many as 3 industry reps in my hotel room along with my nephew. We were playing a mean game of Bomber-Man against each other. That was pure fun! We bearly had any sleep that night, but it was sure worth it! Those are a few things I'm not going to get from an "online" con.
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    Yeah online conventions I feel work best when it's literally streamed, and the streamer pulls ppl in through Discord calls and other means of participation like that. Just showing anime eps on stream (which I'm 99% sure is illegal unless it's Funimation / Sentai / Discotek etc doing it with their own content) isn't anything special and unique to most... I mean I have a Plex server with MANY MANY anime series and movies that I can just sit at home (or anywhere really) and watch... I don't even really sit in IRL con video rooms much for that reason. I had wanted to do a panel on music rhythm games for OtaOnline 2020 on Aug 1, but I didn't have time to really put it together in time... I might do the same panel IRL at a con in 2021 or beyond, but I'd have to work some things out to make it work properly. But all in all, online con aren't for me as it defies the purpose of a con... which is gathering with fellow otaku in person and nerding out about otaku culture and whatnot... something online cons in my view cannot do.
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    AMEN BROTHER. I think visibility was my biggest problem with the initial batch of online conventions. Being 4th of July weekend I had already made plans to catch up with my family on video chat, cooking way too much meat for a single household, and then marathon gaming with my friends online. By the time I remembered that these cons were going on I tuned into whichever one was running on youtube and saw they were just showing anime episodes so turned it back off. So if I as an avid con-goer bounced off of the stream then I doubt they did any traffic with the general youtube / twitch / other streaming audience. I still think the online convention concept can work but I think the marketing and the presentation in a post-COVID world still needs to get figured out. Repeat attendees and word of mouth growth gets stifled when there are no more events to physically go to this year.
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    Having two conventions at the same time in real life is nbd. On the internet, it makes zero sense. And Funimation knows when AX weekend is. Why did they have to counter-program? And you also had issues where I know the AX stream on YouTube got copyright struck. They should've thought that through.
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    There were times when I expected a phone number to appear at the bottom of the screen: "Please call and make a pledge of support to provide a contained con space free of foreign viruses (and other type of con-funk), for all the wondering otakus out there".
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    They're expecting a second wave to happen this fall, so don't get your hopes up.
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    I mean it was bound to happen. Miku Expo DC was in the heart of covid-19 territory in PG county. With all the turmoil this year, it's probably for the best anyway. Here's hoping Nekocon in November goes on, but I doubt that too.
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    We were excited to announce that the Hotel Block for Otakon 2021 out be opening on June 8th at Noon and we got a little ahead of ourselves. The previous announcement as a whole was mostly wrong. We apologize of any confusion and panic it might have caused. To clarify again the Otakon 2021 Hotel Block will open for booking on June 8th at Noon through our hotel partner Experient. To find out more information about the Hotel Block for Otakon 2021 please visit our official hotel page here.
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    For more than 25 years, Otakorp, Inc. has strived to create a safe space for the diverse otaku community. Otakorp, Inc. has and will continue to stand against racial injustice and prejudice. We will continue and strengthen our commitment to support our black members, volunteers, leaders, artists, creators, and friends. Not just today, but every day. We will work harder to make sure our commitments to the community are matched by our actions. Black lives matter.
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    I freaked out a bit because I saw the email late and thought I missed the Marquis, but seems like its not clear when that one will become available...how will registration be handled for a single high in demand hotel if and when it does open? Booked at Embassy for the meanwhile.
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    I believe I recieved the same email, too. I took advantage and reserved a room to the hotel of my choice while I still can.
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    Yes. I've already bought my badge some time ago. But I also told them if they do have to cancel, just roll it over for next year.
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    New York International Auto Show Cancelled. It originally was supposed to be held around April, but then it was posponed for August. It may not be an "anime" con, but it's still a major show: https://www.autoshowny.com/
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    Well, since I get called to work from time to time, I manage to at least get some watching done: "Hyperdimension Neptunia" (The complete series) "And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online?" "Mary And The Witch's Flower" (Movie) "WorldEnd: What Are You Doing At The End Of The World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? (this is what I'm currently watching) Stuff I've lent to a coworker: "Interstella 5555 The 5tory Of The 5ecret 5tar 5ystem" "No Game No Life 0" (movie) Magic Knight Rayearth (complete tv series) Lent out to a few people with children: "A Little Snow Fairy Sugar" (complete) "Angelic Layer" That is it, so far.
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    Looking forward to getting there this year! Hoping to see Hiro's Lounge again! If it is, I have a drink for them to make at the bar (for you over 21 otaku)! And, as always, as we get closer I'll be posting my annual where to eat videos!!!
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    Thanks for watching my videos! Perhaps next year we can hangout and have that drink!
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    it was for the best. I will miss making "Where to Eat for Otakon" videos this year. But there is a reason for everything...and there are things to look forward to. Cancelled...but you have options!
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    On the one hand, it's disappointing that it had to happen. On the other hand, it's good that this particular Sword of Damocles is no longer hanging over our collective heads. That being said, will there be any way to pick up Otakon 2020 merchandise (I'm presuming it's already been made.), or a way to kick in to support the con? Since I'm not getting hit with a hotel bill or Amtrak ticket, I have a couple hundred dollars available to spend.
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    I try to take the stairs when I can. That time in Baltimore where we were on the 24th floor I had to make exceptions. 😺
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    I knew the hotels keeping our reservations for next year was a pipe dream, but I'm really glad they're rolling our registrations over to next year. And the automatic hotel cancellations is appreciated as well. That way we don't have to worry about much.
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    I agree that this virus will whip around in some form again as the weather gets cooler. With respect to a virtual convention, it would seem like a complete waste for me. I don't want to sit there for 8+ hours staring at my 13 inch laptop screen with headphones, and the choices of content would be much more limited. Personally, I watch the new sub-titled anime at Otakon. The licensing contracts for broadcasting things would be a legal nightmare. Alabaster has mentioned before that level of licensing is one of the reasons they can't simulcast content at the convention. Can you imagine the Dealer's Hall, and its associated line, in a COVID-19 world? The chances that the convention would still be held don't seem very high. If it was postponed to later in the year all of us would have to fight for hotel spaces again. The animation and computer simulation industries are the only ones that can continue to produce content right now. Voice actors can still do their jobs with the right equipment. Movie and Television production has shut down, so the Fall TV season will be bleak.
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    This is the 2020 edition of the travelers advisory thread for those that will be commuting to the con over the heavily loaded period of July 30 thru August 1. I make this thread to help Otakon goers as much as possible to avoid potential bottlenecks, or not be caught by changes to traffic patterns & transit lines. There may be a whole slew of changes for 2020, so keep an eye on this thread as we get closer to the convention period.
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    It really would be news when and if a con does go on as scheduled at this point.
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    That's the problem with contracts - until someone else changes the conditions on the ground, you are still bound, no matter the situation. We have to wait on how DC rolls the viability of the venue before otacorp will make a statement.
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    They can't back out until either Events DC or the DC government makes holding the convention impossible. Unlikely as it is, it's conceivable that come time for Otakon, the WEWCC could be ready. I'm not saying it's likely, I'm saying that it can't be ruled out until it is ruled out. What that means is if they cancel now, force majeure provisions will not apply. Though they can't and won't issue refunds to members (given the nature of what our memberships are), the nonprofit will be on the hook for boatloads to Events DC, hotels and other vendors and without the revenue of people who haven't yet registered or of dealers, artists, merchandise or sponsors. And as I've outlined, Otakorp is not rich.
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    I can just imagine people will be cosplaying as the virus at Otakon (if it doesn't cancel that is).
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    AB talked about that when they canceled. The reason they waited until the governor of Massachusetts issued his order on large events was because if they canceled before then, they’d be on the hook with the venue, vendors etc. and it could have bankrupted their organization. And it’s not just the smaller cons. The most recent 990 I could find for Otakorp was filed for the FY ending October 2018. They reported nearly $408,000 in the bank. They pulled in $2.88 million in revenue... but spent $2.72 million to run Otakon and Otakon Vegas. They had actually lost more than $800,000 over the previous two fiscals—that’s presumably why Otakon Vegas had to go. And these aren’t state secrets. You can look Otakorp up on ProPublica’s database. The point is damn near every dime goes into running the con and if they canceled at a time that would leave them holding the bag, well, that’s just not going to happen.
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    AnimeNEXT, a mid-to-large size convention that takes place in Atlantic City in June, just cancelled. Otakon is now the next convention on my schedule. I've lost three... Zenkaikon, Sakura-Con, and AnimeNEXT. Honestly, I'm hoping for the best, but getting prepared for the worst. There's a strong chance that Otakon is likely to be cancelled, as sad as that sounds. I would be disappointed, but understanding and not surprised. While I hope it doesn't have to be, I know that the Board is doing their best to figure out their own next steps. I just hope that this wave of necessary cancellations doesn't decimate the convention world. Many of our fan-run anime conventions are run by non-profit organizations that operate with minimal margins, and skipping a year can sometimes be devastating for them. Fingers crossed that the community comes out of this okay.
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    Seems kinda odd, considering that people were disappointed but understanding when Anime Boston cancelled. Different crowd, I guess?
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    Well..... it wasn't shelter in place for NYC, but it's close enough. If it's not an essential business, it's either close or work at home. And the order (Starting Sunday) was from the governor rather than the mayor. At least I have plenty of DVD's, Blue Rays, online streaming to watch since I've been falling behind alot or too busy. Index and Railgun series alone should keep me occupied when not working.
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    Go check out Somali and the Forest Spirit. It's almost finished airing on CR and the dub is on episode 5. Also... Oresuki Fate/Zero Fire Force Interviews with Monster Girls Yurucamp (just a few of the top of my head)
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    Cory in the House is not on Crunchyroll, Hidive or Disney+
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    Pish tosh, another acceptable form is from Zman Games:
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    Let's hope the only Pandemic you encounter is from Accept. 😀
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    Hell yeh! I love your videos! I'll have a drink with you if I see you somewhere at the con!
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    Currently, the word is the Dulles Airport extension of the Metro is scheduled to open July 16, leaving only a week or so before Otakon. Because of "best-laid plans" and all, it's probably better to assume more delays in the opening will happen and Metro will not be running to/from IAD during Otakon. If I'm wrong, it will be a pleasantly surprised "wrong". 😊
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    SDCCI just cancelled and that was suppose to be in late JULY. There goes the west coast summer con season.
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