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  1. There in lies the problem. We need to convert their data into a format that fits our database. We can do this in manual batches, which is what we have been doing. However, getting it to work automatically on the confirmation of payment has been the problem.
  2. Yes, that is the early bird rate. I apparently missed this comment from back in February, but we are just over 5,000 people in at this point. We have been working on getting the counter to transfer over correctly, but there have been some interface difficulties. Getting two custom pieces of code to talk to each other and share dissimilar database info is not quite straightforward.
  3. Registration confirmation mail?

    Yes, please contact our helpdesk and submit a ticket or contact ShowClix directly.
  4. Finding Member ID

    You could always contact our team at: Otakon Help Desk
  5. Anyway we can change BADGE MAILING ADDRESS?

    If you haven't been able to fix this through ShowClix' registration support, send me a PM with your name and address (so it's easier for me to find you) and I'll take a crack at it.
  6. Anyway we can change BADGE MAILING ADDRESS?

    Yes, you should be able to login through ShowClix's interface and update the mailing address on your order.
  7. Cheaper Badges for 2018

    Well it's slightly more complicated than that. Membership actually ends on January 31st. What we are currently doing is pro-rating the price by when a membership starts. So if you buy a membership online right now, you are a member from the point of purchase until Jan. 31, 2019. When you buy a membership that grants you access to Otakon on Sat+Sun, or just Sun, your membership starts on Aug 11th or 12th respectively, and ends on Jan 31, 2019.
  8. Mailed Badge Deadline?

    Right now we are working out some of the logistics of our mailed badge deadline as we changed who is shipping the badges. With that in mind, my estimate is that you will need to register sometime before the end of May to have your badge mailed to you. This year the only badges that we will be mailing out are the full weekend/3-day badges. Sat+Sun, and Sun-Only will require you to pick them up at Otakon.
  9. Cheaper Badges for 2018

    Yes, the $5 discount we had offered before for returning members has gone away.
  10. Insurance For Non-Refundable Tickets?

    So in short, you are asking if we'd consider adding an option fee that if paid at the time of registration would allow an unconditional refund on request? We'd have to think about the limitations involved with doing something like this, but it could be worth considering.
  11. ShowClix isn't forwarding registration status

    Well, it is the 21st century and computers are still wonderful devices that only do what they understand you told them to do. Secure connectivity is the trick here, since the info can be considered PII, and if things don't line up correctly the connection doesn't transmit. Getting this sorted out has been complicated by the fact that they work on their side during regular business hours, and as volunteers - we can not. Since the info is secure on ShowClix side, we decided to open registration now instead of waiting to resolve the communication issues. My guesstimate is that we'll have this sorted out in the next week or two. As someone else mentioned, as long as you can log into ShowClix interface and see your confirmation there, you will be good to go come Otakon.
  12. ShowClix still hasn’t updated my status

    We are currently working on the integration between ShowClix's system and our old system. Right now we can manually transfer info, but we'd really prefer to automate it. There are some connections that are not lining up the way we thought they would, which is always the case with computers, isn't it? This is slightly complicated by the fact that they can work on this during regular business hours, and as volunteers - we do not. My guess is that we'll have this sorted out in the next week or two. In the meantime it may get updated via a manual batch. On the bright side as long as you can log into ShowClix interface and see your confirmation there, you will be good to go come Otakon.
  13. Badge mailing

    Just to clarify, you have registered through the ShowClix site and you want to confirm which address your badge will be mailed to? If you could send me a PM with your full name I can take a look for you.
  14. Cheaper Badges for 2018

    Typically we would get around 1/4 to 1/3 of folks registering using the renewal discount. Note that we actually have more folks who could be renewing, but more than I would have expected just created a new account and left the discount on the table. This practice has been pretty consistent year to year, and while the $5 incentive was helpful in reducing duplicates in our records, it wasn't quite the solution we were hoping for. Since it wasn't completely effective, the discount was indeed removed to help offset the lower rates for the trial memberships. If you do some back of the envelope math and assume there were roughly 6,000 renewals last year, that leads to an estimated increase $30,000. Which would then offset the income loss from 1,000 Sat+Sun memberships as they are $30 less than the full weekend rate. Obviously as this is our first year doing this there is going to be some guesstimates made that will need corrected as we go.
  15. 1,090 people have already registered, apparently they cannot wait. Also kudos to the person who completed their registration at 4AM last night.