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  1. As I have heard, there was quite the abundance of Batman cosplayers last year and with the growing popularity, I was wondering if anyone else would be cosplaying this year?

    I plan on bringing Harley Quinn and I know we'll have a decent sized group. There are usually a good number of Marvel cosplayers and so I was thinking it may be interesting to do a few photoshots, one for DC, Marvel, and then a combined one?

    Any takers?

  2. Well, they said they're possibly interested, so hit me up (info in profile). ^-^

    I'd love it if we could all do it, .Hack//SIGN was the first anime I ever wanted to cosplay (actually Sora is my favorite character so kudos to you), and I've been drawing up plans for years for various characters. Actually, if we can find someone tiny and willing to let me do major makeup on them, I could do CATS musical style makeup on them for Maha. ^_^

  3. Oh oh this is so tempting...I was going to do a group with this girl planning to do Subaru in '09 but just found out I probably won't be able to go next year unless Otakon gets pushed back yet another week....

    I might be able to do Mimiru and grab a Bear and maybe even a Krim if I can convince one to shave and the other to do crunches :P

    Mind if I check with them?

  4. There's a pretty large thread on cos.com for this as well, but to help include those of you only on these forums, would anyone be interested in doing a .hack// photoshoot sometime during the con?

    I'll be there as Sora from .hack//SIGN and I'll have a BT and possibly a Subaru with me heheh

  5. Hello everyone!! (cross-posted to cos.com)

    Our Host Club has been talking (and this is by no means official, we're not sure if we'll do this or not) but I wanted to get some feedback if possible It would be greatly appreciated!

    We're thinking about hosting a Dancing under the Stars with the Host Club on the terrace Fri night, maybe around 8 - 10 or something (if anyone has a better time Fri night, let me know!)

    What I'm curious to see is if there is anyone who would be willing to help us out Helping to seat people, etc, basically help us out during the event (of course you can be in Host Club attire if you wish! Just please keep in mind that you would just be helping out, not doing the actual hosting) If anyone has anything they could bring, or are willing to donate just for that evening (decor, etc) it would be fantastic.

    Again, we're not sure if we'll end up doing this or not, but I'd like to get a general idea if you would like to have this event, and if there'd be anyone willing to help out a bit

    These are just brainstorming thoughts really (so if anyone has inputs, please say them! We'd really appreciate it )

    The ball would officially start at 8 PM on the terrace in the convention center (2nd floor... I think there are tables yes? ). If we can move the tables *I don't remember if they're moveable.....) if not.. we'll find a different place LOL. We are also looking into the connected hotel as well.

    What we would do is have everyone line up outside the doors *insde really, but outside the event if that makes sense*, and we'd filter in about 50 or so people at a time. If we can get an actual ROOM in the con center, or the attached hotel, this will work out better, but this is it right now.

    In a hotel, we'd have a sound system. Outside, we would most likely have to have a boom box *for lack of better terms* and our music. I don't think it'd be too hard for ppl to hear the music if it's loud enough *thinks*. If anyone has a better idea, let me know!

    We would need several people to help guide people to the tables. The Host Club would be introduced, and we'll go from there (we don't want to give away everything )

    The main thing we need volunteers for are guiding the line, maybe handing out wrist bands (so not just anyone can walk in, you have to have stood in line, to be fair), and then, if there are multiple entrances, make sure they are only coming in one entrance (so door guards LOL), and then to help guide the guests to tables etc. Then once the ball portion is done for them, the guests are more than welcome to stay, just not at the tables (standing room really), so that we can take the next 50 or so and let them sit down.

    Thank you so much!

    Also, we can use this topic as an area for discussion of holding a photoshoot :) cuz those are always lots of fun!!

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