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  1. It is, if it was only use going to the convention. If it was just me and my sister then yeah we would stay near the convention. The only reason we are not near the convention because our mother comes with us and she doesnt attend the con. So staying in the area of Downtown there is kind of pointless cause where my mom goes is not near the con. To be honest if and when we go out to Otakon on our own, we most likely will be staying near the convention or when they finish the hotel connected to the center then we will stay there.
  2. I do wanna ask something, I can understand wanting to be near the center and all without the use of running gas, but with the prices of the rooms so high, does it ever bother you guys that so much is spent on just one room, even for those of a group of three or four? I hope I am not being rude about this, just wondering. Techincally the highest we have spent on a room for coventions was $139 a night for ACEN.
  3. I can understand wanted to be closer to the center. But while it benefits for gas and all, it is very crowded out there. We had thought about staying around there, but its very pricey. We found another hotel, about 10 mins from the con, which is good, we can just take 695, plus we need some amenities like a pool and fitness center
  4. Wow, expensive. Well we already got where we are staying, once the month is available for reserving we are staying at the Holiday Inn off of I695
  5. This must be a Days Inn like two mintues from the convention center?
  6. I wanted to ask this, was there an age restriction? Me and my sister went for Friday but we only allowed her one cause she was only 17. Plus she is young still and we dont want her dancing crazy too much with those who dance crazy and lose their minds.
  7. We enjoyed the One Piece Panel and was able to get information about the new dub, I was a little down cause there were no Premiers, so we left for another panel. But one thing that did stand out was my sister was called to the front and posed with the voice actor of Chopper.
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