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    Yeah, I don't see someone setting off fireworks in the WEWCC, because that would be dumb. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe outside, if it were feasible? Like sparklers or something. Some food trucks selling Japanese style food would be nice, yeah.
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    ^ ^ ^ ^ ALL OF MY YES!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ALL OF MY YES!!! ^ ^ ^ ^ ALL OF MY YES!!! In terms of musical guests/acts I'd like to request my annual request for none other than Do As Infinity! Please @alabaster make it happen haha (I know what you're gonna say, but try).
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    Did you know today is the 20th anniversary of DDR's release? If you haven't gone to play DDR in a while, now's a great time to get back into it!
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    Hotel offers/requests should be placed in the Rooms & Rides subtopic.
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    I hope they do a "best of AMVs" segment for the last 25 years (or however far back they had the AMV contest) for all the best in shows. I know they did something similar for the Baltimore years.
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    I'm hoping for lanterns kimonos and umbrellas and the classic Japanese specials we see in our anime
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    FIREWORKS! There has to be fireworks in the WEWCC if it's a festival! (OK... maybe not. I don't want to test the fire evacuation capability of the convention center.)
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    Seiyuu ------------------ Hayashibara Megumi (eternal wish list member #001) Hirano Aya (yeah, her career is pretty low-key now, but Haruhism still runs strong) any of the original 5 Inner Senshi (especially Fukami Rica or Mitsuishi Kotono) Hidaka Noriko (Akane-chan forever!) Dub VAs --------------- Monica Rial Luci Christian Brittney Karbowski (though her panel may need to be rated R after hearing her B Gata H Kei outtakes as Yamada) Music ------------- BABYMETAL (eternal wish list members #002) BAND-MAID (these ladies, who have done a US anime con before at Sakuracon in WA, would rock the house! It would be AWESOME to have an all-female group, who actually play the instruments (no slight to BABYMETAL) at Otakon 2019!) Momoiro Clover Z
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    What's everyone looking forward to the most at this proclaimed/considered to be 25th Anniversary / 26th calendar year Otakon? I'm hoping for some anniversary merch, like make a new hat, since my hat I got at the 20th anniversary con back in 2013 is all beat up, since I've been wearing it every day for the past like 6 years.. lol. Some commemorative stuff like mugs or other things would be cool... Anyone else have anything to add?
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    Some reproduction stuff would be cool; I miss my '09 shirt. ;_;
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    Anniversary merch sounds terrific! Especially Otakon's tshirts -- I really like those. Are you thinking of making a new hat, or perhaps getting another official Otakon one? It's so hard to let go of my old tshirts -- they're so comfortable and have great memories from Otakon. Some special programming from Otakon would be really fun, maybe like videos showing bits of Otakon through the years. All the things people mentioned in Kewshi's post on 2019's festival theme sound terrific too. I really hope Otakon does what they mentioned.
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    Oh ok, that's cool! I'd be going koo-koo, if I might be jobless. Hmmm, on the other hand, that'd mean I could send the ol' resume to some anime studios. Hmmm... (now THAT'S wishful dreaming)
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    Jobless? No!!! That's awful! So many people are job hunting these days. Hang in there!
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    Hi, Hi. This is a long shot: Is anyone into aviation? I'm researching homebuilt, kit planes. Maybe a Light Sports category. Likely a home built since I don't have $$$,$$$.$$. Secondary quest: I'm trying to find a full template for a Rutan Defiant. Several hundred plans were sold from 74 to mid 80s but only 19 were built (According to FAA records of ones that were registered and flown) and 18 left in the wild.
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    Wow! Got it started a couple of months earlier this time! Will Gofer registration be correspondingly early?
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    Licensed private pilot here. Not current because... $140.00/hr to rent a plane "wet". I'll get back into flying after I win the lottery.
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    Hi All! I just got my badge for this con in the mail last night. This is it, my final con of the year. I hopefully wish that this will be a better experience than last month's AXNY@NYCC. I mean I did enjoyed the NYCC part, but the AXNY part left me kind of meh. Liberty Anime Con was almost a waste of my time, but that's another topic. So, is anyone else here going? I hope to see some of you there. Take care!
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    That part of the article was talking about which side of the BW Parkway would be used. West of the Parkway is residential while east of the parkway is a lot of government land (Ft. Meade, NASA Greenbelt, etc.) It sounds to me like they (the developers) are trying to get everyone caught up in the "Gee Whiz High Tech!!!" hype, while making no mention of the expected ridership and how the income from riders would compare to the operational costs (management, train staff, maintenance staff, ELECTRICITY, etc.) of the rail system. There's going to have to be a repair facility somewhere along the line to handle routine maintenance and non-routine repair of the trains. Once you build it, the costs to run the building don't cease. Even when there are no repairs/maintenance being performed, you still have to have those staff on the payroll.
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    One of the Washington Post's Transportation writers had an article in today's paper on this project. She didn't seem to address the costs of operation of the system. She only discussed the funding that would be required to build it. The result is a kind of a half-hearted attempt at a news article. I don't know, maybe she didn't want to affect her access to these planners by bringing up too many negatives in her article. D.C.’s Mount Vernon Square eyed for high-speed maglev train station
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    The problem with an ultra-expensive rail system with only three stops is economics-related... similar to the problems the Concorde SST faced. The cost of operating the entire rail system will be heaped upon only the riders heading to these three stops - increasing the cost of a one-way ticket and pricing it out of most commuter's range. The cost per rider would be exorbitant. If you say "add more stops", then it becomes less advantageous than other means of transportation as the train spends more time decelerating, stopped, then accelerating from stations rather than cruising along at the hyped maximum speed. It will be similar to what happened to the Concorde - where Britain and France were subsidizing the operational costs of the aircraft throughout the entirety of its existence. The government (Federal, State, and Local) would probably be asked to foot the majority of the operating costs "until the system becomes self-sustaining" which probably never will happen given that there aren't a lot of reasons for tourists to justify the cost to use a SMAGLEV between Baltimore and DC. Even Japan hasn't tried this commercially yet so there's no proof that a SMAGLEV system is economically feasible. Yes I'm being a "Danny Downer", but I feel our Federal Government is already up to it's ears in debt and projects like these will only bury it deeper in debt. The targeted consumer base is way too small to support reasonable fares without government bailouts. Would it be great if there was a SMAGLEV rail system? Sure! But who's going to be paying to keep it running? The answer is "The overwhelming majority of taxpayers who will never have a need to get between Baltimore and DC in 15 minutes." I don't see taxpayers approving such a boondoggle. Besides, the "15 minutes" quote is misleading unless you assume that the rider just happened to get to the station when an "express" train that skips BWI is getting ready to leave. Otherwise the potential customer will be waiting in the station for the next train, riding the train to BWI where it will stop to drop off/pick up, THEN continue to DC/Baltimore. An actual 15 minute trip will be a rarity in such a system. So if you spend 30 minutes in the rail system for a supposed "15 minute" trip, will the increased fare be really worth it? Again, like the Concorde, the answer will be, "Only for those with money to burn."
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    Since one of Otakon's missions is to spread knowledge about east Asian culture beyond anime, what if we had a guest or two that was involved with a different style of animation? Like stop-motion. It's kind of to come mind recently that stop-motion animation isn't really an animation style you hear about coming from Japan. Like what if there could be a guest who was involved with stop-motion? Like anyone who's worked on the holiday specials released by Rankin/Bass? Not too many people know about this but the animation for practically every stop-motion tv holiday special released by Rankin/Bass (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Little Drummer Boy, Santa Claus is comin' to Town, etc.) WERE ALL ANIMATED IN JAPAN. That's just an example, of course, and I was just thinking that having someone who was involved with stop-motion would be a nice guest to have, and we could all learn how in any sort of stop-motion production, how the many figures and puppets are made, and setting the frames to the flow naturally in every little shot. Unless if it's already been done before, what if we could have a guest whose works involve stop-motion animation?
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    Would love to see.......these people in the future.... Monica Rial Tia Ballard Yuri Lowethal Steve Blum Andrew Love Justin Briner Dani Chambers Brian Mathis Vic Mignogna J. Michael Tatum Brandon McCinnis Sean Schemmel Christopher Sabat Laura Bailey Travis Willingham Colleen Clikenbeard Luci Christian Michelle Ruff Christine Marie Cabanos Stephanie Sheh Patrick Seitz Trina Nishimura Bryce Papenbrook (again!) Josh Grelle (again!!! Please) Cherami Leigh (Again!) Todd Haberkorn (again!) Max Mittleman (again!) Erika Harlacher Erica Mendez Crispin Freeman Jerry Jewell Joel McDonald Ian Sinclair Cassandra Lee Morris Kari Walgren Christina Vee Michael Sinterniklaas Carrie Keranen Wendee Lee Greg Ayres and bring back Johnny Yong Bosch
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    That warrants a trip to Game Underground! Did you know it moved again? It's closer to Boston now.
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    I only have one request. Musical guest for the Festival themed Otakon 25th Anniversary: WAGAKKI BAND A blend of modern rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums) with traditional Japanese instruments such as Taiko drums, Tsugaru-Shamisen , Shakuhachi, and Koto. This is the perfect blend of west and east to have with us as we celebrate! They released their most recent album, Otonoe, April of this year. For your listening pleasure, here is "Yuki Kageboushi", their most recent single from this year.
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    Mangaka: Natsume Ono (House of Five Leaves, ACCA) Such great storytelling and art style! Kabi Nagata (My Lesbian Experience with Lonliness, and My Solo Exchange Diary) I wonder if she'd be up for visiting. Music: Every year until they come! Asian Kung-fu Generation!