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  1. how late can i pick up my badge? On Thursday that is. I still wanna get my badge on Thursday...but I also have tickets to the vamp concert @.@ super confused...it's my first time going to otakon so I don't know what to expect.
  2. I'm cosplaying as Nana Osaki, orginal charter in Yukata....I'm not sure of the other one....still thinking. And as for which days....most likely I'll wear the Yukata on Sunday and Nana on Saturday....which leaves friday for whichever I choose.
  3. Hey....I'm new to the whole cosplay contest thing and what not...never did it before at any convention. But my biggest question is...what's the difference between a Masqurad and a Hall Cosplay Contest? I don't know which one to enter in. And as far as my outfit goes, one of them I'm partly making from scratch (mostly alterations and making things from scratch) and the other one has only one item I'm making from scrach... does that have a lot to do with which one would be best for me? Please help! Thanks!
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