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  1. The Marriott has a no party policy, you won't find any parties there.
  2. Well I had no idea what the time warp was before this thread and I can seriously say I hope it doesn't happen. Go do it at Horrorfind, which is the same weekend as Otakon.
  3. Play that one sludgey/nu metal song from the opening of FFX. \m/
  4. I hope more corporate chains close down soon, and the flood of income from Otakon goes to hometown businesses.
  5. Sounds good to me. If you're going to bawww because your individual desires weren't fulfilled by Otakon staff, don't come. It's possible to have a good time even if Otakon wasn't tailor made for your interests.
  6. I dont think this is a good idea. Jam bands do not have much of a place at an Otaku convention. Otakon goers seem most interested in hearing Japanese music or Electronic Dance music. If you're going to be playing some rock, please play some metal, punk or hardcore punk. The softer music you play, the harder I'm going to throw down and mosh.
  7. It would be extremely overzealous to fear this. I'm not of the age this curfew applies to, but as a Baltimorian I can tell you the police do not and will not go out of their way to check someone's ID for walking down the street. These police are worried about drug possession, violence, and the like.
  8. Rita's is really really good. Water ice is an oxymoron though. For some reason thats really grating to me "Water ice". Why not just call it Rita's ice or Italian ice?
  9. You really should eat something good for your body. None of those cute otaku cosplayers want some greasy big boi!
  10. FakeRadish lady!! Hi xD You know your beats pretty well. I agree with this, and as I said before, a break in the monotony of all the happy hardcore and trance and break beats would be WONDERFUL. A redundant bass beat with some flashy digitized sounds isn't the only thing that gets a crowd dancing, but I don't think the DJ's seem to realize that..
  11. I neeeeed money, gatorade, and a camera =D I'm surprised the consesus around here is to complain about people being smelly! Otaku is a counter culture, just accept people sheesh! If you go to any gathering of punk rockers there will be tons of dirty crusty people all accepting one another. Why couldn't this counter culture be the same?
  12. I suggest that we don't try and tell DJ's what to play. I trust the DJ's to play dnb, trance, and house mixed with J pop or J trance like I heard last year. Just because something isn't produced in Japan doesn't mean it isn't fitting for an otaku rave, it can still have the right kind of sound for an anime inspired rave. I suggest we trust the DJ's and allow them to play whatever genres will have people moving.
  13. I saw a suggestion for a vendor of glowsticks, ear plugs, and stuff like that. Is that likely to happen?
  14. If someone is going to drop some bmore club tracks...more power to them. =DDD
  15. Sorry friend, but I don't think that anyone had steel toed boots on when they were breaking. And if they hurt you, I am sure they would have apologized much like I would. Unfortunately you will come to find that at crowded events such as the Otaku rave, people will insist you move out of their way, making their stand and holding their own area to dance. You are complaining about being kicked in the leg by a bboy at a crowded rave. :/ "when your in a packed room, yes i do expect contact with people, what i DO NOT expect is a steel toed boot getting planted into my thigh from the idi
  16. You're basically forced to lay back and accept the fact that Adult Swim watching, mall dwelling noobs are going to cosplay as Naruto or Bleach characters. They're both mass marketed and accepted by the mainstream.
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