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  1. Any store that has costume or theatrical supplies should have a monocle for a few dollars. Reading glasses might work if they're the right shape, but you'll HAVE TO POP THE LENS OUT! Also - a monocle is designed to sit on your face, where as half a pair of glasses is not. You may need to pick up some spirit gum and partially glue the frame to your face to get it to stick right. Good luck
  2. Ok, well this would not be a hard thing to organize.(even with a week to go) I'd say someone who knows the BCC really well should take the initiative to plot out a route. Pick a starting point and time, and post a new post with the info. We should end up somewhere good to do a photo shoot and do photo at the end rather than the beginning. Start indoors and end up somewhere outside. Also, the route shouldn't go through anywhere that doesn't have a large fairway, so we're not clogging narrow stairways and small areas. Also - if enough people could bring their own or donate some makeups, t
  3. Or Ral Ω Grad? Anything? Anyone? Ok.. just me then..
  4. Hello! I'll be cosplaying Zola of Blue Dragon for most of the Con. I'd like to find a few other Blue Dragon Cosplayers (if there are any), or also any Dragon Quest or other Mistwalker studio cosplay. Let's fight Nene! -Ghola
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