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  1. registration: no clue yet...should go check all
  2. I might go as Kyon again from ''The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya''. Would be fun if I could get a few anime lovers to teach me the Hare Hare Yukai as on my own motivation is just lacking too much. Otherwise, I do remember easily being mistaken as Mori from ''Ouran High School Host Club'' but a certain Honey character I met along the paths of Otakon....
  3. Happy birthday Guyeg, I shall not forget this moment as you are one of the few that welcomed me upon these boards....me your birthday be joyous and...fun
  4. Random poem: The searching light Endless stems of new life gather, Remembering the past teachings filled with murder. The wars that raged are now long past, Yet our memories cannot forget this wrath. Humans do not let go of their lives, Rather convincing their illusion that always strives. Many threads could come from this selfish act, But only one vision resists the strain of fact. The whispered word created by man, The searching light that hope only can... Written while listening to Ergo Proxy's ending theme. T'was random, but I took about 4 minutes t
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