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    Yeah, I don't see someone setting off fireworks in the WEWCC, because that would be dumb. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe outside, if it were feasible? Like sparklers or something. Some food trucks selling Japanese style food would be nice, yeah.
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    FIREWORKS! There has to be fireworks in the WEWCC if it's a festival! (OK... maybe not. I don't want to test the fire evacuation capability of the convention center.)
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    What's everyone looking forward to the most at this proclaimed/considered to be 25th Anniversary / 26th calendar year Otakon? I'm hoping for some anniversary merch, like make a new hat, since my hat I got at the 20th anniversary con back in 2013 is all beat up, since I've been wearing it every day for the past like 6 years.. lol. Some commemorative stuff like mugs or other things would be cool... Anyone else have anything to add?
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    I hope they do a "best of AMVs" segment for the last 25 years (or however far back they had the AMV contest) for all the best in shows. I know they did something similar for the Baltimore years.
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    Anniversary merch sounds terrific! Especially Otakon's tshirts -- I really like those. Are you thinking of making a new hat, or perhaps getting another official Otakon one? It's so hard to let go of my old tshirts -- they're so comfortable and have great memories from Otakon. Some special programming from Otakon would be really fun, maybe like videos showing bits of Otakon through the years. All the things people mentioned in Kewshi's post on 2019's festival theme sound terrific too. I really hope Otakon does what they mentioned.
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    Oh ok, that's cool! I'd be going koo-koo, if I might be jobless. Hmmm, on the other hand, that'd mean I could send the ol' resume to some anime studios. Hmmm... (now THAT'S wishful dreaming)
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    Jobless? No!!! That's awful! So many people are job hunting these days. Hang in there!
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    I might be jobless by then, so that's why the "dunno not sure yet". Yeah I doubt I'll be able to go at this point.... It's okay though.. I'm sure they'll come to the US again at some point.
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    I sure do hope you get to the NYC show!!! I'm saving some moolah for another con, so I'll have to skip Sailor Moon. "Resell price" -- Eeeep! lol.
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    I'm hoping for lanterns kimonos and umbrellas and the classic Japanese specials we see in our anime
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    The Sailor Moon musicals are spectacular! I hope I go to the NYC show... Not sure yet... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Still looking for that perfect gift for that hard to shop for Otaku, or maybe a little something special for yourself? Well good news! Our volunteer Ota-elves have been scrambling and we're excited to be able to open member registration for Otakon 2019 this Wednesday, December 19th at 11am Eastern. Register early to lock in the special "early bird" discount rate. Learn more at our website and join us July 26-28, 2019!
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    Wow! Got it started a couple of months earlier this time! Will Gofer registration be correspondingly early?
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    Licensed private pilot here. Not current because... $140.00/hr to rent a plane "wet". I'll get back into flying after I win the lottery.
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    Not quite but I work with a lot of pilots Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk