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  1. Wow, that is a fantastic idea!!! Unfortunately it doesn't seem like something that would be feasible.
  2. My friend and I were working on huge Potemayo and Guchuko mascot style costumes for Otakon 2008, but we couldn't get them done in time. We plan to have them 100% ready by Otakon 2009 though, and they will be awesome.
  3. Yeah, I personally hate seeing non anime/videogame cosplay and it seemed worse this year than it ever was. Like somebody said above, I come to a place like Otakon to get away from the constant saturation of american culture. It's bad enough to constantly hear about stuff like The Dark Knight and Family Guy when I'm going about my everyday life, but when I have to be bombarded with it at Otakon, it just ticks me off. Also, for the record, I think seeing stuff like random Family Guy clips in an ANIME music video is even worse than the cosplay thing. Oh well, unfortunately there is no way
  4. I just got done booking a room at the Days Inn for $120 a night. I am so happy right now considering we booked through the hotel this year and payed $199 a night.
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