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    Did you know today is the 20th anniversary of DDR's release? If you haven't gone to play DDR in a while, now's a great time to get back into it!
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    I did not see this thread up anywhere yet, so... how was your Otakon 2018 hotel? I stayed at the Renissance this year and I really liked it! The room was spacious although the bathroom was small. There was a fridge in the room though! Also, free Wi-Fi. I found check in to be quick and easy. The elevators were also pretty quick. Check out was easy too. It's also very close to the convention center and some of the best food I've had in awhile in DC. Matchbox and Capital Burger for the win! I also got room service each day and when I would come back from the convention, the bed was made and fresh towels folded under the vanity.
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    Never ever ever ever use a Debit Card for any kind of reservation based service. Credit Cards can get temporary holds to ensure that you have enough available on your credit line to cover the future add-on charges. However, Debit Cards are tied directly to the funds in your bank account so there is no credit line to "hold" the funds to check your available balance. Experient does not mention the $200 deposit because it is a standard practice for many reservation systems to charge an amount up front on debit cards. Hotels require a deposit to ensure you can cover the incidentals, Car Rentals will hold the deposit to cover any overages, even some Gas Stations will hit your bank for $50~$100 dollars before letting you fill up on a debit card. There are different rules and protections between debit and credit purchases which is why things are more lenient when making credit purchases so always put your hotel on a Credit Card.
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    Seiyuu ------------------ Hayashibara Megumi (eternal wish list member #001) Hirano Aya (yeah, her career is pretty low-key now, but Haruhism still runs strong) any of the original 5 Inner Senshi (especially Fukami Rica or Mitsuishi Kotono) Hidaka Noriko (Akane-chan forever!) Dub VAs --------------- Monica Rial Luci Christian Brittney Karbowski (though her panel may need to be rated R after hearing her B Gata H Kei outtakes as Yamada) Music ------------- BABYMETAL (eternal wish list members #002) BAND-MAID (these ladies, who have done a US anime con before at Sakuracon in WA, would rock the house! It would be AWESOME to have an all-female group, who actually play the instruments (no slight to BABYMETAL) at Otakon 2019!) Momoiro Clover Z
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    Wifi was in the block rate rooms. If you weren't assigned to a room in the block rate room assignments, it is very possible your room was missed (wifi status was built into the room notes). You may also have been booked in on a breakfast-included rate and not told anything about it. All said, you were far better off than the comfort inn, having stayed at both. Rain can disable their elevators which to me is not a sign of a well maintained building.
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    Hi All! New York Comic Con/Anime Expo NY has just ended at around 5PM. My thoughts? Well, let me do it as a review as 2 separate events. First off, New York Comic Con: Javits Center The Good: Line management and crowd control has improved quite a bit. In the queue area, they were letting people in by the row instead of having people snake around a line. It felt like people were able to move quicker that way. Despite having the "Anime" part in a different venue, companies like VIZ, Crunchyroll, and FUNImation still made their presence felt in the showroom floor with their very large display booths. Also, the newcomer "GKIds", who are now the US distributor for most of the Studio Ghibli films, had a decent sized space. Shenron the DBZ dragon that was at this past Otakon was also on display there. Most anime industry panels were still being held on location. They had a shuttle bus going between the 2 venues leaving every half hour. Free Wi-Fi internet (slow, but enough for web browsing and email). The Bad: Even though a shuttle between the venues were being provided, keeping them on schedule was very sporadic at best, and some of the staff/volunteers that I've asked weren't even sure where to catch them. The weather didn't help (it was mostly misty and some light spotty rain for the first few days). Their version of their digital guide was incomplete and kept crashing on my android phone when I tried to access certain sections. I did have an iPad, but their app was only good if your device has iOS 10 and up (mine only goes up to iOS 9). Some of the usual big hitters on the show floor has cut down a bit on some of their elaborate displays. The Javits used some sort of floor covering instead of the carpeting that they used to do before. The Ugly: The only ugly thing I can think of is just how expensive the food is there (but that is a given). Given how sporadic the shuttle was, people actually decided to make a 3/4 of a mile trek on foot if they wanted to go to the AX part and back again to the Javits. Overall, I did enjoyed this year's Comic Con. AnimeExpo NY: Pier 94 The Good: "Eleven Arts", another anime distributor in the states were there (probably the only anime distributor that had a table there). The show floor was kind of spread out in sections. Eleven Arts had some of their movies screened there. Small food court. The Bad: Location - Location - Location! People wouldn't even know if anything was going on inside because there wasn't really anything to show that there was an event going on unless you come pretty close. The place was like a big warehouse with not so high ceiling, and the 3 big event spaces (far apart from each other) were only separated with metal rods and curtains, there were no physical walls. The floor wasn't even covered. The Ugly: Turnout was very light for the first 2 days. Overheard certain vendors and artists saying they fully regret coming over. Bathrooms, or the lack of them. I only seen one area where it was and they were marked "Ladies", and the Men's was marked "All Genders", and both entrance were literally opposite of each other. The men would use the urinals while the ladies would quickly run to an empty stall hoping that no one sees them. You had to have a separate badge (an extra expense) to attend. It sure felt that this was a last minute addition. Overall, when anime fans says that NYCC looks down on them, having most of the small anime merchandise vendors and fan artists in this location doesn't help their case. But it was still better than the past Liberty Anime Con a few weeks back in my opinion.
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    That warrants a trip to Game Underground! Did you know it moved again? It's closer to Boston now.
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    :( He was so nice at Otakon. I wonder if he wasn't feeling well then @RevInstant
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    I stayed at the Marriott Marquis for Otakon 2018. Reserved a room from Thursday, August 9th to Monday, August 13th on the Experient site for Otakon, emailed confirmation said the final total charged would be $1,005.65 so I put $1,010 into my checking account since I withdrew the remaining amount I had for spending during Otakon in cash. Well when I got to the Marquis to check in on Thursday, I handed over my debit card to the front desk and was being told "Sir, your card is being declined." and I was like "What??? Why???" and the front desk person said "We're trying to charge your card $200." and I said "What??? What's the $200 for???" and was told "It's for incidentals." I said "Put a block on all incidentals please, the amount I have on my card is enough to cover the final total I got in my confirmation email." I was asked "What amount was in your confirmation email?" I said "$1,005.65." and I showed the front desk person my confirmation email from Experient, I was then told "Sir, that amount should've been $1,205.65." I stated again "Please put a block on all incidentals." and the front desk person told me "Sir, we can't do that, Marriott corporate policy requires a incidentals deposit of $200, if you cannot pay the incidentals deposit, you cannot check in." I then immediately took out my cell phone and called my dad up and explained what was going on, my dad asked to talk to the front desk so I gave my phone to the front desk. My dad and the front desk had a 5 minute conversation then I was given back the phone and my dad told me he would use his card to pay the deposit, I thanked him and hung up. The front desk gave me my keycard and I went to my room. This required deposit of $200 was NOT stated anywhere on the Experient site so I was not expecting to arrive at the hotel and suddenly be required to pay two hundred dollars additional just to check in. This required at-hotel deposit needs to be put on the Experient site for the Marriott Marquis. Also, the Marriott took a long time to refund this deposit to my dad, my dad told me that his card wasn't refunded until September 5th and I checked out on August 13th. Other than the required $200 deposit, my stay at the Marquis was really nice. I liked being able to take the elevator down to the meeting level that has the underground connector to the convention center and using the underground connector especially since it was really hot during Otakon 2018. The room was really nice, the bed was very comfortable. However when I got back to my room late at night, usually around 2 or 3 AM, I heard people yelling, laughing and then loud music playing, I tried sleeping as best as I could despite the loud noises. Would I stay at the Marquis again? Potentially yes if I have enough to cover the room and this deposit.
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    I did, but I’m intrigued by the fantasy con! Definitely something to consider - thanks for sharing. :3
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    Chris Sabat Sean Schemmel Justin Cook Laura Bailey Travis Willingham Steve Blum Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Crispin Freeman Grey DeLisle-Griffin Phil LaMarr Wendee Lee Matthew Mercer Marisha Ray Kari Wahlgren Monica RIal
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    The Renaissance's 2017 decorations were donated by Viz Media iirc, which wasn't at the con this year, so that was probably part of the reason. The other part is, as mentioned, the other events already being held in the hotel at the same time.
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    For what it's worth, I think we might have missed an opportunity to bring a few Overwatch voice actors to the Otakon party. Granted, most of them are much more video-game-oriented (besides Matt Mercer, Crispin Freeman, and Keith Silverstein), but Overwatch is still a very popular game, and it would have been nice for Blizzard to have Otakon be a stop on this year's Overwatch Payload Tour. I'd think the biggest obstacle is getting this to be relevant to Asian culture. This game is HUGE in South Korea... perhaps inviting some of the pro South Korean players/coaches for a weekend (like Carpe, Fissure, Geguri, and pretty much the whole player roster of the New York Excelsior -- Saebyeolbe, Pine, JJonak, etc.) could be a good idea. Considering that the game is still popular now, including South Korea and China, I'd like to see a little more Overwatch presence at Otakon next year.
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    I stayed at the Renaissance this year, and I have to say I really loved it. I think I confused the staff to death by booking one room from Thursday to Sunday and another from Friday to Sunday, then showing up on Thursday and trying to book one more night, though. (I had intended to share Thursday with my companions, then decided at the last minute that I didn't want to.) But the woman trying to help me out was cheerful and helpful about it and it all worked out okay. And the next day they even let me stay in the extra room I booked instead of making me check out that night, then check in on my original reservation. I also liked that the wifi was free, and I thought it was pretty fast. I was able to log in to FFXIV and run a raid without lag or anything, so that was cool. I liked that you could order from room service, but go down and pick it up. I don't know if that's just a thing everyone does, but any other time I've ordered room service elsewhere, they never gave me that option. Also, the food was awesome, though the room service menu didn't seem to have much, unless I missed a page or something. The staff were all wonderful and helpful (and I may have convinced the dude working in the gift shop to attend Otakon next year. XD) Check in and check out were pretty simple (despite the weirdness I caused, described above), and the bag check was quite painless. My only real issue was that perhaps Starbucks hadn't informed all of their employees just how busy things were going to get, because some of the staff there had terrible attitudes at the crowds. On the up side, some of the staff were very nice and quite interested, asking about cosplays and whatnot.
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    Oh my goddess, having him do his thing here would be awesome. I've seen some of his shows on the aforementioned YouTube page, and are well done. One game i'd suggest is his take on Farkle.
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    Stayed at the Renaissance! Mainly due to all the positive reviews that were here from last year. Last year we stayed at the Day's Inn, which I would NOT recommend. -Rooms were comfortable and clean and spacious. We also had a great view of the con right out our window. -Had mirrors both inside the bathroom and a full length outside (important when more than 1 person is getting cosplay ready at the same time!) -We were one block from the con, facing the entrance. Shortest walk to a con I have ever had! -Generally quiet, no issues with noise. -Bar was open til 11 or 12 most nights. -Check in and Check out was a BREEZE, especially with their mobile app! -Staff was all super friendly, and the room had cute personal touches, like a letter from housekeeping introducing herself and recommending a place to eat while exploring the city. -They had on site self parking available for $35/night. This is about as good as you expect to find anywhere else, and it is right on site. We were able to load the car Sunday morning and skip the bag check line! -They didn't offer free breakfrast (I usually like to save money that way) however, they DID offer room delivered breakfast and coffee, at a time that you select, which we took advantage of. It was delicious (I had an egg skillet), and I am also NOT a morning person, so it really helped us start the day right. Came to about $35 for two of us each morning. WORTH IT! -I was disappointed that it wasn't as decked out as attendees described last year, but I am seeing that they had other events going on which makes sense. Hope we catch them on a less busy time next year. They did have J Pop playing in the lobby and elevator though. i honestly have no complaints. We usually try to go the cheapest route and save as much money as possible. After our horrible experience with the Days Inn last year, we decided we would spend a little more this year. We got what we paid for. Prices weren't outrageous, and can't really beat the convenience of proximity, on site self parking, and breakfast in bed! 10/10 would stay again!
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    I only have one request. Musical guest for the Festival themed Otakon 25th Anniversary: WAGAKKI BAND A blend of modern rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums) with traditional Japanese instruments such as Taiko drums, Tsugaru-Shamisen , Shakuhachi, and Koto. This is the perfect blend of west and east to have with us as we celebrate! They released their most recent album, Otonoe, April of this year. For your listening pleasure, here is "Yuki Kageboushi", their most recent single from this year.
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    Stayed the Marquis. Loved it. Room : Got lucky and got an atrium style room, so being able to people watch was great. Others with a view were friendly, waving, showing off cosplay, etc. Room was clean-ish. I found a candy under the bed that was partially stuck, but otherwise everything was really good. Internet : Surprisingly, my internet was fast and stable. I listen to a lot of podcasts at night, so I was thrilled there was no cut-outs throwing my to data. Check-In, Check-Out : The check-in and check-out were fast. Pulling in to drop my stuff off, and them holding it while I parked in the garage was a life saver. They even did the same on Sunday when I brought my bags down and had to go pick up the car. Staff : The cleaning staff was amazingly friendly, didn't touch our stuff, and dealt with makeup and wig hair from last minute changes being everywhere. Check-In/Out Staff and the people for loading/unloading were all fast and nice, too. Hotel Movement : The elevators were, somehow, slightly less problematic than last year, but that may have been luck due to being on a lower floor. The Starbucks was always busy, but they didn't mess up the orders, unlike all of the other local SBs. Price : Was a bit pricey, but worth it for all the conveniences I think. Only stepped outside when I absolutely needed to for food. Definitely gunning for Marquis 2019.
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    I concur about the Hampton Inn. I missed getting the Marquis this time, and the Hampton was the closest one that offered 2 beds in the room, so I booked there. I have to say it was a good move. As pointed out above, the breakfast buffet was definitely worth it (Not having to buy breakfast for 3 days for 2 people does help keep spending down.), and my brother was telling me he wanted to take his bed home because it was so comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised that the Safeway was only a block away, and it wasn't that far to get to the Metro in Chinatown. (And the baked cookies on Thursday afternoon were nice too! ) If I can't get the Marquis, I'll definitely take the Hampton. Even if I can get the Marquis, I'll look at the Hampton Inn again.
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    Stayed at Marquis. I was there last year. It's a wonderful hotel. Rooms are spacious, and this year it felt like we had no issue getting 2 doubles (last year there was a bit of an issue getting them and we ended up with a king+rollaway, and I know others weren't as lucky). The staff are wonderful and handled a kind of complex rooming situation on our part very well (one person chose to extend the stay in just one of our two rooms worth of people) and the room service was very accommodating. Biggest gripe is that "because of traffic" they decided to only allow Valet and taxis into the main pull-off zone in the front of the hotel on Sunday. My husband was unable to bring our car through the place we were dropped off (and last year we were picked up there too) so we were told to take our no less then 6 huge suitcases over to the other side of the hotel to be picked up. That should 100% be conveyed to people before they assume. If you are changing things up from the norm you should have staff notifying people or signage made. The location for having bags held was atrocious. They put them in the hallway near the tunnel that people are still trying to pass through to get to the convention center on Sunday. There seemed to be plenty of unused rooms in the M1 level so I'm confused why they made that choice to have them semi-unattended in the hallway. At least in a room you could somewhat secure them. Still, the staff is great, the location is amazing, room very tidy and the price is fine since we're sharing rooms. Hope to be there again next year. I still am going to complain about the noise, but it's less the hotel's fault and the fact that for some reason Otakon con-goers can't be mindful of each other after midnight. e_e
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    I saw that on my way to the convention center on Sunday. I wasn't even a guest at the Marquis. There were so many bags just right out in the open. So many! I was seriously amazed. I've seen other hotels put them in dirty rooms if/when possible. Like even if they had to be out due to lack of space, maybe not somewhere that the general public has access to? Yikes. Or at least have multiple employees watching them.
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    Mangaka: Natsume Ono (House of Five Leaves, ACCA) Such great storytelling and art style! Kabi Nagata (My Lesbian Experience with Lonliness, and My Solo Exchange Diary) I wonder if she'd be up for visiting. Music: Every year until they come! Asian Kung-fu Generation!
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    Still pretty busy at work, and although it's not exactly close to the convention anymore, arcades are still up at Glen Burnie. If anyone happens to pass by on their way to or from Otakon, let me know what you think!
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    Per a good friend's analysis of the Round1 quarterly investor report, Round1 is opening a location in Towson Town Center around Fall of 2019.
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    Every time I revisit forums and see you post in a thread, your username makes me laugh XD