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    ^ ^ ^ ^ ALL OF MY YES!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ALL OF MY YES!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ALL OF MY YES!!! In terms of musical guests/acts I'd like to request my annual request for none other than Do As Infinity! Please @alabaster make it happen haha (I know what you're gonna say, but try).
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    Did you know today is the 20th anniversary of DDR's release? If you haven't gone to play DDR in a while, now's a great time to get back into it!
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    Yeah, I don't see someone setting off fireworks in the WEWCC, because that would be dumb. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe outside, if it were feasible? Like sparklers or something. Some food trucks selling Japanese style food would be nice, yeah.
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    FIREWORKS! There has to be fireworks in the WEWCC if it's a festival! (OK... maybe not. I don't want to test the fire evacuation capability of the convention center.)
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    I did not see this thread up anywhere yet, so... how was your Otakon 2018 hotel? I stayed at the Renissance this year and I really liked it! The room was spacious although the bathroom was small. There was a fridge in the room though! Also, free Wi-Fi. I found check in to be quick and easy. The elevators were also pretty quick. Check out was easy too. It's also very close to the convention center and some of the best food I've had in awhile in DC. Matchbox and Capital Burger for the win! I also got room service each day and when I would come back from the convention, the bed was made and fresh towels folded under the vanity.
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    Never ever ever ever use a Debit Card for any kind of reservation based service. Credit Cards can get temporary holds to ensure that you have enough available on your credit line to cover the future add-on charges. However, Debit Cards are tied directly to the funds in your bank account so there is no credit line to "hold" the funds to check your available balance. Experient does not mention the $200 deposit because it is a standard practice for many reservation systems to charge an amount up front on debit cards. Hotels require a deposit to ensure you can cover the incidentals, Car Rentals will hold the deposit to cover any overages, even some Gas Stations will hit your bank for $50~$100 dollars before letting you fill up on a debit card. There are different rules and protections between debit and credit purchases which is why things are more lenient when making credit purchases so always put your hotel on a Credit Card.
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    Seiyuu ------------------ Hayashibara Megumi (eternal wish list member #001) Hirano Aya (yeah, her career is pretty low-key now, but Haruhism still runs strong) any of the original 5 Inner Senshi (especially Fukami Rica or Mitsuishi Kotono) Hidaka Noriko (Akane-chan forever!) Dub VAs --------------- Monica Rial Luci Christian Brittney Karbowski (though her panel may need to be rated R after hearing her B Gata H Kei outtakes as Yamada) Music ------------- BABYMETAL (eternal wish list members #002) BAND-MAID (these ladies, who have done a US anime con before at Sakuracon in WA, would rock the house! It would be AWESOME to have an all-female group, who actually play the instruments (no slight to BABYMETAL) at Otakon 2019!) Momoiro Clover Z
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    Wifi was in the block rate rooms. If you weren't assigned to a room in the block rate room assignments, it is very possible your room was missed (wifi status was built into the room notes). You may also have been booked in on a breakfast-included rate and not told anything about it. All said, you were far better off than the comfort inn, having stayed at both. Rain can disable their elevators which to me is not a sign of a well maintained building.
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    Some GamePlay news: after this coming MAGFest (where we'll have most of the rhythm games in the arcade) we are moving to a new location within the mall. Updates will be posted on the GamePlay Facebook page, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!