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    No video that uses “SJW” unironically should be taken seriously.
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    Everyone is entitled to mention who they want to request, people don't really need to argue for/against other people's suggestions. This is just a suggestions thread If you do not like another person's suggestion, do not need to argue or counter point on here. That would be going off topic I personally would like to meet Danny Choo =P Creator of the Smart Dolls and also one of the first Jpn focused blogs i have followed for many years =P
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    Hey all! So I was reading through the "How was your hotel?" thread from last year and I saw some people surprised at the fact that at check-in they want $150-200 more than the actual reservation and if you can't successfully get that held on your debit/credit card you cannot check in... This is due to incidental insurance, so if you screw anything up in the room besides normal wear and tear for that weekend, the repairs are covered. The $150-200 usually consists of around $50 per night you have booked for your stay. If you booked the room for yourself only, then I can understand the frustration of not realizing that they need that incidental insurance/not realizing you had to budget for that. Please be aware that such a charge is only a HOLD, and will be released/refunded if nothing warrants that kind of repair in your room. So, I intend this thread to serve as a reminder for everyone to have you / your group budget an additional $200 or so for the incidentals, even if the booking site you're using doesn't mention it, even though they should, but if you're an experienced con-goer/hotel booker you should expect/remember and budget for it.... Thanks for reading, Shiggitay
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    1) People claiming it's just a MeToo witch hunt haven't been paying attention for the years of less viable claims but in retrospect probably truthful ones going 'round. This is ---- that's been going on for a while, it's only been taken seriously just now due to actually being organized and putting names to accusations. 2) The photoshopping thing is a false flag. Literally the person who "said" it is a neutral party being impersonated. And even so it's a single individual, and should not discount the other accounts that are unrelated. 3) The whole thing with Todd is "telling on yourself" of the most bewildering type. His "accuser" didn't even bother to name him and wouldn't have lest others first came forward with their own accounts. Then he tries to cover his ass in spite of this, and someone else who was present confirms, no, the victim really was being fed a LOT of alcohol to an unsavory point. It's... a lot. How that should've been handled was privately if, as he claims, he didn't realize he was doing something wrong but... "Whoops"? Honestly it's a headache to keep up with, but given the fact those in the industry are either victims themselves or stand with the victims at this point (or are not saying anything), and then those who are backing the Vic diehards are a bunch of... how to put it diplomatically... Always Online™ types apparently trying to start "Animegate" and outright harass individuals like Monica Rial in person (with one death threat so far) and threaten Funi with arson should be telling. If you're not invested either way it is probably best to just disengage. I'm only invested as I am, again, due to the experience I and my sibling have had. Like... is a big conspiracy involving people who appear unrelated to each other that has roots in the industry itself against Vic more likely, or just simply that Vic's just not the guy people thought he was? Just think about that. Any video with SJW in the title should be taken with massive, massive grains of salt if considered at all, tbqh, my dude. >_>;
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    My sibling and I had an awfully awkward encounter with Vic that while not nearly as bad as some of the accusations kind of definitely made me believe this stuff ever since I started hearing it. And given the stuff I've heard before this, and with especially scary stories like Jessie Pridemore's, I'm glad to see the anime community largely supporting those who have come forward, including a number of other voice actors either directly voicing support or showing support by liking those posts or the posts of people who have been harmed by Vic in some way. Like there's some pushback, particularly from the Gamergate-adjacent crowd or diehard Vic fans who could never believe such things, but largely it's not as bad as I think it could've been. Like.... there's something like 100+ accusations or accounts, the vast majority coming from people unrelated to each other, the chances of them all or even mostly all being false is pretty low. So even if you've only had good experiences with him, keep that in mind.
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    Yeah, I don't see someone setting off fireworks in the WEWCC, because that would be dumb. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe outside, if it were feasible? Like sparklers or something. Some food trucks selling Japanese style food would be nice, yeah.
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    ^ ^ ^ ^ ALL OF MY YES!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ALL OF MY YES!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ALL OF MY YES!!! In terms of musical guests/acts I'd like to request my annual request for none other than Do As Infinity! Please @alabaster make it happen haha (I know what you're gonna say, but try).
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    Did you know today is the 20th anniversary of DDR's release? If you haven't gone to play DDR in a while, now's a great time to get back into it!
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    People have brought this up over and over. Many many people, including myself, don’t want him there. Inviting him would show a lack of concern for what he’s done to fans over the last 16-some years and what he’s alleged to have done to peers and others. Considering Mignogna is not in anything anymore, and likely never will be, there’s no reason to invite him anyway.
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    Will there be the [what I consider to be] traditional Japanese Musical Guest Guessing Contest this year? Previous years it's been a blast trying to guess who's gonna headline the concerts, and I hope this year is no different just because we've settled into DC, slowly closing in on Year 3 this year.
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    It's back hons! This thread is a place where Otakon goers can stay ahead of any potential troubles getting to or from the 26th Otakon. I'm opening the thread early because the con is a little sooner in 2019, but also because Metro are about to consider one of FOUR different options concerning operating hours. They are: OPTION 1: Maintain current hours (Mon-Thu 5:30a - 11:30pm / Fri 5am - 1am / Sat 7am - 1am / Sun 8am - 11pm) OPTION 2: Revert to pre-2016 hours (Mon-Thu 5am - MIDNIGHT / Fri 5am - 3am / Sat 7am - 3am / Sun 7am - MIDNIGHT) OPTION 3 [Alternative 1]: Reduce weekend morning service, and increase late night service w/weeknight single tracking (Mon-Thu 5:30am - MIDNIGHT / Fri 5:30am - 3am / Sat 9am - 3am / Sun 10:30am - MIDNIGHT) OPTION 4 [Alternative 2]: Add an hour to Fri. & Sat. night and Sun. morn, but also increase weekend single tracking (Mon-Thu 5am -11:30pm / Fri 5am - 2am / Sat 7am - 2am / Sun 7am - 11pm) Each of these options will have an effect on how Otakon goers get around on Metro. More on this story as decisions are made.
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    I would like Otakon to have a full page picture of all the t-shirts designs from 1994 to present on their "Anniversary Con Book". Also, let the con book have pictures and other info on what was it's highlights for each particular years.
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    The lawyer in question literally set up a gofundme to support Vic- he's not impartial even if he's not personally supporting Vic. He was also vocal during ComicsGate, a movement every bit as misogynist and racist as GamerGate. Notably, in spite of the lawyer initially saying he doesn't even know Vic, a recent statement Vic made indicates they are friends. And I don't know about you guys, but if you're in the midst of defending your morality... your morality really doesn't look good if you're calling a guy with such views- a guy who used enough tanner to have black people call him out on it - a friend, rather than a fan or a supporter. Even though it sounds like they literally just met. In other words, I don't view this lawyer as a trustworthy person. And comparing Vic's case to other similar cases- such as Digital Homicide's cases against Jim Sterling and about 100+ critics of them on their Steam Page respectively, both of which were thrown out, Jim's in particular "with extreme prejudice"- I cannot see any action he could take that would not end up poorly for him. Like, let's go over this a sec. I'm still not even sure what angle he could TRY to tackle it from that wouldn't end badly for him. Monica or Jamie? Again, lots of people to back either up- several dozen colleagues INCLUDING HIS EX-FIANCE vs. him, his lawyer and his mom. Like. HMMM. Wonder who a judge would side with. Funimation? Never employed beyond contract work, same with RT, and given Texan law, they did nothing wrong in simply stating they won't work with him any longer. Suing a disparate group of accusers, perhaps including one of his coworkers or former employers? Such cases, from what I know, never end up well for anyone outside of actual big corporations, and I guarantee every last accusation that isn't totally anonymous (i.e., the i09 article ones would probably count, not so much the ones from tumblr/4chan/pll) would be used against him in court as character testimony. Texas also has pretty hardcore anti-SLAPP laws, so the latter would REALLY not go well. Suing cons who cancelled? I mean, if he wants to make himself look like a jackass, I guess, but I don't know what that'd achieve? There is no legal action out of this situation. He can at best defend himself from an accuser suing him. If he truly wants to return to voice acting and the con circuit, he needs to go to the life counselor he talked about and show active attempts to change. ---- Also: Samantha did not fake the swatting- or at least, did not fake a crime having happened to her. What happened was someone called her, said they were getting her swatted, she went to her house, saw the door broken in, called the cops. I'm not sure why she lied in the first place, especially since there's a police report and everything, but perhaps it's a combination of her being unwell as Adam said and someone legitimately targeting her, wanting to make it as big as she felt in her head. Still awful, but simply going to a currently vacant house, vandalizing the door, and jetting isn't as bad as getting someone SWATted. As far as overreactions go- I mean, what would you do if you or your friend shared a personal story that caused a lot of emotional turmoil... only for people to IMMEDIATELY attack you and call your character into question, thus making you think for a second maybe you should have stayed quiet and gone unheard and suffered in silence all along? Only then to, well, realize that, no you shouldn't be quiet, and online trolls SHOULDN'T silence you. So you get angry and speak perhaps a bit harshly, or show anxiety. The only one I really hold anything against is Sean and that's because he's had a known beef against Vic for a while and isn't the most... elegant speaker. He should have just stayed quiet outside of voicing support or whatever, not actively gone after trolls. Additionally, in case you weren't aware, the Quartering is also an alt-right individual, and given Otakon's response to the Unite the Right rally last year, I should hope anyone with his political, hateful views - such as YellowFlash among others- would not be welcome on this board by the users here, and with that in mind, I personally dismiss their videos out of hand. ---- And again, as someone who saw Vic being creepy (albeit, not to the level of harassment or assault, just a concerningly tight hug), as someone who has heard rumors both in person and on various boards for YEARS- there's no way in HELL this is all just some conspiracy. Unless like there's a bunch of random congoers who never ever met each other also in cahoots with a bunch of colleagues of his who had to quietly put up with him for fear of their job... which. I don't know, Occam's Razor you know- Which makes more sense? A literal actor putting on a nice face for his fans as well as to his unknowing colleagues, while using his position to bully and harass other fans and colleagues? Or a total saint who has never ever ever done ANYTHING wrong ever, and somehow had years and years of "malicious rumors" pile up against him followed by a conspiracy that started with a hashtag filled with people unrelated to each other, until his colleagues started speaking up, who apparently all want him out? And something about stolen jobs that don't really exist? Eh? Like, yeah, there are people invested in this now that do have connections to one another. It's not that humongous an industry worker-wise, stateside anyway. There's gonna be people who know one another when dealing with a controversy involving such a big star in the industry. Maybe you could say that the industry needs more blood in it then, from seeing this- more journalists, more talent, more administrators and so on- but suggesting it's a huge conspiracy reeks to me of either desperation, or a grift. I'm not suggesting anyone itt is either, I mean specifically his vocal supporters.
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    Hotel offers/requests should be placed in the Rooms & Rides subtopic.
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    I hope they do a "best of AMVs" segment for the last 25 years (or however far back they had the AMV contest) for all the best in shows. I know they did something similar for the Baltimore years.
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    I'm hoping for lanterns kimonos and umbrellas and the classic Japanese specials we see in our anime