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  1. the schedule isn't out yet but you can get it off of the guidebook app but you have to have one of those smartphones like an android or something ^_^ any other questions ?

  2. A couple months before the con starts, I always have the same types of dreams. I always dream that Im in Baltimore but I forgot that it was otakon, so I miss like the first day, then I have to try to get into the bcc without my pass. *lol*
  3. Me My boyfriend Sharon (bff) Her boyfriend Jenae (bff)
  4. -Personal Stats- Name (First name or Alias):: Brittany Age:: 19 Male or Female:: Female Do you need sleep at a con? Only about 3-4 hours Drink or smoke:: nope Tell us about yourself::This will be my 5th otakon....*smile* Yay!!!!!!!!! -Convention Stats- Do you go to panels? It depends on what the panels are about! Do you attend the dances/raves? I've only attended the race once in my 4 years....Im im open. Do you spend any time gaming? At home...YES....at the Con, maybe I'll pop my head in to look.....I don't really play thou. Do
  5. Well I'mjust really wanting to know what everyone one is doing that friday morning...like are you getting up at 4 in the morningto wait in line....or will you already have your badge and walking in at 10...or are you just going to go with the flow? My moring is going to go like this...hopfully. Wake up at 4am eat/shower Perpare everything Get to bcc at about 5:30-6 wait in line with friends go in and enjoy otakon!!! I know you may think i'm crazy for getting up this early but I love it! oh...also any places around the bcc that offer breakfast?
  6. I'm going to sound really stupid saying this...but what is a time warp?
  7. Everything you said is true! If they dont like the bands....do something else....if their panel is not there....go to a diffrent one....heck stay in the dealers room....People just need something to complain about.
  8. I would love to see cowboy bebop badges...but sadly this more then likely wont happen....Cowboy bebop too old. *tear*
  9. Otakon 2005- My friends mom drove us there (to a friends house outside of balt) Otakon 2006- My mom drove us there half way and the friend we stayed with the year before picked us up. Otakon 2007- My mom drove us there and we stayed with my step dad Otakon 2008- I will be driving to my step dads house ((Kepp in mind I only live in Cumberland Md....only 2.5 hours from balt.))
  10. I'm am now in the process of thinking about what to wear and staring to buy a food stash Otakon is 3 weeks away!!!
  11. *sigh* I have to work a-lot as well. *tear* This year will be my first year attending Otakon with lots of money!! Otakon 2005-only went with 50$...my parents money Otakon 2006-only went with 100$...part mine from saving and part my parents Otakon 2007- went with 250$...most mine from gradution money...some my parents Otakon 2008-This year all my money...I already have 500 saved o.O...so I'm in good same ((I dont stay in a hotel, I stay with my parents who live in coulmbia Md....right outright Baltimore ))
  12. I think you def. have the most to do out of us all...otakon will come fast for you. *lol*
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