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  1. I second the Austin St John and the Yuzo Koshiro requests. I would like to see a lot of game designers as well. I honestly don't have the time to list all of them. for musical guests, I would love to see MUCC come again, or maybe Lynch. Oh, and power rangers. All of the power rangers!
  2. I do not think that criticisms should be taken as a bad thing or personal attacks on the convention itself. They should be viewed as something that can be of use to the convention as a whole, because opinions, either good or bad should be taken and be used to help make each year better than the last.
  3. I'll definitely be at the NYC show, but I'm also planning on seeing them at animeUSA. I hope it works so I can go to both. I already saw them at Akon and I was pissed that I couldn't see them in LA. We'll see how this works out.
  4. http://www.taintedreality.net/ Versailles will be playing at AnimeUSA and afterwards, they will be playing in NYC on an unconfirmed date. Is anyone else planning on going?
  5. I've started to get annoyed with last minute cancelations and time changes. I was happy with how the 4chan panel was dealt with. I wish it went on longer and if more people could get it... ._.
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