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  1. *looks at how little time there is remaining until Otakon* Um...is it bad that I haven't even chosen who I'm going to be yet? XD I do most of my sewing 72 hours before Con anyway...*Is a horrible,horrible procrastinator*
  2. How can someone have not updated that we broke 100 days! That's right people- we're into double digit territory! 97 days and counting! I have friends who are at Sakuracon right now, texting me stuff that they're doing, while I'm reading posts about conventions of my own...anyone ever get the feeling conventions just sorta take over your life? XD
  3. Funny is when you work your butt off for 11 months, then work like a madman for a solid week, to bring other people 3 days of fun, and you don't get to see it yourself.
  4. It happened last year as well. Afraid I don't know if its happened more than that.
  5. Does 'state of total panic' count? XD Both of my costumes are MAYBE 50% done...guess I'll be starting my late nights a day early. Oh the things we do for con....
  6. I too have a Grand International Market nearby. I shall be bring different flavors of pocky, sure, but there are so many other Japanese snacks! Personally, I prefer the koalas ^.^
  7. @Infamous MC- Did you watch Pete&Pete and Welcome Freshman too? I liked it because one of the characters had my name ^^; All of these cartoons bring back so many memories..so many old VHS tapes, hehe. My favs- Inspector Gadget Heathcliff Tiny Toons Muppet Babies Smurfs My Little Pony He-man TMNT Gummi bears Live-Action/other Reboot Secret life of Toys Alice in wonderland(the disney series) Eureka's Castle The Elephant Show Dinosaurs (I actually asked Santa for a tape of this once XD) Under the Umbrella Tree Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  8. This may seem like over kill, but a few dryer sheets in your suitcase or bag will help prevent odors while in transit(Maybe helpful for people coming from farther away) Nothing wrong with having a good starting point : )
  9. Turn off alarm set for 6am, rollover,go back to sleep. Repeat at 6:30. At 7:00am, finally drag lazy butt out of bed. Scramble for shower time with 9 other room mates. Eat breakfast. Walk down the street and into convention at 8.
  10. I know I won't get lost...because I'll be following you two
  11. I said it last year, and I'll say it again- Wolf's Rain I live in hope(or a pleasant state of denial, but who can tell the difference?)
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