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  1. Yowza! Be on the look out for: Professor Gary Oak from Pokemon on Friday! Pence from Kingdom Hearts 2 on Saturday! and MaidCafe!Ash Ketchem from Pokemon on Sunday! They'll all be me. ;D
  2. I'm also going as Professor Gary Oak one of the days, so I'll keep you posted on which day I'll be which. ;D
  3. I always have a soft spot for obscure cosplayers. They go through tons of time to get their costumes perfect, and they usually turn out the best. My friend went as Ryou from Tokyo Mew Mew three years back, and I think maybe two people recognized her. Another friend, this year, wants to go as a main female character from the Lupin series. Me? Last year and this year, I'll be going as Ash Ketchem in a maid-cafe uniform. He only wore it once, in a newer episode, and I'm surprised no one ever does his Ashley outfit from WAY back when the series began. I got some interesting feedback last year
  4. Awesome! Sounds like fun. I'll be going as Maid!Ash from 'Tanks for the Memories!', if that's all right. I got some interesting feedback on it last year, so hopefully I can get the same response this year, albiet with some costume changes.
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