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  1. This Baltimore Business Journal article provides an update on the proposed expansion to the Baltimore Convention Center, the update is the expansion will not occur due to the current cost estimate of expansion which is estimated to be more than $1.5 billion, much more than the previously announced estimate of $600 million:


    Plans for an upgrade to the Baltimore Convention Center are headed back to the drawing board after officials discovered an expansion would cost more than $1.5 billion to complete as envisioned.

    The eye-popping price tag was driven upward by the projected costs of infrastructure work and acquisition of the privately owned Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel site, both of which figured in to a conceptualization of the center unveiled in 2018.

    Board members for the Maryland Stadium Authority, the group tasked with providing independent analysis and cost estimates for the project, voted Tuesday to develop a new round of concept designs for the center, which are expected to be released by the end of 2020. The Baltimore City Convention Center Capital Improvement Reserve Fund will pay for the design work, which is projected to cost $400,000.

    The focus will be on modernizing the convention center rather than expanding its footprint as widely as originally anticipated, Gary McGuigan, senior vice president of the stadium authority's capital projects development group, told board members. The request to scale back the project was made by Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young and a group of stakeholders including the Greater Baltimore Committee, Downtown Partnership of Baltimore, Baltimore Development Corp., Visit Baltimore and the convention center's leadership, stadium authority officials said.

    A stadium authority market and economic study released in 2018 envisioned expanding the center to incorporate 400,000 contiguous square feet of exhibit space. A follow-up due diligence study found the addition would require space from the Sheraton Hotel site as well as the southbound lane of Charles Street.

    When officials dug deeper into the costs of the project, they found the total added up to more than $1.5 billion, McGuigan said. That represents more than double a prior $600 million cost estimate. Infrastructure work on Charles Street alone would cost between $150 million to $160 million, he added, due to the vast network of utilities under the road's surface.

    Tourism officials have repeatedly called on the city to move the project forward, citing a decline in convention business due to competition from neighboring cities with newer and larger facilities. Baltimore will lose its biggest booking, the Natural Products Expo East, to Philadelphia this year. Otakon, another event drawing thousands of participants and yielding millions of dollars in annual economic impact, left for Washington, D.C. in 2017.

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  2. Eh.... I'm trying to meet new people during my off-time this year at the con and try to make friends I can chat with before the con so I'll try this out and see how successful this thred will become.

    Name: Kun Sun Sweeley

    Age: 25

    Cosplaying As: Myself since I don't have any money and I'll be a Otakon staff member this year.


    Music - Techno, Dance, Pop, video game, and so much more.

    Video Games - Pokemon, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Doom, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Crysis 1 and 2, and so much more.

    Books - Harry Potter, sci-fi, fantasy, action, and a lot more.

    Movies - I like a lot of movies, horror movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street, The Grudge, Ringu, and so many more. Drama movies, Action movies, Sci-Fi movies and so much more.

    Anime - Sci-Fi, fantasy, action, drama.

    Television - Family Guy, American Dad, some shows on SyFy, Bob's Burgers, South Park, Tosh.0, and so much more.

    Hobbies: Watching TV, Chatting with new people, Chatting with friends, Reading, Music.

    Anything Extra:

    -I'm trying this out because I want to try to make new friends who I can keep in touch with before con and possibly meet up at con.

    -I have a disability that affects my social skills so I'm a pretty awkward when it comes to social things such as making friends in real life, it's much easier becoming friends with people online first then meeting them in real life rather the usual way of meeting people in real life becoming friends with them then becoming online friends with them. The disability if anyone is interested in researching it is Asperger's Syndrome, part of the Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    -I hope people would be willing to become friends with me despite my disability.

    Contact Info:

    AIM: WeezingPok

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ksweeley

    Steam ID: ksweeley

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