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  1. KSweeley

    How was your hotel?

    I stayed at the Marriott Marquis for Otakon 2018. Reserved a room from Thursday, August 9th to Monday, August 13th on the Experient site for Otakon, emailed confirmation said the final total charged would be $1,005.65 so I put $1,010 into my checking account since I withdrew the remaining amount I had for spending during Otakon in cash. Well when I got to the Marquis to check in on Thursday, I handed over my debit card to the front desk and was being told "Sir, your card is being declined." and I was like "What??? Why???" and the front desk person said "We're trying to charge your card $200." and I said "What??? What's the $200 for???" and was told "It's for incidentals." I said "Put a block on all incidentals please, the amount I have on my card is enough to cover the final total I got in my confirmation email." I was asked "What amount was in your confirmation email?" I said "$1,005.65." and I showed the front desk person my confirmation email from Experient, I was then told "Sir, that amount should've been $1,205.65." I stated again "Please put a block on all incidentals." and the front desk person told me "Sir, we can't do that, Marriott corporate policy requires a incidentals deposit of $200, if you cannot pay the incidentals deposit, you cannot check in." I then immediately took out my cell phone and called my dad up and explained what was going on, my dad asked to talk to the front desk so I gave my phone to the front desk. My dad and the front desk had a 5 minute conversation then I was given back the phone and my dad told me he would use his card to pay the deposit, I thanked him and hung up. The front desk gave me my keycard and I went to my room. This required deposit of $200 was NOT stated anywhere on the Experient site so I was not expecting to arrive at the hotel and suddenly be required to pay two hundred dollars additional just to check in. This required at-hotel deposit needs to be put on the Experient site for the Marriott Marquis. Also, the Marriott took a long time to refund this deposit to my dad, my dad told me that his card wasn't refunded until September 5th and I checked out on August 13th. Other than the required $200 deposit, my stay at the Marquis was really nice. I liked being able to take the elevator down to the meeting level that has the underground connector to the convention center and using the underground connector especially since it was really hot during Otakon 2018. The room was really nice, the bed was very comfortable. However when I got back to my room late at night, usually around 2 or 3 AM, I heard people yelling, laughing and then loud music playing, I tried sleeping as best as I could despite the loud noises. Would I stay at the Marquis again? Potentially yes if I have enough to cover the room and this deposit.
  2. Phase 2 of the BCC expansion and renovation study has been approved and is expected to begin sometime in Fall 2018: https://mdstad.com/studies/baltimore-city-convention-center-renovation-expansion-study
  3. Well, Baltimore's current Mayor has made this statement regarding expanding the convention center, let's see if her commitment actually turns into actual action with groundbreaking of an expansion:
  4. Here's the proposed layout of the convention center expansion with a new hotel from part 1 of the study:
  5. The 2016 approved feasibility study of expanding the Baltimore Convention Center is finally released as a phase 1 study in three parts that can be downloaded from here, the study does state a convention center expansion is needed: https://mdstad.com/studies/baltimore-city-convention-center-renovation-expansion-study Here's the Baltimore Sun article where Visit Baltimore's CEO mentions the loss of Otakon: http://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bs-md-arena-study-20180706-story.html
  6. Can't wait till Otakon 20!!!!

  7. TODAY IS OTAKON 2012!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Less than a week until Otakon 2012!!!! YAY!!!!!

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  9. Can't wait until Otakon 2012!!!!!!!!

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  12. KSweeley

    :O Otakon group finder

    Eh.... I'm trying to meet new people during my off-time this year at the con and try to make friends I can chat with before the con so I'll try this out and see how successful this thred will become. Name: Kun Sun Sweeley Age: 25 Cosplaying As: Myself since I don't have any money and I'll be a Otakon staff member this year. Interests: Music - Techno, Dance, Pop, video game, and so much more. Video Games - Pokemon, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Doom, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Crysis 1 and 2, and so much more. Books - Harry Potter, sci-fi, fantasy, action, and a lot more. Movies - I like a lot of movies, horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street, The Grudge, Ringu, and so many more. Drama movies, Action movies, Sci-Fi movies and so much more. Anime - Sci-Fi, fantasy, action, drama. Television - Family Guy, American Dad, some shows on SyFy, Bob's Burgers, South Park, Tosh.0, and so much more. Hobbies: Watching TV, Chatting with new people, Chatting with friends, Reading, Music. Anything Extra: -I'm trying this out because I want to try to make new friends who I can keep in touch with before con and possibly meet up at con. -I have a disability that affects my social skills so I'm a pretty awkward when it comes to social things such as making friends in real life, it's much easier becoming friends with people online first then meeting them in real life rather the usual way of meeting people in real life becoming friends with them then becoming online friends with them. The disability if anyone is interested in researching it is Asperger's Syndrome, part of the Autism Spectrum Disorders. -I hope people would be willing to become friends with me despite my disability. Contact Info: AIM: WeezingPok Facebook: www.facebook.com/ksweeley Steam ID: ksweeley
  13. Hey there. This is an awesome feature!!!