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  1. Anonymous and Anonymous 2012 - Just in time to celebrate the Mayan calender year of our demise!
  2. The ones in New York City were nuts, I was in a taxi when one fell onto the car ahead of us, crumpled the roof like tinfoil.
  3. Depends on the people, I myself am an Otaku and date an Otaku, have been for 3 years now, but since she lives with crazy parents we don't get much time together, the fifty dollars for a date is always worth more than the 2 DVD's... I've been told several things about finding people at the Convention, The Laws of the Convention Dating Scene: Law One is don't look for one, because it'll consume your entire convention, I know four people who spent their entire convention looking for someone else to spend it with, and ended up missing everything they wanted to do, such as shopping o
  4. Small Note: I saw a few theads here, and then on other sites (See: Gaia, and 4Chan), and just decided to lay it out. I invite everyone else to post their thoughts too. Minor Rant: The Otakon Staff are a bunch of cool guys and gals who work really really hard, year round, to bring us an awesome convention that brings us all back year after year
  5. Portal 2 has been announced, it was confirmed by the Valve Staff in a press conference. Also: My Birthday Cake Also, Necroposteth!
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