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  1. Hehe, try an anime club and two gaming ones on one campus. How do we survive? Our own room that poeple can drop by, chat and share what they have. But it soulds like you're a little screwed that way so maybe a consistant meeting spot/room you rent/nab from campus.... whatever you can manage for free. Volunteer at a con or related event and ask if you can advertise your club. Not much else I can add that hasn't been said though
  2. Hmmmm, well I really need to finish up my Megaman Zero costume properly, since I only had the helmet and sword ready by con time last year. Once that's done, I might do Ashe from Megaman ZX Advant or Lulu from FFX.
  3. More like the 'right, good for you' look. At least they were polite and were not rude or anything. I just got the impression that they were either giggling or going OMG after they walked away. Still, it was nice to be noticed; most people just sort of glanced and continued walking by. Costume overload I guess.
  4. Glad other people have to really travel, but crud, 25 hours from Winnipeg to Baltimore by car? I'm really glad I flew now. Still took all day one way, but only 5 hours in the air. It's the main thing that's making me wonder if I can come this year.
  5. It's funny, but I got more wierd looks walking down to the convention in full Lolita garb than when I was my Zero helmet. Might have been the lack of completeness for the latter but I got stopped multiple times for the Lolita outfit. The pauses after I had given a brief explination was amusing.
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