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  1. I thought the 15-20 thing was odd at first. That's why I didn't bother reserving anything during my stay, I figured I'd just wait to hear more on the website. Unfortunately by the time I checked and called up the Holiday Inn was sold out (which is where I stayed this year), though I understand now (duh @ me) that the 15-20 thing was a block I'm assuming for staff and such that is reserved for that Otakon rate. Anyway, I booked my hotel for the Renaissance...lol is there anything wrong with that hotel? I don't see many people signing up for it. Either way I'm content that I got my hotel.
  2. Hey, I was a white dressed Princess Peach both Friday and Saturday and my boyfriend was Nero from Devil May Cry 4. If anyone has pics of me or him, that would be grrrrrreat
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