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  1. I'm hoping for Kouda Mariko. I don't think she's ever been to an overseas convention that I know of, and she's not getting any younger...
  2. I just went directly to the Hilton Baltimore web site and was able to get a room from Thursday to Sunday. With 4 people, prepaid room (no cancellations) is just $229 so I just directly cancelled the passkey reservation and went for that instead...
  3. JAM Project, Kappei Yamaguchi, the Sunday concert were all amazing, but I have to say the opening animation takes the cake!
  4. I loved it. The cost of the hotel rooms dropped dramatically for me because of the passkey site. Thanks! (I wish I was able to get a thursday room for the Hilton though...)
  5. Yup... Thursday is already sold out. Booked Friday and Saturday though, and hopefully rooms will become available for Thursday later...
  6. Here I am waiting for Kappei Yamaguchi's panel so I'm posting with my iPhone Anyway, the opening animation was a blast!! Thank you whoever was involved, and Madhouse of course!! Can't wait until the masquerade where it will be shown again.
  7. Hello, is there any updates to this? I'm very curious about the opening animation and would love to see some kind of a sneak peek before the con (2 weeks away!)
  8. Kugimiya Rie for sure! Also: Mizuki Nana Tanaka Yukari Nakahara Mai
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