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  1. (This is Kala btw <3) We Britannia brothers will be pimpin at Otakon, ne?
  2. As I have heard, there was quite the abundance of Batman cosplayers last year and with the growing popularity, I was wondering if anyone else would be cosplaying this year? I plan on bringing Harley Quinn and I know we'll have a decent sized group. There are usually a good number of Marvel cosplayers and so I was thinking it may be interesting to do a few photoshots, one for DC, Marvel, and then a combined one? Any takers?
  3. Count me in for Lilinette! Any Starks out there?
  4. There's a pretty large thread on cos.com for this as well, but to help include those of you only on these forums, would anyone be interested in doing a .hack// photoshoot sometime during the con? I'll be there as Sora from .hack//SIGN and I'll have a BT and possibly a Subaru with me heheh
  5. R2 Suzaku for me and with me will be an R2 Lulu as well
  6. Hello everyone!! (cross-posted to cos.com) Our Host Club has been talking (and this is by no means official, we're not sure if we'll do this or not) but I wanted to get some feedback if possible It would be greatly appreciated! We're thinking about hosting a Dancing under the Stars with the Host Club on the terrace Fri night, maybe around 8 - 10 or something (if anyone has a better time Fri night, let me know!) What I'm curious to see is if there is anyone who would be willing to help us out Helping to seat people, etc, basically help us out during the event (of course you can
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