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  1. I think that since the rest of Otakon is pointedly catered towards asian culture. the rave and dance should be no exception. We should have DJs that play exclusively asian pop and remixes and the like, the use of a screen blaring anime would be a nice tinge too. I'm sure there is enough in the Japanese dance music pool to bring out authenticism and really satisfied con-goers. The problem is that the more the otarave becomes like another U.S. Baltimore dance club, the more non-otaku we'll have registered just to crash the rave and the more otaku alienation we'll have during a weekend t
  2. Nice going for the Resident Evil cosplay. I might be pulling off the first non-obese Barry this year because believe it or not I have the brown hair, red facial hair complex naturally XD

    Hope to see you there and you can find the Resident Evil cosplay group meetup on cosplay.com

  3. Note: please no replies solely to argue over my examples I'd put in a vote for more skits about current, everybody-knows anime properties. This way, chances are I'll be able to identify-- not that we haven't had much of a problem with this before XD
  4. Maybe it's from lack of experience, but Otakon-wise I'd gauge my value of a hotel by how close it is to the con. The hotel to me is a place to get 1 shower, maybe late night/early morning snack, and a few hours of sleep. I also put my bags in there.
  5. put in my vote for more untranslated manga... But furigana is nice :3
  6. I'm actually thinking Barry Burton from Resident Evil since I have a reddish beard. Either that or I could shave the beard and go as DBZ adult Gohan.
  7. While I'm thinking of doing adult Gohan from DBZ, I may go the more unique route and do the ever-so-rare Barry Burton from Resident Evil for this year. I think everyone is too harsh on the topic creator-- I agree with her. While everyone SHOULD have no trouble cosplaying what they want, people should WANT to be bold and bring something new to the table Last year I was Riku from Kingdom Hearts, and I recognize that a lot of my con interaction was brought on because I was dressed as such a popular character. I like Kingdom Hearts and mainly because I was Riku I was pretty much imme
  8. I was one of the twenty recently selected to go see the forbidden kingdom. I went, I saw, I thoroughly enjoyed, and then I curious'd. Is there any way to put in a vote for this fine film to be shown for all the lovely otaku to enjoy this year? This brings me to inquire if whether people sign up to show movies like they sign up for panels, or if all screenings and legal matters thereof are run by Otacorp? I know this is borderline Q and A, but the main point of this topic is to put in my reccomendation for SOMEONE to showcase this film at Otakon. It's quite the asian delight.
  9. Although I look forward to any and all displays of synchronized dancing at con I will not be joining you all in such dancing. I may sing something or another however.
  10. I found somebody last year to hang around with, deep conversation with, hug with, touch with, etc. etc... if it happens it happens. I go to Otakon to meet new PEOPLE, not nessesarily potential loved ones. This year I have a girlfriend that "couldn't be less interested in asian culture" so obviously I'm not taking her along, which she is fine with. Obviously I won't be open for match-making.
  11. I'm considering an adult Gohan cosplay. Try not to schedule the meet Friday morning because I might miss it
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