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    As someone who helped out with the formal ball, this isn't really accurate. It was a formal event, which means a person couldn't show up in shorts & a t-shirt. Clothing such as tux's & ball gowns were highly encouraged but as long as you come in nice attire you'd be let in (ex: slacks and a button up shirt would be fine).
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    As someone who lost $200 from the game back when it was done (and I only paid that much money because Otakon was supporting it). I would first like to have my money back before any other project was announced as this would be a kick in the teeth for me. Or at least have the people who backed the game have our original ideas and tiers done. Having another game would feel as if Otakon is trying to sweep it under the rug, which they seem to have done already.
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    Might as well start it now Yuri Lowenthal Tara Platt Steve Blum Travis Willingham Troy Baker Nolan North Team Four Star (most of them are legit voice actors now) Scott Frerichs Nick Landis Curtis Arnott Lawrence Simpson Kirran Somerlade Grant Smith
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    Hi All! I just got my NYCC badge in the mail last night, so I'm going to assume that others are beginning to get their's as well. Also, it's the return of their offshoot "Anime Fest @ NYCC X Anime Expo". I think that part is going to be worst than last year. Last year, you had to buy a separate badge to attend that part and travel via shuttle bus or walk to it's location (was about a little more than a half a mile away from the Javis). This year, it's a lot closer, but it seems like you have to buy a badge for each individual event for Anime Fest @ NYCC x Anime Expo ! Who's bright idea this was? Last year it was almost a disaster. This year it might probably crash and burn! Anyway, it's a good thing that I do enjoy everything else that NYCC has to offer, but I would hold off my anime appetite for Anime NYC that will go on the following month.
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    Definitely going to toss my vote in with Monkey Majik, Perhaps even Invite the Yoshida Brothers for a re-appearance (and the Change Encore of course) Myth & Roid would be fun (Overlord OP S3, ED S1, ED S1; Re:Zero ED2) https://myanimelist.net/people/40497/MYTH___ROID GARNiDELiA (Animegataris OP; Gundam: G OP1; Kill la Kill OP2; Mahouka Koukou no Rittousei ED) https://myanimelist.net/people/28539/GARNiDELiA 8-Bit Big Band FT: Kaho Kidoguchi 木戸口歌穂 - they do video game covers, they're "local" based out of NYC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBovvL03dKQ - Kaho Kidoguchi Mao Mao OP (Cartoon Network), currently lives and performs in Japan
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    Thank you all for making Otakon 25 great. Here's a small gift for everyone to enjoy and share. If you find yourselves in this video, please leave a comment and I'll reply with a shout-out(& thank you): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RFC0fs83mo
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    In no particular order... Norio Wakamoto Natsuko Kuwatani Carrie Keranen Laura Post Cristina Vee Matt Mercer Tara Platt Yuri Lowenthal
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    Asian Kung Fu Generation. I'm going to keep requesting and hopefully one day it can happen.