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  1. i see a problem here: l'arc~en~ciel's been to otakon before. and if you don't like the musical guest, there are plenty of other things to do at the con. that seems really rude to the staff
  2. It's going to suck, we know this, it's near certain, but it's general release is 5 days after Otakon and this is what I'm thinking. If Otakon fails to have any sort of exclusive deal with this movie, they aren't doing their job and it's high time they hired someone who can organize a convention to be current and a trendsetter of conventions in the west. PS, if you can't do this, a Japanese band that we've actually heard of would be appreciated (ie someone comparable to L'arc~en~Ciel)
  3. Please tell me that you just didn't come onto the Otakon boards and admit that you instigated something that could really cause problems with Otakon and their hotel contracts. It may be fun to have 40 kids running around the halls to you and it may be fun to drag furniture in the hotel elevator to you, but it isn't fun for the people that have to clean up the mess, and it certainly isn't fun for the Otakon staff that has to negotiate for these hotel rooms. I also don't believe that you will really endear yourself to the people on these forums too much either. If I misunderstood you
  4. The next part of the video showed about 40 kids in the hallway of the Sheraton making all sorts of noise (of which there were MANY complaints, from what I've heard) and dragging furniture into the hotel elevators and leaving it there Does anyone know the username of the video poster, I was the instigator (one of them) of the fun, didn't know there was video proof and wouldn't mind seeing it
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