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  1. I somewhat agree with the OP. The naruto/bleach/org XIII and L cosplayers at cons are a bit overwhelming, it's true. But, I'm in no position to tell people what they should and shouldn't cosplay. Up until this upcoming otakon, I refused to do the "mainstream" cosplays and just be another person amongst the hundreds of people. Unfortunately, rarely being recognized wears on you (though when you are recognized, it's a great feeling). So, I thought I might give a Bleach cosplay a shot this year and see how different my con experience is. What will change and all that. I have never been to a
  2. I was Train for a local con bout 1.5 years ago. no one knew who I was... they just kept asking me why I had bagels on my jacket T.T anyway, I'm not at home for the summer and that's where I left that cosplay... otherwise I would join you
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    hey all, I posted this over at cosplay.com, but no luck thus far. would anybody be interested in a group cosplay of "Candy" performed by H.O.T.?
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