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  1. I have only two suggestions. 1. Bring back online registration for the Hall Cosplay contest. It was so nice. 2. Time limits for the Masquerade. I think that more time should be given to those who are in higher classes rather than the number of people in the skit. For example: 4min - Craftsman, 3 min - Journeyman, 2 min - Novice. The additional time is almost a reward for doing good work and advancing in rank. I also think that this way skit quality would be improved since higher ranking contestances, should have the experience needed to create something good. Other than that I th
  2. I want to do Otaku idol but I'm not to familiar with J-Rock. Can anyone recommend any J-Rock songs for an alto?
  3. My husband (maybe), my stepdaughter and her friend. It may end up being a girls weekend.
  4. So as I was listening to some of the Metal Gear soundtracks I thought to myself: "Hey there's enough music here to do a small set." And then I thought: "Hey, that set would fit in really great at Club Otaku!" So now I want to get a band together for Club Otaku 2009. What I can bring to the table is my voice, vision, and some equipment including a pretty decent Korg for any piano players. Now I need the rest of the band. If you are interested and live near the Harrisburg, PA area (or close enought to travel) let me know. I think it could be fun.
  5. It's probably impossible but I think it would be crazy fun to get one of those Japanese game shows to come to Otakon for the weekend. I'd love to be a contestant on one of those shows!
  6. Is Otakon still working on contracts for other hotels? I couldn't find the Sheraton City Baltimore (which had an excellent rate this year) I had to book through the Sheraton web site. I got a room but $25 more than last year.
  7. Hopefully I'll be able to put together the MGS4 version of Raiden. We'll see.
  8. I got a pic of A Ryuk, L, Misa group, though not sure if its you. (Though its not a very good pic, since it was in one of the walkways with the windows behind.) I'll post it as soon as I get it uploaded. And I was the girl Ranma in the boy x girl Ranma pair on Friday and Saturday. I know there were several Ranmas walking around, but I think my bf and I were the only pair. And I'm also pretty sure we were the only ones wearing white sashes.
  9. I dressed as Ryuk on Saturday and was looking for pictures. I was with a Misa and an L all day if that is any help.
  10. Ryuk - Just the wig. Will finish tonight...I hope.
  11. So much to do! Finish wig Pack costume and all it's parts Finish costume for stepdaughter (she is going to be Misa with me) Scrounge for cool stuff to wear other 2 days of event buy cheep food for breakfast clean out car print ticked confirmations print hotel confirmations pack makeup ...I'm sure there is more.
  12. After numerous problems with my negative mold I finally got my mask molded. *sweats while looking at watch* No I have to paint it and glue in the teeth.
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