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  1. haha...my Thursday this year involves an inordinate amount of travel time. I plan on leaving from my workplace at either noon or 12:30 and taking the DC Metro to Greenbelt. In theory, I get to Greenbelt in time to catch the first B30 shuttle to BWI. From BWI, I will try to take the Light Rail to Camden Yard, and then walk from there to the con center. Once again, in theory I arrive at BCC around 3pm. At which point I plan on hanging around in line until I find my hotel-mates and check in with them.
  2. I'm planning on doing a musical/song skit for the masq. Are there any limitations on what kind of sound files we can use? As in, can I take clips of songs, splice them together, and lipsynch to those, or do I need to actually record over the songs with my group members?
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