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  1. In a world where a single man reigned over previews. Where the world could find peace and solace in the voice that would present their future entertainment. Things were good. . .until one day. . .tragedy hit. . .["And in other news, movie trailer voice-over man, Don LaFontaine has died."]. . . The world of movie trailers is about to cease to exist as we know it, unless someone can fill the gaping chasm his death has left. Until the day such a hero can be found, we will continue to mourn and remember the days when Don was the master of the movie trailer. We must always remember. . . Um,
  2. You know, I kinda wondered why RehDogg's vid got disqualified for not using anime, but this one didn't. I mean, yeah, it did have a lot more to do with anime than RD's vid. And it was still a really good vid. I really enjoyed it a lot. And were original animation allowed, it probably would have made it anyway, while RD's wouldn't have. But the point is that neither vid used actual Japanese animation (unless Leet Street Boys are Japanese. >.>), but one vid got all out DQ'ed while the other didn't (and then proceeded to get into the contest.) I just thought it was a little odd. But yeah,
  3. You know I was thinking Domino, but then I thought "nah, no one would know who the hell he is." But it's funny that someone besides me actually thought of it. xD
  4. I would have also said Barrett. >.> Domino Walker from Cowboy Bebop might be amusing. (The guy with the shrooms from the Mushroom Samba episode.) Possibly Ganondorf?
  5. I would just start now anyway. The basic content rules are usually about the same every year. (Provided you aren't wanting to do a trailer. ) Then, once the deadline and tech specs are out, you can just export and encode then. . .and hopefully your vid is ready since you'd have been working on it for a year. (Unless you're like me and have a very short attention span. >.>)
  6. cool!! i did hakufu this past otakon. I need to lose some weight to do Ashe for next year and thinking about doing Aerith Crisis Core also
  7. Wow! That sux! I wish you luck. Yeah, not quite in such a bad spot, but I too wound up spending more than I planned, which messed up a couple of CCs a bit. And I had drained my bank account, so I really couldn't do much to fix it. But luckily my economic stimulus check was delayed due to problems/complications, so that just came in the mail and totally saved my butt. Thank you IRS!
  8. At least I'm not the only one trying to lose weight for the cosplay I want to do. I would have to lose about 5-10lbs and tone up my legs to do Hakufu from Ikki Tousen. I need to lose about 15-20lbs (And tone up everything ) to do my design for Red XIII from FFVII. . .which is the one I REALLY want to do. So the battle begins. >.>
  9. Finally got my pics all uploaded. The ones in the cosplay lobby thing generally came out good, but the ones I took in the hall generally didn't come out very well. Friday Saturday Sunday
  10. It really depends on what I look like at that point. (In the process of trying to lose weight and get in shape.) If I look the way I do now, Hello Kitty. (With my bf as Badtz Maru) If I only lose a little weight but have decent legs, Hakufu, from Ikki Tousen (And my bf as Gakushuu) If I lose all the weight and look great, Red XIII from FFVII (And my bf would be Cid)
  11. Lets see: -3 Death Note yaoi Doujinshi -FMA yaoi doujinshi -FFVIII yaoi doujinshi -3 yaoi manga -3 yaoi hentai DVDs -Sephiroth figure -Gankutsuou wallscroll -3 prints (Sesshomaru, FFVII people (AC version I think), random yaoi bondage. *^ _ ^*) -4 shirts -cat ears Well, except for maybe a plushie, I got everything I was looking to get while I was there. *^ _ ^*
  12. Well, got the frogs on one jacket, almost done making the frogs for the other. There's still some light finishing work I need to do (like shortening the frogs a bit, since they seem slightly big/loose on my bf's jacket, tacking the frogs down so they stay put, trimming loose threads, etc), but the only big thing left is sewing the frogs on the 2nd jacket. YAY!!! I might actually get to sleep tomorrow night. *^ _ ^*
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