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  1. Def could pull off dutch from black lagoon!
  2. BlackStones707 play on 360!! Mostly play Engineer! Been using class since CLASSIC and was to get used to any other race!
  3. had a dream about not being able to find a place to pick up my staff badge!!! Definitely wasnt Otakon and definitely wasnt BCC
  4. Im gonna wait for US release. Hear theirs too much txt for my liking to fully understand.
  5. I dont think Gundam SEED Destiny was NEEDED! Gundam Seed ended perfectly!
  6. those days you wake up and feel exhausted but happy, those are dreams of Otakon!
  7. I loved Peach Girl! Its basically the most unlikely scenarios happening to a single couple with the stress on the word DRAMA!!! Right now im catching up on Phantom Requieum and 07 Ghost!
  8. You got a huge guest in Johnny Bosch. Hope you get a huge crowd ill be attending
  9. I love COSPA, would be so nice to visit the store and pick up some stuff instead of importing
  10. Ive been watching the uncuts of One Piece of DVD! Just finished the fishman arc! Forgot how awesome this show was!
  11. If you guys get something worked out, let me know and I'll gladly go with a few friends. We usually drink at the hotel but 1/2 is very tempting!
  12. I agree Baltimore traffic is nothing compared to say rushhour NYC or Philly. Of course Otakon makes it a little bit more busy than normal, especially if their is a baseball game going on, but its not too bad
  13. yes, but otakon is also 4-5 times the attendance size of katsucon
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