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  1. Hi All, Moderator here.

    I know this is a difficult discussion and one that does need its space to be worked through. With that I'm going to ask that everyone please take a moment before you post something and think about how you'd feel if the text was a reply to something you posted. Likewise when you read a post, please give the poster some benefit of the doubt on their tone as much as you'd like to have the same consideration for your posts. A lot of non-verbal context gets lost with just text, which makes it more difficult to accurately express ideas and opinions. 

    We all do not have to agree, but we do want to have a space where we can talk about what we disagree on.

  2. No one should be able to post a thread without creating an account first. However,  digging through the site settings it seems in one of the more recent updates the permissions on the "guest" group got changed for the guest request threads to allow folks to post there.

    I suspect what happened there was that somewhere in the update code it saw an active thread for "guests" and thought that was where guest accounts could post.  

    Either way I've closed that door now.

  3. If for some reason your badge is not listed with a tracking number by now please contact our help desk team through help.otakon.com 

    We are tracking problems as they develop and plan to use this info to improve the process for next year. On the bright side I can say with some certainty that most of the badges were delivered without issue. However, I do acknowledge that most is not all.

  4. I got my badge a few days ago. Just wondering what the following parts of our membership pages on the website mean:

    Confirmation Code:

    Confirmation Date:


    Confirmation Date: The day the badge was delivered 

    Confirmation Code: Extra info on the delivery 


    These will start filling in soon when we upload the next update

  5. Maybe this is a long shot, but does Otakorp have any way of matching badges to attendees? Like, are the names on the pre-mailed badges already printed on the badges, or do they just have a blank space for people to write their names as in past years? Reason I ask is, if the names were printed or there were some other method of identifying which badge belongs to which person, it might be possible for someone at each door to have a list of names that reported badges stolen, and then stop those people and verify via ID that the person is who their badge says they are. Again, it's probably a long shot, but I hate to see people do this kind of crap and get away with it.


    So my guess is that this particular package got mangled by a mail sorting machine.  That being said, the badge IDs on the badges we sent out are tied to your membership IDs, just like the badges one would pick up at Otakon.  So in effect it doesn't matter what you write on it, since we know the badge ID a person should have if it becomes necessary to challenge veracity.

  6. So I have the last batch of tracking numbers in my email, I'll have to wait till closer to lunch time to upload them since the job that pays me has priority while I'm at work.  That being said we've been noting various issues (positive and negative) with how this first year roll out played out and in theory they will be used to make next year's process easier and more straightforward.

  7. So I've been uploading the tracking info as it comes in, which has so far been in one or two files at the close of the day. 

    Pretty much if you just pick a time to check each day, it will either be there or not. 


    As for changing your ZIP code, by now it is far too late to update the packages, although for what it's worth we have been checking the addresses as we've been going through them and fixing ones that are obviously wrong. Personally, I'm a bit surprised by the number of people who neglected to include their street name in their badge mailing address. Anyhow, we have been tracking how some things worked this year, and plan to implement a couple changes to make things easier on you and us for next year.