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  1. Still no love for Red Jaguar / Legends of the Hidden Temple pics? We got stopped about every five feet for a picture, so I know pics have GOT to be out there somewhere...
  2. Place I Stayed: Sheraton (Wyndham) Number of People: 13 (2 connecting rooms) Hotel Staff: Oh my god. They were unbelievably friendly and helpful. We were kindly greeted every time we stepped into the hotel. The folks that took our bags to hold on Sunday were very nice, and very gentle with my laptop bag and the Hubby's very fragile figurine. Walk: Maybe five minutes, tops. The Good: Our area of the hotel was very quiet. We faced north and I think it was a quieter part of the streets. Very nice. Flat panel TVs! Very comfortable beds and pillows. We stayed in the Radisson las
  3. Sapphire


    Dealer's rooms typically don't stay open late at the cons I've been to. These people are there in the morning before anyone else, remember, and they're still finishing things up after 6PM. They're only humans, so they have to rest sometime.
  4. Do you have pictures of me and my husband walking around as the RED JAGUARS from Legends of the Hidden Temple? We got stopped so much I'm sure someone's bound to have pictures here!
  5. I'd like to leave a bit of promotional material on my webcomic at public tables or a public bulletin board. I saw mention of them on the main website, but does anyone know where in the convention center they'll be located and how many of them there'll be? Thank you ahead of time.
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