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  1. MattTheMinion

    Panel reimbursement question

    If your don't get a reply via email you can also go through our help desk, use the "email us" option and pick "programming" or "panels".
  2. MattTheMinion

    Panel reimbursement question

    You need to contact Matt Graves. I believe the panels2018@otakorp.org address is one they are still using.
  3. MattTheMinion

    Panel reimbursement question

    So due to some project commitments at my real job, I've been a slowed down in getting to the reimbursement checks. Basically, if I'm in the lab for 12+ hours a day I don't have time to get through reviewing requests once I get home. However, all but 3 of the panelist reimbursement checks (these 3 are missing documentation) should be going into the mailbox by Monday.
  4. MattTheMinion

    Panel reimbursement question

    Hello. Programming is currently verifying all the information they received. I expect to get it to review next week. Once the comptroller and I get a chance to go over it we will start sending out checks. --Matt
  5. MattTheMinion

    No 25th Anniversary?

    It all comes down to what we want to celebrate. While this was the 25th Otakon, it would only be the 24th anniversary of Otakon.
  6. MattTheMinion

    Anime swap meet?

    If we officially organized the swap meet - it would still be part of our event. It really wouldn't matter what building we were in.
  7. MattTheMinion

    Anime swap meet?

    The biggest issue is figuring out what DC's tax laws say regarding the collection of sales tax from something like this. It is different from having a private garage or yard sale, because it takes place within the walls of our event. If by DC everyone selling something becomes a "vendor" then yeah, each person would have to register with DC and collect and pay. Not a fun mess to deal with.
  8. MattTheMinion

    The 2018 Washington Area Travelers Advisory Thread

    All: So to keep this thread informative and more on target to its original purpose, I've split off the discussion about the rally to another thread: white civil rights rally application approved for dc
  9. MattTheMinion

    Has it been decided what (fan) panels will be included?

    I may as well join in. I'll be back again this year with my panel about Otakorp and Otakon: Otakorp and You: Demographics and Financials Based on last year's feedback, this year the discussion will focus on the changing demographics of Otakorp and Otakon as far back as we have data. Corporate financial status will be reported on. The panel will be capped by the always popular Q&A. Of course if there is some sort of demographic information you may want to see specifically feel free to drop me a message and ask. Again it's limited to the data we have, but there are interesting ways to look at it that I haven't considered.
  10. MattTheMinion

    Otakon 2017: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    It may be simply the case that they were interpreting the rules we gave them in a more strict fashion than we had intended. At least now we know that it was happening..
  11. Hey Matt, Can you add my daughter's account to the staff web boards.  Her ID is ekusterer.  She's in publications, name Emily Kusterer.  Thanks!

  12. Matt, where was that statement you made with the numbers for pre-reg?  I can not remember at all, and couldn't find it when I went to quote it.  At least, I think it was you and not Nick?


  13. Hey Matt,

    Did you (and the rest of the Board) see Jen's post on Facebook which was also supposedly sent to the BoD?  It sounds like she has something huge in the works for today and wants Otakon's support in it. I like Flury's post in that Facebook thread.

  14. MattTheMinion

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    If for some reason your badge is not listed with a tracking number by now please contact our help desk team through help.otakon.com We are tracking problems as they develop and plan to use this info to improve the process for next year. On the bright side I can say with some certainty that most of the badges were delivered without issue. However, I do acknowledge that most is not all.
  15. MattTheMinion

    I Have Not Received My Badge In the Mail!

    Confirmation Date: The day the badge was delivered Confirmation Code: Extra info on the delivery These will start filling in soon when we upload the next update