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  1. YES! Today last day of Junior year in High school!
  2. I'm goin next year with my friends Going to Japan is really expensive :shock: Four of my friends are going to Japan sometime around June, wish I could have gone with them. Hopefully in two years I might be studying abroad in Japan and then I'm planning to stay at Singapore for awhile and then go back to Japan
  3. Went to Baltimore today hanged around the harbor and visited Rams Head live :wink:
  4. ugh..I felt sick today after eating cheesecake that someone made in math class :-&
  5. ohhh ok I should have put *spoiler  alert!* I should have known  better。 :shock: I should edit it so no one will be spoiled。Sorry if it  really made you upset :-s
  6. i kno i just watch Heroes too I am very surprise they end season one like that...(removed)
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